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Chapter 30 – Two Hidden BOSS Clears

Chapter 30 – Two Hidden BOSS Clears

Immersed Jade was undoubtedly a cute noob. Starting from when she first entered the dungeon, she kept silent, carefully listened to directions, and earnestly carried them out. Although she still made beginner mistakes, she always apologized for them. As a result, everyone also didn’t feel too good pointing out her faults. When Immersed Jade made mistakes, Seven Fields and the others were even more nervous than her. They were afraid that brother expert would feel impatient because of this! A lot of experts didn’t have much patience towards these inexperienced newbies.

But after clearing more than half the dungeon, Seven Fields and others finally relaxed. Although brother expert’s skill level was so high, he wasn’t that sort of arrogant expert. To newbies, he was actually even more patient than Seven Fields and the others. Regarding commands that Immersed Jade didn’t understand, brother expert even went so far as to explain to her those special terms.

Though with this additional player, their pace slowed down. Seeing that brother expert didn’t care, Seven Fields and the others didn’t point it out. While they killed monsters, they helped teach the newbie and were actually all very happy.

Chatting with her, they found out that it was Immersed Jade’s first time in a dungeon. Before, she only completed quests to level up. The only quests left were the ones that required her entering a dungeon. Only then did she mix in with the crowd outside the dungeon and in the end, joined such a famous party. Naturally, she was extremely pleased.

Under the expert’s advice, after clearing the dungeon, they went in for another round. Immersed Jade had already transformed. Only she hadn’t played Glory for very long, so she still hadn’t graduated from her newbie status yet.

Finally, after countless dungeon clears, Lord Grim and the others reached Level 20, while Immersed Jade was still a little off at Level 19. Ye Xiu saw that they might as well go through the dungeon a few more times and bring Immersed Jade to Level 20 too.

During this time, they encountered two hidden BOSSes. Ye Xiu lead the party and killed them easily. But they hadn’t seen any Purple Equipment today, only a few uncommon materials. Of course, Immersed Jade didn’t know that these materials were actually the most valuable items in low-leveled dungeons and only drooled for those rare equipments. Only, under brother expert’s watch, they felt a bit embarrassed, so they explained the value of these items to Immersed Jade. In the end, Immersed Jade really was too loveable. Telling them that she was only a newbie and that she wouldn’t need the dropped materials, she chose to give up on them.

Seven Fields and the others immediately had their good impressions of this little sister multiply by a hundred. They told her that they would remember this favor. After selling the materials, they would split the money with her.

“Okay, then I’ll be going off first.” Exiting the dungeon, Ye Xiu said goodbye to the party.

“Brother expert, you’re not going to pick a class?” At level 20, everyone would have to pick a class and then leave beginner village.”

“Not now, you guys go first!”

“Then brother expert, let’s keep in touch.” Seven Fields said.

“Goodbye Great God!” Immersed Jade had already mixed in with everybody as if they had been together for half a lifetime. Moreover, after constantly hearing about Seven Fields and the other describing Lord Grim’s might, she finally decided to call him great god.

Ye Xiu laughed and said goodbye to them. The four returned to beginner village to get their class quest. While Ye Xiu brought Lord Grim to Green Forest’s dungeon, he turned around and put in Chen Guo’s account card. He logged into the tenth server with this Level 5 Chasing Haze.

Correct, even though Glory couldn’t open both games at once, it couldn’t prevent players from playing two accounts on separate computers. This was Ye Xiu’s plan. As long as there were two or more players in a party, then they could meet a hidden BOSS. Ye Xiu still needed a few materials from that Midnight Phantom Cat!

The hidden BOSS didn’t appear on the first round. Without saying a word, he directly exited the dungeon. Both characters went into a critically ill status. In this status, their HP and MP would be almost completely depleted and all of their attributes would decrease by 80%. They were pretty much useless and needed 10 minutes to recover. But this method was still faster than going through the dungeon. Lord Grim already didn’t gain experience from Green Forest. Originally, he was going to bring and level up Chasing Haze, but Chen Guo said he could do as he pleased, so Ye Xiu did as he pleased.

He got up, smoked a cigarette, drank some water, walked around, and when he returned, Lord Grim and Chasing Haze had already recovered. Entering the dungeon, the hidden BOSS didn’t appear again, so Ye Xiu chose to exit the dungeon again.

At ten minutes a round, in one hour, he could enter six times. If he cleared the dungeon, then he would need 15-20 minutes each time, so he saved a significant amount of time. This method could only be done in beginner village though. After beginner village, real dungeons had a limit. One day five times, one day three times, or even one day one time, one week one time. Each dungeon had their own limits.

This time, Ye Xiu went to look at a guide in these ten minutes. He had forgotten quite a bit of beginner things. Always running in the dungeon and then looking at a guide also wasn’t a good habit.

After ten minutes, he entered Green Forest but the hidden BOSS still didn’t appear. Ye Xiu wasn’t hurried and exited out again to look at a guide.

Four times, five times……

Ye Xiu looked as if he were going to waste the entire day doing this. When he entered the fifth time, the hidden BOSS still didn’t appear. Finally, on the sixth time, the system announced the appearance of the Midnight Phantom Cat. Ye Xiu relaxed his breath and began fighting. In theory, after Chasing Haze entered, she was useless and would be thrown at the entrance not moving. But Ye Xiu thought that she might as well be brought along to leech some experience. As a result, he began moving both them. First, he brought Chasing Haze into a good spot and then Lord Grim killed monsters near her so that she would leech some experience. Switching characters left and right, he was awfully busy.

All of the guests that passed by the counter after using the restroom saw this and were all dumbstruck.

“Brother, you might as well just play on your own. Playing on two computers, isn’t that a little too crazy?”

Ye Xiu turned around and laughed. But he didn’t speak and kept on playing. As long as the Midnight Phantom Cat came out, he wouldn’t care about the rest. The material Ye Xiu needed dropped 100% of the time, but luck determined the amount. In the end, Ye Xiu was lucky and obtained four Midnight Cat Fingernails. Adding in the two from the first clear, he already had six. Ye Xiu needed a total of eight, so one more run was enough.

After killing the Midnight Phantom Cat, Ye Xiu beautifully exited the dungeon again. He continued to use the ten minute per round method.

First round none. Second round none. On the third round, his luck failed again, but this time, a system message suddenly popped up. He opened it up and saw that the player Blue River wanted to be his friend. He didn’t know whether to accept or not.

Blue River? Who was that? Ye Xiu looked around in Lord Grim’s vicinity. He didn’t see any name like that. Then he thought that maybe it was because he was a Level 20 standing outside Green Forest, so the player wanted to add a high-leveled friend to carry him. Ye Xiu clicked ignore. In the end, he discovered another request. He ignored it again. Another one, another ignore, another one……

He kept on ignoring the requests. In these ten minutes, this player called Blue River unexpectedly didn’t give up and sent a total of 18 friend requests to Lord Grim.

Ignore wasn’t a reject. A message that was ignored could be sent again. Ye Xiu was deeply moved by this player’s persistence. As a result, he flipped open a message and clicked accept.

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