The Legend of Futian

Chapter 23

Chapter 23: This Is So Like Ye Futian

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“Mandate Sorcerer,” the students of Qingzhou Academy discussed in shock. That formation, it was a Life Spirit, no wonder he was able to create the matrix so quickly.

This young fellow was not even fifteen years old, yet his matrix was so powerful that it could be a threat even to aces in the ninth Awakening Plane, the Unmaker Plane. Qingzhou Academy students were feeling threatened. With the two people before, they could still confidently say that Qingzhou Academy had students who were able to stand up to them but with this fellow, it would be difficult to find someone on his level.

“I heard that your academy just had Fall Quarter Examinations, who took first place?” the youth asked arrogantly. He did not even spare a glance at the students; they were not good enough to be his opponents. He stared straight at the important figures of Qingzhou Academy.

“Murong Qiu,” someone answered him. Everyone immediately shifted their gaze towards Murong Qiu but his fellow schoolmates did not hold high hopes for him. Even though he came in first during the exams, everyone knew that Yu Sheng and Hua Jieyu were both much stronger than him.

Murong Qiu had no confidence in himself either. Everyone was looking at him, but he just stood there having no intentions of stepping up. Even Qiu Yan, who had been defeated earlier, was more capable than Murong Qiu.

The important figures of Qingzhou Academy were also watching Murong Qiu but they were quickly disappointed when it became clear that he was not going to participate in the duel.

“Yu Sheng,” Cabinet Master Leng Qingfeng of the House of Swordsmen called out. It was rumored that Yu Sheng had broken into the Unmaker Plane not long ago. Plus, Leng Qingfeng had already witnessed his power at the Fall Quarter Examinations. To have him battle increased their chance of victory.

Yu Sheng glanced at Leng Qingfeng once and did nothing. He did not move, nor give a response. His expression was as cold as ice; it was like a silent protest.

“Seems like Yu Sheng is still pissed. I don’t think he plans on fighting,” someone said. Everyone shuddered at the expression on Yu Sheng’s face. Not once did they think Yu Sheng was afraid of fighting like they thought Murong Qiu was. They felt that he was unwilling.

In the past two months, Murong Qiu had become an official disciple. Even Yang Xiu joined the School of Divination Arts but not Yu Sheng. No matter how many times the schools of martial arts and divination arts tried to recruit him, he never once accepted. Qingzhou Academy knew exactly why. It had something to do with the ban they had placed on a certain student. They knew this made Yu Sheng very angry. Some people even hypothesized that as long as the ban existed, Yu Sheng might ever choose to leave the academy altogether.

The higher ups of Qingzhou Academy had argued over this topic many times but there were still some individuals that refused to give in and lift the ban.

It was because of this that Yu Sheng refused to battle, even if the academy’s reputation was on the line. In Yu Sheng’s eyes, the academy’s punishment on Ye Futian was incredibly insulting. Until the academy was able to provide him with a satisfying result, Yu Sheng was unwilling to do anything for the academy.

Leng Qingfeng was furious upon seeing Yu Sheng’s reaction, but his anger was not directed at Yu Sheng. It was directed at Shi Zhong. He was extremely ticked off as he looked over at Shi Zhong. It was Qingzhou Academy that was in the wrong for being unjust; he had no right to punish Ye Futian for the way he had questioned the academy.

“Yu Sheng is still angry about what happened to you,” said Feng Qingxue after witnessing this scene. Ye Futian nodded in agreement. Of course he knew how stubborn Yu Sheng was. If the academy had punished Yu Sheng, Yu Sheng would not have cared one bit; but because it had been Ye Futian, Yu Sheng was bound to hold a grudge. There was no way he would stand up for the academy. Ye Futian would do the same if it had been Yu Sheng who had been punished.

Feng Qingxue was disappointed. If Yu Sheng was not going to forgive the academy, there was a slim chance of him forgiving her.

“Is Hua Jieyu here?” asked one of the school’s leaders. Everyone looked around in search of her. One part of the crowd moved to make a path for Hua Jieyu.

With something big like this happening at Qingzhou Academy, it did not take long for Hua Jieyu to find out. She had to have come.

“So beautiful,” said the fellow from Heiyan Academy. His eyes glistened at the sight of such a beauty.

“Hua Jieyu, looks like it’s up to you,” said the school leader from before. All of Qingzhou Academy anticipated her reaction. In three years, no one had ever seen Hua Jieyu in action. Would she be able to defeat this genius from Heiyan Academy?

“How can I possibly fight such a beautiful lady?” The prideful youth was smiling as he looked at Hua Jieyu. “We’re not too familiar with the City of Qingzhou, why don’t you keep us company, beautiful? I can let Qingzhou Academy off the hook for today.”

Hearing his words, his companions from Heiyan Academy began to laugh. Someone chimed in, “Junior Brother has a point. Being accompanied by a beauty is a great thing. It could turn into a beautiful story for both academies.”

