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Chapter 29 – First Clear Team

Chapter 29 – First Clear Team

“Why?” Chen Guo asked in reply.

“If you’re going to play all-night, then you stay here, I’m going to the smoking area.” Ye Xiu said.

“If you go to the smoking area then are you on duty or am I?” Chen Guo asked angrily.

“Oh, then do you want to switch seats? Didn’t you not like the smell of smoke?” Ye Xiu said.

Chen Guo’s cheeks streamed with tears. Although she clearly understood that he was trying to take care of her, but what was this feeling of being ignored?

Ye Xiu already held a cigarette box in one hand hinting that it was time for Chen Guo to choose to either take over for Ye Xiu’s shift or move elsewhere.

“Forget about it. I won’t play. I’m going to sleep.” Chen Guo angrily logged out of the game and got up to leave.

Ye Xiu turned around and followed Chen Guo with his eyes. He found by surprise that Chen Guo left her account card on the table and didn’t take it. This wasn’t being forgetful, but rather Chen Guo thinking the Internet Cafe as her home. It was quite normal to randomly leave things in the home. A thought immediately popped up in Ye Xiu’s mind and he hurriedly yelled: “Boss, you didn’t take your card. Do you want me to help you level up?”

“Do whatever you want!” Chen Guo spoke without thinking the matter through.

Ye Xiu nodded his head. His hand, approaching a 300 APM speed, quickly lit a cigarette and then put it in his mouth. The Skeleton Warrior’s killing continued, but Ye Xiu speaking didn’t have any effect on his ability to light up a cigarette. Now, he continued to concentrate on the game, and in a bit, the Skeleton Warrior was killed off. Ye Xiu’s Saber was already laying on the ground. He went over and picked it up. He gave up on the rest of the items. Seven Fields and the others also didn’t push him. They split up the equipment and randomly put the other materials in their bags. While they did this, Seven Fields said: “Brother expert, we’re going to keep the high-grade materials that you didn’t want from the other few hidden BOSSes yesterday. Later, when the prices are high, we’ll sell them. Right now the server just opened, so all of the swindlers are buying them from newbies at low prices. Later, when the prices are standard again, we’ll sell them and then split the money with you.”

“I’ve already taken my share. That stuff is yours.” Ye Xiu said.

“More able people should earn more. Brother expert, you’re too modest.” Seven Fields said.

Ye Xiu laughed and didn’t say anything else. The four continued to clear dungeons. Seven Fields asked: “Do we need another person?”

Ye Xiu understood his meaning. He had already gotten what he wanted. Having another person would make their efficiency a bit faster.

“Up to you! But today, I’m only training to 20. Afterwards, I need to help my friend level.” Ye Xiu said.

“Okay okay, that’s fine. Do you need our help?” Seven Fields said. Actually, they hadn’t turned off their headphones when they heard Ye Xiu and Chen Guo talk. Seven Fields vaguely heard quite a bit.

“No need. You guys can do your own things.” Ye Xiu said.

“Okay.” Seven Fields and the others didn’t say anymore. They had known Ye Xiu for a day. Although people established relationships quickly over the Internet, as adults, they all knew proper behavior.

After leaving the dungeon, Seven Fields began shouting in order to add a player. It was too easy to form parties in the new server. A string of requests came and in the end, Seven Fields picked a Level 17 female player.

The female player was called Immersed Jade. After joining the team, she became excited seeing the party list.

Seven Fields, Sunset Clouds, Drifting Water, Lord Grim, weren’t this the party that first cleared Spider Cave and the Spider Emperor? She would never have thought that she would be able to join such an expert team. After connecting to the voice system, she conveyed her excitement to everyone.

Because the voice system in Glory was popular, it put an end to fake gender players. When players moved about together, they would definitely directly used their voices to communicate. What type of female would only type and not talk? If they did, everyone would immediately have their doubts. Of course, if you were male but sounded like a female, this sort of gift couldn’t be warded against.

While Seven Fields and the others heard the girl speak, they all accidentally caught up to in front of the girl and met. But Ye Xiu knew that they were trying to get a look at the girl’s appearance.

Glory’s character model had two kinds, a male and a female one. The details of appearance and build were done through an editor. A self-designed one worked too. A random generated one also worked. If you liked reality, then you could directly take a picture and put your own face into the editor. After providing basic body measurements, the editor could automatically create a character model that looked the same as the original player. As a result, all the male players wanted to know whether a female player’s appearance was the same as the person herself. It is said that some experienced wolf-natured players could tell whether a female player was fake or real with just a single glance.

Seven Fields and the others didn’t seem to possess this “wolf” attribute. After standing in a circle and observing Immersed Jade, they could only arrive at the conclusion “average”. Whether her appearance was fake or real, they didn’t know.

But Immersed Jade was awfully energetic and after worshipping the first clear team, she expressed her honor to join their team. Finishing, she once again was amazed that their expert first clear time was still Level 18. Finally, she requested to see if there she still had an opportunity to be a permanent member of their first clear team.

Seven Fields could only regretfully explain that their party still had another brother. He just couldn’t come today.

Immersed Jade looked looked utterly lost, but she still didn’t give up. Even if she couldn’t become a main member, she started to apply to see if she could become a substitute member. Furthermore, she asked about what guild and organization they were from.

This question made it difficult for Seven Fields and the others to answer. It was obvious this stranger worshipped them as experts. They still hadn’t entered the dungeon, Immersed Jade too. But after entering the dungeon and playing, experienced players would immediately recognize that the only expert in the party was Lord Grim. The rest weren’t worth mentioning.

Immersed Jade’s questions and expectations could only fall onto brother expert’s head. Now she asked again what their guild was…… Seven Fields and the others had a guild, but now they were under brother expert’s godly halo. If they told her their guild’s name wouldn’t that be the same as slapping their face?

“Oh, let’s hurry up and enter!” Seven Fields diverted the subject and took the lead. Sunset Clouds and the others followed closely. After entering the dungeon, naturally, Ye Xiu began directing. Right after he said something, Immersed Jade already asked in bafflement: “Hm, who’s talking?”

When she first joined the party, she chattered non-stop with Seven Fields and the others. It was Ye Xiu’s first time speaking.

“Lord Grim, our party’s god. All of our first kills were because of him. If we didn’t have him, our party wouldn’t be worth mentioning.” Seven Fields found the opportunity to tell her the truth. After speaking, he immediately relaxed.

“I pay respects to the great god!” Immersed Jade typed out a message and said aloud.

“Ha ha, let’s go!” Ye Xiu laughed and began leading the group forward. Commanding, killing, not long after, his expert demeanor had already been revealed. But in front of his presence, Immersed Jade unexpectedly didn’t show much excitement.

Seven Fields and the others could see that this girl was a true newb.

“This little sister’s ruined.” Sunset Clouds secretly said.

“Ugh, her starting point is too high now. She’s still a newbie and she’s already met such an extreme expert. Later, how is she going to mix in with normal players?” Seven Fields said.

“A tragedy!” Drifting Water sighed with sorrow.

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