The Legend of Futian

Chapter 1873 - Agreeing to Replace

Chapter 1873: Agreeing to Replace

In Dongyuan Pavilion, Ye Futian was quietly reading ancient manuscripts about techniques, without thinking about things that were happening outside.

What he did in Dongyuan City had stirred up a huge commotion. Countless people were discussing him now. However, Ye Futian acted as though nothing had happened and had temporarily cast everything out of his mind.

Even though he had agreed to Ying Qing’s request, this was but a part of his experience while training in the Divine Prefecture. He would not waste too much of his energy on it. He had always remembered his purpose here in the Divine Prefecture.

No matter where he was, he only had a goal—to train and get stronger.

He had already cut off his connection with the Original Realm, so he couldn’t know what was happening over there. Even if he knew, he couldn’t do anything about it. He could only improve his ability as much as possible within a short period of time so that he would be a match for those peak figures. Only when he achieved his goal could he have a chance to return to the Original Realm and fight against forces like Shen clan and Golden Divine Nation.

In the blink of an eye, Ye Futian had stayed in the Dongyuan Pavilion for a few days. Throughout his stay, several Dongyuan Pavilion cultivators had visited the place. The gazes they gave him were hostile, but no one dared to attack Ye Futian while they were in the Dongyuan Pavilion.

Without distractions, Ye Futian was completely drawn in by the collection in the Dongyuan Pavilion. This was a huge library of teachings of Way. It could be considered a treasure trove. The teachings that Donghuang the Great passed on to the world were astonishingly powerful. They were even more valuable than he had imagined. Any cultivator would be able to find what they needed here.

Ye Futian couldn’t help but respect Donghuang the Great and Emperor Ye Qing. He naturally did not need to mention Emperor Ye Qing. As for Donghuang the Great, setting aside how this legendary figure actually was, he was indeed an epochal figure. He had also contributed greatly to the Divine Prefecture.

Such a spirit was worthy of admiration.

Ye Futian also understood why the various forces wanted to control the Dongyuan Pavilion. For some jade scrolls, practicing them here by inspecting them with one’s will was more effective than memorizing them to practice later.

At that moment, Ye Futian was sitting in one corner and practicing quietly. His will entered into a jade scroll, silently experiencing everything within it. A divine halo of the Great Path flowed over his body, causing many people to look over in his direction.

After a long while, Ye Futian’s will withdrew from the scroll, and he continued to study other ancient manuscripts.

He became more and more engrossed in his inspection of the manuscripts. This made Ying Qing feel as though he had forgotten why he had come to the Dongyuan Pavilion.

She was also getting more and more curious about Ye Futian’s identity and origins.

At that moment, Ying Qing seemed to sense something. She turned around and looked beside her. She saw a woman dressed in a plain white dress standing there quietly.

This woman appeared to be around 30 years of age and was very beautiful. She lacked the aura of a young maiden and instead bore a more mature air. Her figure could also be considered flawless and caused people to be lost in wild and fanciful thought.

The woman’s temperament was also extremely outstanding, giving off an otherworldly sense of beauty. She bore the elegant air of royalty and appeared slightly distant and proud. It was as though she was a fairy goddess who was from beyond this world.

Ying Qing could sense that this woman had strong cultivation. She was definitely a Renhuang and not a lower-level one at that.

She kept standing quietly as she watched Ye Futian cultivating. Ye Futian also seemed to have noticed her as he sat there. He stood up, turned around, and glanced over at the other party. He politely asked with a smile, “Is Goddess looking for me?”

Clearly, he had noticed that the other party had been watching him all this while.

“Even though the cultivation methods here are powerful, they are difficult to cultivate and require a long time to comprehend. If you are only staying in the Dongyuan Pavilion for a short while, you will most likely find it hard to comprehend anything meaningful,” the woman said.

“What about this Dictionary of the Way?” Ye Futian pointed toward a corner.

“It is also one of them.” The other party nodded.