“How presumptuous,” said someone from Qingzhou Academy.

“This group of *ssholes,” everyone from Qingzhou Academy joined together to curse at their rivals. They were furious, Hua Jieyu was the perfect being to all of them and she was now being insulted by these jack*sses from Heiyan Academy.

“Shut up, you group of losers. If you don’t like the things we say then come stand up to us,” said the young fellow. He was dripping with pride. The students of Qingzhou Academy felt deeply insulted but they knew that they could not fight against him.

On the other hand, Hua Jieyu seemed to be at peace; she did not step up like the elders had hoped she would. She smiled and turned, her gaze falling on a certain someone. It was Ye Futian.

Not only did she see Ye Futian, she also took notice of Feng Qingxue beside him. She smiled and said softly to Ye Futian, “They’re picking on me!”

When she turned toward Ye Futian, everyone was confused. The moment she spoke to him, their hearts broke.

They’re picking on me… It was such a gentle voice. Their perfect goddess was whining so cutely to Ye Futian. It was a cute, flirtatious whine. If she had said this to any of them, they would have fought to their deaths; but her words were sadly not for any of them.

“My heart hurts,” someone said. Everyone saw Feng Qingxue standing beside Ye Futian. First he had teased Senior Sister Qin Yi. Now, he was with Feng Qingxue. He was surrounded by so many beauties. Why him?

Feng Qingxue was shocked by Hua Jieyu’s words. Feeling the countless pairs of eyes on herself, Feng Qingxue lowered her head and began to pick at the corner of her clothes. This was Hua Jieyu that she was up against.

Ye Futian could feel all the gazes on him. He rubbed his forehead. It really was impossible for him to keep a low profile.

Everyone from Heiyan Academy looked at him as well. They were trying to figure out what made Ye Futian so special that a beauty like Hua Jieyu would act that way towards him.

Ye Futian took a step forward. The people of Qingzhou Academy thought that he was really going to try his best to stand up for Hua Jieyu; but then again, any of them would have done the same had they been in his shoes. However, their results would probably have been much worse.

The prideful youth watched Ye Futian’s figure. The corners of his lips lifted in a smirk as he said, “I think it would be best for you to rethink your choice. Standing up for a girl; how corny. You better be prepared for the consequences.”

Ye Futian pretended not to hear him and said, “First, slap yourself a couple times and then apologize. Maybe after that I’ll decide to let you guys leave Qingzhou Academy unscathed.”

This…. Everyone’s eyes widened. They couldn’t believe what they had just heard. Even if you were trying to stand up for a girl you liked, you didn’t have to be so arrogant. When he was completely defeated by their rivals, all of Qingzhou Academy was going to look so bad.

The hearts of the Qingzhou students continued to ache. How could a person like this get a girl like Hua Jieyu? What was wrong with the world?

Even the important figures of the academy could not bear to listen to Ye Futian. This rascal was exaggerating a little too much. Even though his gifts were not bad, his opponent was a Mandate Sorcerer.

“And if I refuse?” The prideful youth was looking at Ye Futian as if he were a moron. There was definitely something wrong inside this guy’s head.

“Well then…” Ye Futian took another step forward. Everyone was still watching him. Just when they thought he was about to make a move, Ye Futian called out loudly, “Yu Sheng!”

Dead silence.

Wide-eyed, everyone continued to stare at Ye Futian. This was so like Ye Futian.

Even Hua Jieyu was wide-eyed. This was embarrassing for her.

The ground shook; snow flew around on the ground as Yu Sheng’s large body approached the center of the crowd. His arrival was a threat in itself. It did not matter whether you liked Yu Sheng or not; there was no way you could deny that he was a natural born warrior.

The expressions on some of the faces from Heiyan Academy darkened upon Yu Sheng’s arrival. Just from his aura one would feel suffocated by his power. He was definitely stronger than any of the other Qingzhou Academy students.

The important figures of Qingzhou Academy felt embarrassed. They could not get Yu Sheng to budge, yet two simple words from Ye Futian had been enough. It was really a slap in the face for them, but at the same time, they were relieved that he was finally stepping up for battle.

Yu Sheng looked at Hua Jieyu and said, “Leave it to me, sis-in-law.”

“Huh?” Everyone was confused.

Smart guy! Ye Futian complimented him in his mind. Yu Sheng had changed; he had become so understanding.

Yu Sheng pointed at the prideful fellow from Heiyan Academy and said emotionlessly, “Scram. Let someone of a higher level come out. I don’t want people to say that I pick on the weak.”

He’s so cool. Everyone from Qingzhou Academy complimented him. This was crazy.

Not long ago, someone else had also done something crazy like this, but everyone had thought it was embarrassing. It was the complete opposite with Yu Sheng. A shameless jerk like Ye Futian could never compare to Yu Sheng.

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