The Legend of Futian

Chapter 1874 Making Amends?

Chapter 1874 Making Amends?

Ye Futian learned that there were six powers that could really influence Dongyuan Pavilion. Dongyuan Pavilion faction was one of them. They were on good terms with the top family in the eastern land of the continent, the Donglin Clan. And now, Dongyuan Pavilion and the Donglin Clan were even preparing for a marriage, and it was the family that the woman Ye Futian met in Dongyuan Pavilion belonged to.

The Dongyuan Pavilion and the Donglin Clan were allies, and here, the Helian Royal Family and the Yang Clan had joined forces. Both sides had two factions. In addition to that, the other two forces had a neutral attitude, but Ye Futian guessed that they must have a good idea of what they were doing.

Moreover, this time, if they wanted to dethrone the Dongyuan Pavilion faction, it would be, by no means, a simple replacement. Since the Pavilion master was greedy for power and wanted to keep controlling Dongyuan Pavilion, then he naturally would not let go. It was obviously impossible to replace him peacefully, and they definitely would have to fight.

Ye Futian knew this clearly, so he asked about Mr. South Mountain and did not hesitate to directly agree to it. Based on the performance of the other party who came to the Dongyuan Pavilion that day, there was no need to prove anything more; he just needed to have inner conviction.

It just so happened that he also wanted to get rid of the other party. If he managed to become the Pavilion Master, he could cultivate for a period of time as well.

As for the reason behind dealing with the Dongyuan Pavilion, he did not care. Back in the Original Realm, he had many relatives and friends, had many concerns, and needed to weigh and consider many things. But now that he was here, there was only him, Xia Qingyuan, and the Black Wind Condor. They could do things without restraint and did not have to consider too much.

In addition to cultivation, it was enough to just pay attention to protecting himself. So when he walked through the Divine Prefecture in the future, he would have to keep a few tricks up his sleeve and not expose all of his strength to his opponents. That way, when he encountered a real crisis, he would have a chance to turn the tables.

After all, his cultivation level was a good cover.

Rejecting the request to be with the other party, Ye Futian left alone to find a place to settle down for cultivation. This made Emperor Helian and the others feel that Ye Futian seemed a bit mysterious. This young Renhuang could make the statue reveal itself, so he must have an extraordinary talent for cultivation. Although he agreed to be the master of Dongyuan Pavilion, he did not seem to have a strong attitude regarding this matter.

It was as if, to him, it was just an insignificant matter.

Ye Futian was still cultivating at ease, but there seemed to be a dark tide stirring in the Dongyuan City, and many cultivators had the feeling that after the statue revealed itself and said that Ye Futian could take over as the master of Dongyuan Pavilion, Dongyuan Pavilion had undergone some subtle changes and many of the cultivators that were cultivating elsewhere had returned.

On this day, when Ye Futian was cultivating in his residence palace, wisps of aura of the great Way enveloped his body. An extremely oppressive and terrifying atmosphere permeated the palace, and infinite amounts of Sword Will seemed to appear in the surrounding heaven and earth. These Sword Wills turned into wisps of rune lightning surrounding a sword. The sword was one created from Sword Wills but seemed even more real than a real sword. The auras of swordsmanship emanating from it caused a net of swords to appear in the palace.

Outside the palace, a curvaceous and graceful figure appeared. It was the eldest princess of the Helian Royal Family, Helian You. She sensed something wrong with the Sword Wills in the palace.

She was a remarkable cultivator at the Fifth Order of the Divine Wheel, yet she actually felt an oppressive air.

Strands of Will flowed on Helian You's body as she stepped into the sword net. Shrill whooshes were heard, and Helian You retreated right after walking in. Her body seemed like it had been electrocuted as a whoosh sound was emitted from her arms, and her sleeves were torn, revealing her snowy white arms.

Astonishment flashed in her eyes, and as she looked inside, she seemed to see a sword.

The sword turned into a ray of light and directly disappeared into Ye Futian's body. In the next moment, the oppressive sword will dissipated, and a voice came out from the palace, "Eldest Princess, please enter."

"Renhuang Ye need not be so polite." Hearing that Ye Futian had called her the eldest princess, she could not help but reply. Helian You stepped into the palace and soon appeared in front of Ye Futian and said, "Renhuang Ye cultivates such a strong sword intent, is it the previous Dictionary of the way?"

"After reading many books about ancient techniques in Dongyuan Pavilion, I had some insights and attempted to refine sword will with the way." Ye Futian replied. Helian You's beautiful eyes revealed a flash of shock, and she was somewhat surprised by Ye Futian's talent.

"It didn't hurt the eldest princess, right?" Ye Futian asked after seeing Helian You's arm.

"No harm." Helian You said, "But that sword will actually broke through my Will defence. Renhuang Ye's strength is unfathomable."

Ye Futian smiled and did not say much. Helian You continued, "The Young Master of Dongyuan Pavilion, Liu Dongge, invited us to a gathering, and deliberately also invited Renhuang Ye."

"Okay." Ye Futian nodded. He did not ask much as he got up and followed Helian You to leave. Xia Qingyuan and Ying Qing naturally followed. In their current situation, he naturally did not feel comfortable letting Xia Qingyuan and the others travel alone.

The group arrived at an open-air restaurant in Dongyuan City. There were already quite a few people waiting for them, the Young Master of the Dongyuan Pavilion, Liu Dongge, was also there, as well as the arrogant woman from last time.

