The Legend of Futian

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Young and Frivolous

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Yang Xiu slowly walked to the matrix in the center of the stage. All of a sudden, he lit it up. Bright flames with strong fire-element power were raging all around him. He was at the highest level of fire-element perception; the seventh Awakening Plane, the Mystery.

It seemed that the surrounding flame aura was binding with Yang Xiu. The Spiritual Qi wrapped around his body, gradually converging on him. People were thrilled by the scene, as the flames turned into fire serpents. They spat out fire in the direction of Ye Futian.

Such strong spell power. People were staring at Yang Xiu. For a powerful mage like he was, it would be easy to absorb the elemental power from the universe and combine this power into spells to attack the enemy. In general, the power of spells was stronger than the techniques of a martial arts cultivator.

“Come on, prove yourself. You said the martial arts cultivators could prolong the fight to exhaust a mage and win. Now it’s time for you to eat your words; I will make you suffer.” Yang Xiu’s pride was typical of almost all powerful mages.

“Yesterday on the written exam, I remember a professor told you that you need to respect the powers of others to become powerful yourself. I guess you just never learned that lesson,” Ye Futian said, smiling gently at Yang Xiu. “What I said yesterday was for general situations. But I do not have to waste my time with you.”

While speaking, Ye Futian stepped forward to Yang Xiu. He began to be surrounded by the power of martial arts warriors; the power seemed to combine into one form.

“He’s going to clash head-on?” People were speechless at what Ye Futian said. This guy was in the Mystery Plane of martial arts, yet he had directly pounced on a mage who already had powerful spells?

“He is going to regret this ridiculous confidence,” someone sneered.

Yang Xiu was also laughing, finding Ye Futian’s comments amusing. He pounced on Ye Futian. All the fire snakes converged to create their final form, which appeared to be a giant fire python. This fire python was in such a frenzy that the space around Yang Xiu looked contorted, as the python would engulf everything in its way.

Is he insane? Qin Yi realized how terrifying this spell was and looked nervously at Ye Futian. She knew that this spell could be lethal.

“If that’s the case, I’ll teach you a lesson today,” Yang Xiu said coldly as he began charging faster. Ye Futian also sped up with all the power surrounding his body. They were approaching the middle of the arena like two thunderbolts.

Right at that moment, the power around Ye Futian turned purple. Suddenly, this purple power formed into a new shape. It was a dragon!

Ye Futian’s body was now cracking with the roaring sounds of a dragon. The crowd was stunned at what was happening right in front of them. The two finally reached each other and struck at the same time. Yang Xiu shouted with rage. The fire python charged right at Ye Futian.

With a roaring sound, Ye Futian became the incarnation of a dragon. He stretched out his arms and a purple dragon burst out of them, going straight into the fire python.

The thunder dragon and fire python crashed. The python could not handle this dragon power. It soon disappeared, but the thunder dragon still charged until it struck Yang Xiu’s body. Yang Xiu was knocked backwards by Ye Futian’s power.

“This is a technique of martial arts, Release of the Dragon Power! How could he ever manage to do that?” All the students were shocked. They knew Ye Futian had checked out the book yesterday, but they had thought it would mean nothing. They didn’t believe that Ye Futian could ever learn the techniques, especially in just one day.

Now the joke was on them. Those who had sneered at Ye Futian now felt ashamed. Who had said the Release of the Dragon Power was beyond their abilities? Ye Futian proved to them that just because they couldn’t do it, didn’t mean no one else could.

“The Release of the Dragon Power, in just one day? What kind of joke this is?” The students still could not accept what was happening.

“The power of thunder is real. Not only is he a warrior, but he is also dominant in the power of thunder.”

At this point most official students and professors were staring at Ye Futian. Ye Futian had combined the power of martial arts techniques and the thunder element. He had successfully fused the power of thunder into his moves as a warrior in the Mystery Plane.

“Why didn’t you believe me?” Ye Futian sighed at Yang Xiu, who looked miserable. He stepped into the matrix, looked around the arena, then began to talk, saying, “Have I ever told you that I’m not only in the highest level of martial arts power, but that I’m also in the highest level of thunder-element power?”

As soon as he stopped talking, the matrix shined with thunder. Thunderbolts surrounded Ye Futian, making him look like Zeus.

People were staring at him in shock. To them, Ye Futian had been a symbol of youth and frivolousness. He had been the joke of the school for three years. Even though he had kept calm and acted like he was not mistreated, deep down, he had felt upset. Now, in the middle of the stage, he had broken the shackles that had been holding him back for three years.

