The Legend of Futian

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Too Arrogant

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Not even Ling Xiao himself knew why he hated Ye Futian so much. Maybe it was because Ye Futian did not seem to know just how much of a loser he was. He even had the nerve to tease the goddess lecturer, Qin Yi, in class and bickered daily with Feng Qingxue. These were all things that Ling Xiao would never be able to do. In addition, Ye Futian got to sit next to Hua Jieyu during the written exam. She even turned back to smile at him afterward.

All of these things added to Ling Xiao’s hatred of Ye Futian. Just looking at that handsome and confident face of his was enough to start a fire in Ling Xiao’s heart.

Perhaps this was jealousy. Ling Xiao was jealous that Ye Futian was confident enough to do all these things he never had the guts to do.

The good news was that the shameless bastard was about to crawl back down to where he came from and go back to being a loser. He was also going to be expelled from the academy.

Everyone watched with heated eyes as Ye Futian walked to the center of the gymnasium. They anticipated what was to come.

Ranked first in the written exams? That meant nothing in the world of cultivators.

“This rascal…” Qin Yi was speechless looking at Ling Xiao. He was purposely trying to make things difficult for Ye Futian by calling him out first. Ling Xiao was not going to show him any mercy.

She tried to hide her worry for Ye Futian. If Ye Futian was too afraid to accept the challenge and forfeited the exam, then being ranked first on the written exam was useless.

“I didn’t think anyone was going to make a move for him before I did, but this is good, too. Let’s see how he’s going to try to keep up his façade,” Yang Xiu said coldly.

“Watch closely, Feng Qingxue. You’ll realize soon that your decision was correct. That disgraceful loser is not worthy of standing beside you,” Murong Qing said to Feng Qingxue.

Murong Qiu was also looking ahead. He scowled at the sight of Ye Futian, as if he could not have cared less about him. However, it was also because of Ye Futian that Murong Qiu was pushed down from the List of Excellence, where he once belonged, onto the List of Brilliance.

The first round of the debate had already stirred up so much tension, but not because of how strong the competitors were; it was because of how “legendary” Ye Futian was.

Ye Futian walked to the center of the gymnasium step by step, finally stopping in front of Ling Xiao.

“Ye Futian, do you accept the challenge?” an elder questioned him. Everyone’s eyes were frozen on Ye Futian, awaiting his response.

A huge smile spread across his face. Under the sun, his youthful face looked exceptionally appealing.

“I accept,” he replied. A look of surprise immediately spread across the faces of many in the audience, but it quickly turned into amusement. Had he finally realized that there was no escape?

“When I was accepted into the academy, my perception ability was tested to be of the highest level, Sky. I am also about to participate in the debate. I should not have to go through the matrix inspections, then, right?” Ye Futian asked the elder. If he rejected the debate, he would have to go through inspections, and everyone would know what plane he was in; but, if he accepted the challenge, everyone would find out during the battle anyway.

“That is correct,” the elder agreed.

Out of the blue, Ling Xiao laughed and said while looking at Ye Futian, “You’re about to drop back into reality. How does it feel?”

“After the written exam, I asked you one thing. What are you going to do if the results turn out differently from how you imagined?” Ye Futian said, shaking his head at Ling Xiao. “If you forfeit now, maybe you won’t have to experience the shock and humiliation that’s to come. Otherwise, with your state of mind, I know you won’t be able to withstand it.”

Everyone was stunned. How could Ye Futian say something so absurd at a moment like this? Has he gone completely insane?

“How can you still be pretending when everything is about to end for you?” Ling Xiao’s rage was through the roof. The Wind Spiritual Qi in his body was bursting at the seams. One foot landed on the floor ahead. His body was moving as fast as the wind as ran toward Ye Futian.

Ling Xiao was a Wind Element Sorcerer in the Invincible Plane. He was in front of Ye Futian in the blink of an eye. He could have easily used the Spiritual Qi within himself to cast a simple spell on Ye Futian, but he was not worthy enough for Ling Xiao to use sorcery. A simple punch would suffice.

“Look out!” shouted Qin Yi from afar. She could not help being nervous after seeing Ling Xiao’s attack toward Ye Futian. If Ye Futian was really still in the Collection Plane, he would not be able to handle this punch. Ling Xiao was too much.

Even though almost everyone in the vicinity disliked Ye Futian, they could not help but feel pity for him. He was about to get seriously hurt by this single attack.

Murong Qiu, Murong Qing, and Yang Xiu watched without a worry in the world.

It was as if they had been waiting for this to happen.

There was a loud boom. An unexpected scene unfolded. Ling Xiao halted, his fist did not land on Ye Futian’s body. Instead, it was engulfed by Ye Futian’s hand.

“This….” Everyone’s eyes widened and froze on the scene in the middle of the gymnasium. As Ling Xiao’s fist had gotten close, Ye Futian had lifted his hand and stopped the powerful punch like it was nothing.

Could a complete loser in the Collection Plane do that?