“I shall take that into consideration,” Ye Futian replied with a smile. “If Goddess has other matters, please feel free to speak.”

“My father has waited for Renhuang Ye for a few days. However, Renhuang Ye has yet to emerge. Hence, he has asked me to take a look and invite Renhuang Ye to grace him with a meeting,” the woman stated. “I am a member of Emperor Helian’s Royal Family, Helian You.”

“She is the eldest princess of the Helian Royal Family.”

Ying Qing transmitted her thoughts over to Ye Futian. “Emperor Helian’s Royal Family is one of the continent’s royal families. They have powerful abilities no weaker than that of Senluo Manor. They have many more cultivators under their control than Senluo Manor. Before this, the person who spoke up on your behalf outside was Emperor Helian.”

Ye Futian had a pretty good grasp of the situation as he nodded his head and said, “All right. However, please give me some more time. There are some parts that I have yet to comprehend.”

“All right,” Helian You responded as she nodded her head. Ye Futian then continued cultivating.

With nothing else to do, Helian You also studied some cultivation methods to the side, comprehending them and cultivating herself.

In the blink of an eye, a few days passed. Helian You had kept very quiet all this while, never rushing Ye Futian.

A will flowed over Ye Futian’s body. However, it was under his control. He stopped cultivating. Ye Futian looked at Helian You. He smiled and said, “If I kept cultivating, would you have kept waiting for me?”

He could tell that this eldest princess of Emperor Helian had a higher cultivation than him. She had actually waited for him all this while. On this point, she had far surpassed Liu Dongge.

“It was just a few days. By simply comprehending cultivation methods, time passed by in a flash. Are you still going to remain cultivating in the Dongyuan Pavilion?” Helian You asked. She did not mind. When she spoke, her tone was very indifferent, giving off a very comforting vibe.

“Let’s go,” Ye Futian answered as he smiled. Such a beautiful eldest princess was so calm and peaceful. It was pleasing to the eyes.

They headed down and then left the Dongyuan Pavilion. Behind them, several silhouettes appeared outside of the pavilion, watching them as they left. Liu Dongge had also appeared, together with the woman beside him. Their gazes were cold.

“Helian You,” Liu Dongge mumbled to himself. “That old fox. He most likely wants to use this person to seize control over the pavilion.”

Ye Futian naturally did not know what they were thinking. He also did not care.

Helian You brought Ye Futian to a tavern. At the top floor of the tavern, a banquet had been laid out. Aside from Emperor Helian, there was another cultivator that he had seen in the Dongyuan Pavilion that day. The cultivator was also with the Pavilion Master of Dongyuan Pavilion back then.

“Little friend, please sit,” Emperor Helian said to Ye Futian with a smile. Ye Futian sat down in a seat. The middle-aged man across from him also nodded his head at Ye Futian. This middle-aged man had a sharp aura on him. His cultivation should be on par with that of Pavilion Master.

“I believe little friend knows who I am. This is my good friend, Yang Dongqing, the City Lord of Tianmu City,” Emperor Helian introduced.

“Tianmu City is one of the three major cities of the continent. It is only second to Dongyuan City. Yang clan controls Tianmu City and the clan leader, Yang Dongqing, is the City Lord of Tianmu City,” Ying Qing transmitted her thoughts as she introduced Yang Dongqing further. If Ye Futian were a cultivator of the continent, he would naturally understand this. However, Ying Qing understood that Ye Futian was clueless about all this.

“Senior Yang,” Ye Futian greeted Yang Dongqing as he dipped his head slightly, not bowing. In the cultivation world, if they were strangers, they would usually determine hierarchy based on ability. From this point of view, Ye Futian was no slouch. However, the other party was a senior figure; hence, Ye Futian still greeted him as one.

“Little friend, that day, you made the members of Dongyuan City witness history in the making. It was also an eye-opener for me,” Yang Dongqing said as he nodded with a smile. For both of them to treat a junior in such a manner, they clearly wanted to get on Ye Futian’s good graces.

