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Chapter 31 – This Is A Talent

Chapter 31 – This Is A Talent

“Hi, let me introduce myself. I’m Blue River of Blue Brook Guild, my main account is Blue Bridge Spring Snow.” Right after accepting the friend request, the other party messaged him. He didn’t say any “you there?” nonsense and directly introduced himself. He could tell that this was a very self-confident person.

“Hi.” Ye Xiu simply replied. After all, he had been a part of the Glory community for ten years. He recognized the name of one of the three great guilds, Blue Brook Guild. As for Blue Bridge Spring Snow, Ye Xiu didn’t really know about this player. If it was Huang Shaotian and his Sword Saint Troubling Rain, then Ye Xiu knew a bit more.

Blue River clearly didn’t know that he was dealing with an expert more skilled than he was. After all, his Blue Bridge Spring Snow’s name could have already intimidated many in the gaming community. Blue River confidently believed that the other side knew who he was. As a result, he advanced a step and said: “What are you doing brother?”

“Clearing.” Ye Xiu didn’t stick around to chat. At the same time, Lord Grim and Chasing Haze already entered the Green Forest.

“Oh? Which dungeon?” Blue River asked.

“Green Forest.”

Blue River was dazed for five seconds. Afterwards, he guessed what he felt was the only possibility: “Carrying a friend?”

“Kind of……” Ye Xiu said.

“Oh, we’re missing a member for Frost Forest. Are you interested in joining brother?” Blue River informed.

“Oh? Why me?” Ye Xiu asked.

Why you? This question made Blue River made him sigh with sorrow. This question had come up from a while back, from a full one day ago.

At first, Lord Grim’s party stole two Spider Cave first clears making Blue Brook Guild lose a lot of face. Everyone felt quite angry. But after asking about Lord Grim and his team’s situation, Blue Brook Guild discovered a few abnormal matters.

A member in this guy’s team, who first cleared with him, had unexpectedly slandered him previously.

That raging Sleeping Moon said that he had been cheated of the hidden BOSS. Looking at the time of the event, this was when Lord Grim solo killed the Midnight Phantom Cat. The slandering messages said that Lord Grim intentionally caused the death of the rest of the party in order to take the BOSS for himself. Then, how did this shameless and despicable guy form a party with Sleeping Moon?

He didn’t know what exactly happened during this process, but this at least said that the party, which first cleared the Spider Cave twice, weren’t friends to begin with. They were strangers and were also a random party with internal conflicts.

To have such a team steal away two first clears, his strength couldn’t be so simple. And it was also clear that Lord Grim was this team’s focal point. This shameless novice, who had caused the death the party just for the hidden BOSS, had unexpectedly been able to be re-admitted again. Who was this person?

Besides this, there was also one detail that the Blue Brook Guild told them to pay attention to. This unknown team that took two Spider Cave first clears had different player orders both times. The first on the list had to be the party’s leader. The first time, this party’s team leader was still Sleeping Moon. But the second time, the party’s leader switched to Lord Grim.

Party leader, this status, was extremely serious. He could kick players and assign the player order. And for the party to willingly give this position to a shameless BOSS stealing person, what did this mean?

All of these indicated their dependence on this player. Without this player, there was no way they could have gotten a first kill.

This person was a true talent and had a high possibility of being a talent without a guild.

A talent from a guild wouldn’t be by themselves in a new server; A talent from a guild also wouldn’t be on 24 hours.

Blue Brook Guild’s players analyzed this through asking about and observing for an entire day. Finally, they came to this conclusion. Because of the saying that it was easy to raise an army of one thousand, but hard to find a good general, this type of person should be actively won over. Only then did Blue River send 18 consecutive friend requests. When he sent the first one, the request was neither accepted nor declined, so it must have been ignored. Blue River decided to keep sending more of them to show his sincerity. In fact, his method succeeded. His 18 consecutive friend requests made the originally ready to ignore Ye Xiu finally accept his friend request.

But now, the other side asked him why he searched for him. Blue River, of course, wouldn’t give some long and complicated explanation. He only said that they had noticed his three first clears in the new tenth server. As a result, they saw him as an expert and hoped they could be friends.

“To be honest, right now we’re preparing to break the Frost Forest clear record, but we’re missing a brother like you, who is a peak level expert. If we break the record, we can give up the purple equipment for you, how about it? Our guild only wants the record.” Blue River didn’t hurry to rope in this player into their guild. Glory had existed for this long. Everyone knew of famous guilds, but this Lord Grim actually didn’t care about them. Blue River reckoned that this person was an expert from some guild playing casually in the new server. If not, then he wasn’t interested in guilds and an expert from the wilds.

If he was the first type, then they couldn’t do anything. He certainly wouldn’t be roped in. At least, if he was the second type and didn’t care about guilds, they still had a chance.

As a result, Blue River decided to invite this person to dungeon with them. First, they would become friends. And with everyone being an expert, they would play together happily and then they could easily come to an understanding with him. They first had to see this player’s strength though and see whether he was worth being roped in. As for their promise to give him the purple equipment, that was just their show of good faith and bargaining chip. Frost Forest would only reward a Level 25 Purple Equipment at best and that would soon be outclassed. They didn’t need to haggle over a low-leveled equipment. Frankly, if the other person was truly a great expert, then he also wouldn’t care. But at the moment, it was the biggest bargaining chip they could really give at this stage of the game.

Seeing this invitation, Ye Xiu’s eyes lit up. He quickly gave Blue River a response: “I don’t need the Purple Equipment. If it’s possible, I want something else.”

“What?” Blue River asked.

“Uncommon materials.” Ye Xiu said.

“Ha ha, you’re very understanding, brother.” Blue River could see that the other side wasn’t naive. He didn’t care about low-leveled equipment. Currently, the most valuable items were these uncommon materials. These materials could be used in the late stages of the game and would never grow outdated.

“72 Strong Spider Silk.” Ye Xiu offered.

“No problem.” Blue River responded frankly. Although Strong Spider Silk were uncommon materials, beginner dungeons could be cleared with no limit. In addition, even normal BOSSes had a chance of dropping them and could regarded as very cheap among uncommon materials.

“And also a White Witch’s Mithril Pendant.” Ye Xiu said.

“Okay, I can give them to you now.” Blue River replied while smiling. The Mithril Pendant was similar to the Saber Ye Xiu hit off of the Skeleton Warrior. They were ornamental without any value. Only a girl who liked it would wear it as jewelry.

“And also White Wolf’s Sharp Fangs, I need 8.” Ye Xiu said.

“This……Brother, you need Strong Spider Silk, the Mithril Pendant, and now Sharp Fangs? Isn’t this a bit too much?” Blue River was a little unhappy.

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