Qin Yi, Feng Qingxue, Yang Xiu, Murong Qing, and countless others, all focused on Ye Futian. They were all so surprised and rendered speechless. To easily stop Ling Xiao’s punch, Ye Futian had to, at the very least, be in the same plane as him.

That would mean that Ye Futian was a martial art cultivator in the Invincible Plane or higher.

“How…is this possible?” Ling Xiao looked ahead. The only thing he knew was that his fist had been stopped by a powerful force, making it nearly impossible to advance any further.

“I gave you a chance.” Ye Futian looked at Ling Xiao. Afterward, a strong intent for battle emitted from his entire being.

The artistic conception of martial arts. He’s in the seventh plane of Awakening, the Mystery Plane. Everyone watching Ye Futian shuddered at the sight of him. The infamous loser of the academy was actually a martial arts cultivator in the Mystery Plane.

Furthermore, his gift of martial art perception was of the Sky level and he also ranked first on yesterday’s written exam.

He was without a doubt, worthy of being called a ‘genius’ at the academy.

How many people have mocked, laughed at, and insulted this genius in the past?

“Gosh, this guy really pisses me off!” Qin Yi was conflicted. On the one hand, she could not believe he had kept this from her. Thinking about the bet they made in the classroom, her face flushed red with rage. This rascal had always been shameless. What if he came up with an inappropriate request? Was she really going to have to accept it?

On the other hand, she felt happy. The boy she had seen at the entrance talent inspections all those years ago was still here; he had not given up on his wonderful gift.

However, it was still very puzzling When had he reached this plane?

Feng Qingxue was completely dazed by Ye Futian. She suddenly felt a little lost. A loser? She thought back to what her father had said. After hiding his abilities at the academy for three years, he had emerged from his shell despite all the negativity he had received. Ye Futian really was special.

Standing beside her, Murong Qing did not look too well. Neither did Yang Xiu. Everyone was completely focused on what was going on. Ye Futian looked at Ling Xiao with the slightest of smiles.

“What do you think?”

Ye Futian was repeating Ling Xiao’s words back to him.

Ling Xiao broke through the shock and instantly retracted his fist, wanting to back away. Fighting close range with a martial arts cultivator really was a poor choice. He had to widen their distance. He still had a chance.

BOOM! Ling Xiao was not expecting an attack. The powerful force from Ye Futian’s kick to the chest caused Ling Xiao to propel backward. He landed on the ground far away, groaning, with blood in his mouth. It looked like he was injured pretty badly.

Ling Xiao managed to pull himself up. He was as pale as a ghost. He glared fiercely at Ye Futian.

“This is what you’ve always wanted to do to me. How does it feel to get a taste of your own medicine?” Ye Futian did not pity him. He had never done anything to Ling Xiao, yet Ling Xiao had always seen him as an enemy. He was constantly looking for ways to insult Ye Futian. Ling Xiao had made it his goal to see Ye Futian be expelled. Plus, the punch he had delivered earlier had showed no mercy for Ye Futian, either.

Therefore, just as Ye Futian had said, this was simply to give Ling Xiao a taste of his own medicine.

“I’ll get you back for this!” said Ling Xiao. He stood and walked toward the crowd looking dejected.

Everyone was still focused on Ye Futian. So, yesterday’s written exam wasn’t just a fluke.

“Even if you are in the Mystery Plane, do you have to be that arrogant? Aren’t you thinking a little too much of yourself?” asked Yang Xiu. He stared right at Ye Futian and continued, “Plus, since you’re a martial arts cultivator in the Mystery Plane and I’m a sorcerer in the same plane, this is the perfect chance for us to settle our little dispute from yesterday’s written exams. I challenge you to a duel.”

During yesterday’s written exam, Ye Futian and Yang Xiu fought over the power of martial arts and sorcery cultivators in the Awakening Place. Ye Futian thought that martial arts cultivators had a higher chance of victory in a battle between the two and even the academy elder agreed. As Yang Xiu brought up, this would be the perfect chance to test out each of their theories.

“Do you accept?” Yang Xiu asked Ye Futian.

Ye Futian took a quick look at Yang Xiu. Calmly, he said, “You lost to me during the written exam, and you’re definitely going to lose to me now. Haven’t you been embarrassed enough?”

Isn’t this guy being a bit too cocky? Everyone thought Ye Futian was crazy. How could a martial arts cultivator mock a sorcerer like this?

“Do you accept?” Yang Xiu asked once again.

“Why don’t you guys ever listen to what I have to say?” Ye Futian was a little dispirited by this. He then shrugged his shoulders and said, “Fine. If you want it so bad, I’ll have to comply.”

“He really is crazy.” Everyone in Qingzhou Academy was speechless at the Ye Futian’s carefree attitude. Even if you were a genius, you still couldn’t mock a sorcerer in the same plane! Since when had martial arts cultivators become so arrogant in front of sorcerers?

This boy is really asking to get beat. Even the special guests and instructors on the stage were speechless.

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