Ye Futian was no longer the loser. Now, he was the champion of the written exam, had the highest level of perception in martial arts and thunder-element power, and was in the seventh Awakening Plane, the Mystery.

Feng Qingxue could not take her eyes off of him. She seemed gloomy. She finally understood that when Ye Futian had asked her to cultivate, he had only been trying to help her. He knew he could help her cultivation. Ye Futian hadn’t been trying to hit on her. But how did she respond? She had let Murong Qing get between them, and told him to keep his distance.

All of a sudden, the image of Ye Futian leaving and sighing came into her mind. It gave her a feeling of sorrow. She kept asking herself, Have I really grown up? Will I ever regret my decision? She had been lying to herself.

Maybe she had kept a distance from Ye Futian only because she had thought she was out of his league, just as her father had said

“What a punk.” Murong Qing looked dismal. She was also staring at Ye Futian, refusing to admit that she was wrong. However, these words sounded harsh to Feng Qingxue. She began to remember all the advice Murong Qing had given her, and now doubted why she had believed her unconditionally in the past.

While Ye Futian was still in the matrix, he turned around. His eyes were drawn to a beautiful girl.

Hua Jieyu noticed Ye Futian was looking at her. She faintly sensed that something was wrong behind that weird smile Ye Futian was giving her.

“Hey Fox, I didn’t let you down, did I?” Ye Futian began to laugh again. His eyes seemed to speak to her. Suddenly, the crowd was silenced again.

Fox? What a flirtatious nickname that was. Plus, he had used the phrase “didn’t let you down.” People began wondering if something was going on between these two, especially when they also remembered that yesterday, after the written exam, Hua Jieyue had sat next to Ye Futian and smiled at him when she had left. She had said, “I have some expectations for you tomorrow.” Now people were genuinely petrified. They were thinking, Come on, it can’t be how it seems….

Being looked at in that way, Hua Jieyu became speechless, again realizing how shameless Ye Futian was.

The way she had spoken to Ye Futian had apparently made him public enemy number one, and now Ye Futian was getting back at her. He was doing it intentionally, of course; how could he stay silent when this girl had tried to set him up.

Now almost everyone was looking at Hua Jieyu. They waited to see if she would deny or ignore him.

Her eyes glittered. With all the attention on her, she suddenly smiled back at Ye Futian. The smile looked like the most beautiful star on a clear night.

“Yeah, I’m satisfied,” she said.

Her voice was soft and gentle. This, combined with her perfect girlish smile, made the students’ hearts melt. At that moment, they were falling in love. However, their hearts were bleeding, because that smile was not for them, but for another boy.

Hua Jieyu, the legend and goddess of almost all the students, had never been seen speaking or smiling to someone like this. They felt like Ye Futian was doing something unheard of. Yang Xiu and Murong Qiu had both failed to make her behave like that, yet Ye Futian was able to.

Looking at what was happening, Feng Qingxue became even more upset. She now knew that even though she was also a 15-year-old beauty of this academy, she had still been overshadowed by Hua Jieyu.

Ye Futian was also enamored by the smile Hua Jieyu gave him, as it was too perfect a smile for Ye Futian to keep his heart defiant. He was so overwhelmed and befuddled.

“Ye Futian, accept my challenge!”

“How dare you do this to my Goddess! Accept my challenge!”

Angry people were yelling at him from all over the place. It gave Ye Futian chills. Only a few of the participants today were in the eighth or ninth plane of awakening, but all of them were eager to kick his *ss now.

You are a bad*ss. Ye Futian said to himself as he looked at Hua Jieyu, still speechless. However, she kept smiling at him with that unique softness. This smile was making the crowd even angrier.

“This is the Fall Quarter Exam, be respectful and silent!” Ye Futian suddenly yelled at the crowd, turning back around to address them. People were shocked for a moment, then became silent, continuing to stare at him.

“Okay, now, who wants to challenge me?” Ye Futian began asking.

“I do, I do, and I….” Many people rushed to the stage and answered. Ye Futian looked at them, trying to remember their names.

Ye Futian began talking again with his hands in his pockets, saying, “I have fought twice in a row. It’s time to rest.” He then turned around and left the arena.

“What, are you kidding?” People began swearing at him.

“You can run, but you cannot hide,” a student in the eighth Awakening Plane started to say.

“Yu Sheng, it’s your turn. Take care of them.” Ye Futian had made the crowd speechless again.

Seriously, how could someone be that shameless…

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