Other than that, he had met the others before. They were with Liu Dongge at Dongyuan Pavilion the last time.

Below the restaurant, many people looked up towards this side. They let out sounds of wonder as their gazes landed on Ye Futian.

"Ye Liunian. He is the one who made the statue reveal itself." Someone spoke up and said that Ye Liunian was Ye Futian's pseudonym.

"That day, he killed the middle-level Renhuang below the Dongyuan Pavilion. Liu Dongge and the others did not allow him to go up, but Ye Liunian forced his way up, urging the statue to reveal itself, and the will swept 3,000 miles." Many people worshipped Ye Futian after seeing his elegance that day. Such magnificence was hard to find in Dongyuan City.

On that day, he left Dongyuan Pavilion Master and others speechless.

"I didn't expect Sword Emperor Ye Liunian to be so handsome. He's as handsome as me." A young and handsome man remarked. The people beside him sneered. Here, you really could not find anyone who was more handsome than Ye Futian.

The open-air restaurant in the sky was extremely spacious and divided into six directions. Ye Futian and Helian You were sitting together. These six directions probably represented the six top factions that could influence Dongyuan Pavilion.

Senluo Manor wanted to join previously, but the six top factions unanimously decided to exclude them.

Liu Dongge ordered someone to pour wine for Ye Futian, then raised his glass in the direction where Ye Futian was and said, "I didn't recognize Renhuang Ye that day and offended you in Dongyuan Pavilion. I want to find an opportunity to make amends, but Renhuang Ye has been cultivating in Dongyuan Pavilion, so there was no suitable time for me to do so. This time I deliberately asked the Eldest Princess to invite Renhuang Ye to come so I could make amends to Renhuang Ye. I offended you greatly that day, but I really hope you won't take it to heart."

Saying that, he drank all the wine in his glass and then raised his cup towards Ye Futian.

Ye Futian looked at him quietly and kept his hands to himself instead of reaching out to take his glass. Immediately, gazes fell on him, causing a strange silence to appear in the restaurant.

It seemed that everyone was waiting for Ye Futian to drink that glass of wine.

A cold glint flashed between Liu Dongge's eyes, but he concealed it very well. Ye Futian was not giving him face.

The woman beside him similarly frowned, her eyes carrying a faintly cold and arrogant intent. She remarked, "What does Renhuang Ye mean by this?"

Ye Futian swept a glance at the woman and then looked away again.

He looked at Helian You beside him and said softly, "If there is nothing else, I will go back to my cultivation."

Helian You's beautiful eyes blinked as she looked at Ye Futian with a slightly amused gaze. He really did not want to give him any face.

Many people in the distance looked this way, and many people whispered when they heard Ye Futian's words.

What madness.

Directly ignoring the other party's compensation.

"It seems that Renhuang Ye doesn't accept my apology." Liu Dongge spoke, still wearing a faint smile on his face, but it seemed a bit hypocritical.

"Yes." Ye Futian nodded without hesitation and looked at Liu Dongge, "You didn't do anything wrong, so why do you need to make amends."

Liu Dongge looked at Ye Futian, feeling somewhat confused.

"It's just that you're not worthy of stopping me yet." Ye Futian continued. Liu Dongge's smile disappeared from his face. If just now he did not give him face, he gave him a direct hit to the face at this moment.

Indeed, if he could really stop him, why would he come here to make amends?

It was because he could not stop him and caused the drama that happened later on that things played out this way today.

As for whether he was right or wrong, it did not matter.

Liu Dongge bowed his head and poured himself a cup of wine, then drank it all alone. It seemed that there was no room to turn the situation around.

That day, Helian You had invited Ye Futian away from Dongyuan Pavilion. How could they not know that it was not a secret matter? They knew exactly what the other party was planning. That was why they had deliberately come to test Ye Futian's attitude.

"Regardless of whether Renhuang Ye accepts the apology or not, I still have great admiration for Renhuang Ye's strength, and I still remember the elegance of that day's battle." Liu Dongge spoke up, "Having been invited here today, don't you all want to see the path that Ye Huang cultivates?"

As his words fell, the atmosphere of this restaurant instantly became a little different, seemingly with a faint feeling of depression.

Helian You frowned, then her beautiful eyes carried a light smile. It was as if everything was expected. Since she brought Ye Futian here, how could she be unprepared?

Around the restaurant, in the far direction, some people mixed into the crowd at different locations. At this moment, those people raised their heads towards the direction of the restaurant, and with just one glance, the atmosphere in the restaurant became oppressive, with the oppressive atmosphere being invisible.

Ye Futian naturally also sensed that Dongyuan Pavilion must have already made arrangements. If he really planned to join hands with Emperor Helian to seize the throne, then no matter what Dongyuan Pavilion faction did, it would come as no surprise to him.

Of course, he did not care and still sat there quietly, as if those wisps of aura had no effect on him.

Many of these people were at the level of middle-level Renhuangs, and there were even several powerful people at the sixth order of the Divine Wheel. The faintly oppressive air was suffocating, but in Ye Futian's eyes, the sixth order of the Divine Wheel, and non-perfect Divine Wheels, were nothing to write home about.

"Liu Dongge, what do you mean by this?" Helian You looked towards Liu Dongge and asked.

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