Ye Futian did not respond. Instead, he looked at Emperor Helian and asked, “Senior, what business did you have with me?”

“Since little friend has asked, I will be frank,” Emperor Helian replied. “The Pavilion Master of Dongyuan Pavilion has controlled the pavilion for many years. All these years, Liu Han’s control has grown stronger and stronger, to the point that he views the Dongyuan Pavilion as his own property. Even if our members wanted to enter the Dongyuan Pavilion to train, it would be difficult, requiring his approval. Hence, we have planned to replace him with a new Pavilion Master.”

“Little friend, you received the approval of the founder of the Dongyuan Pavilion that day. It is only right for little friend to be in charge of the pavilion and replace Liu Han,” Emperor Helian continued. “These past few days, little friend has also entered the Dongyuan Pavilion and have seen what is inside. I believe that you are now familiar with it. Although this time Pavilion Master Liu admitted defeat, he must certainly hate you now. After all, for him, you have already become a threat.”

Ye Futian nodded. He naturally understood this. However, he was not concerned about it.

From the looks of it, Emperor Helian and Yang Dongqing wanted him to replace Liu Han as Pavilion Master.

“What Helian says is true. Liu Han will certainly kill you,” Yang Dongqing also stated.

Ye Futian lowered his head and asked softly, “Seniors wish to support me in becoming the next Pavilion Master of Dongyuan Pavilion. Then, what will happen after that? Will I need to hand the pavilion over to Seniors to manage it?”

“I also have a huge clan and business to manage. I am not free to stay in Dongyuan City all the time,” Emperor Helian responded. “I will be content as long as I don’t have to put up with the long faces of others whenever I enter Dongyuan Pavilion. After little friend has become Pavilion Master, my Helian Royal Family will go all out to support you. My only request is for my clan members to have access to the Dongyuan Pavilion at all times.”

“Does Pavilion Master Liu stop Senior’s men from entering the pavilion to train now?” asked Ye Futian.

“Most of the time, he doesn’t,” Emperor Helian replied in a cold tone. “However, once in a while, he will find fault with us. It makes me feel annoyed.” Emperor Helian was annoyed; naturally, he desired to replace Pavilion Master Liu with someone else.

“My Yang clan can send a few cultivators to assist little friend in seizing control of the Dongyuan Pavilion together,” Yang Dongqing recommended. “After we take over the Dongyuan Pavilion, little friend will have absolute control over the pavilion. You can access all parts of the pavilion to train and read ancient manuscripts any time you want. I am sure this can help little friend’s ability improve at a much faster rate.”

Ye Futian naturally understood when he heard this. Yang Dongqing most likely wanted more. He wanted to control the Dongyuan Pavilion from behind the scenes.

He glanced at Yang Dongqing and then looked at Emperor Helian again and asked, “There is a matter that I wish to ask Seniors to enlighten me on. Back then, when Mr. South Mountain died, did anything occur behind the scenes?”

“Of course.” Emperor Helian coldly snorted and said, “Back then, Mr. South Mountain was also an extraordinary man. He was also good friends with Liu Han. No one imagined that Liu Han would backstab him. He was afraid that Mr. South Mountain would try to meddle in the affairs of the Dongyuan Pavilion. Hence, Liu Han found an excuse to eliminate him.”

“Has Senior investigated this matter?” Ye Futian asked as he revealed a strange look.

“It does not even need to be investigated,” Emperor Helian replied. “Based on my intel, before Mr. South Mountain died, his cultivation was already not below that of Pavilion Master Liu Han. He was even more powerful than Liu Han by some margin. Why would he suddenly die and without any premonition? If it was as Liu Han claimed, why would Mr. South Mountain head right into his own death?”

“The cultivators of South Mountain were also eradicated later on. This had clearly been premeditated,” Emperor Helian coldly snorted. “To attack a good friend, greed has blinded Liu Han.”

Ye Futian nodded his head and said, “I will take up your offer, Senior.”

He agreed to become the new Pavilion Master of Dongyuan Pavilion!

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