The Legend of Futian

Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Who Was More Overbearing?

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Yun Tianhao was mad. He was already arrogant enough about being a Mandate Sorcerer that he didn’t expect there to be someone more arrogant than him.

However, the truth was, these two new challengers were the source of this feeling.

“Fools,” Yun Tianhao spoke in a cold voice. The Spiritual Qi started to surround his body, but Mu Jiang stepped up and stopped him. “Let me take care of him,” Mu Jiang said.

He then moved directly towards Yu Sheng to challenge him. He faintly felt that Yu Sheng was a threat, and he wanted to take matters into his own hands to prevent Yun Tianhao from a sudden failure. Yun Tianhao was the pride of Heiyan Academy, and they couldn’t afford to lose this pride.

“Sure, take him down for me,” Yun Tianhao nodded and stepped back. Mu Jiang started to control the frost energy from his surroundings, and he vibrated with all the power around him.

“Yu Sheng, make sure he has to be carried out.” Ye Futian was mad about being called a fool by Yun Tianhao.

“Of course,” Yu Sheng nodded, then stepped forward firmly. The earth was shaking from his sheer strength. Mu Jiang stared at the huge guy in front of him and started to get concerned. He could feel a horrifying mass of coldness flowing in front him, forming a storm to attack his enemy.

Yu Sheng stomped the ground and started to attack. Mu Jiang also initiated his spell. All of a sudden, an ice storm appeared out of nowhere, and Yu Sheng’s body was covered with frost. Mu Jiang was trying to confine his enemy by trapping him in a prison of ice.

That was the spell, Ice Imprisonment.

“Look how powerful he is.” People noticed that the ice on Yu Sheng’s body was growing thicker. Mu Jiang was still in the Plane of Awakening, but he could already convey Ice Imprisonment without physical contact. This ability usually belonged to those in the Glory Plane.

However, a golden glow burst out of Yu Sheng’s body, and suddenly, the ice shell started to shatter. He now looked like the Almighty in this golden glow, and he was unstoppable as he reached closer to Mu Jiang.

“Imprison him!” Mu Jiang shouted, and another, stronger, ice storm burst out from his body. Yu Sheng was engulfed by the storm in a second. Qiu Yan had been defeated by the same tactic.

Yu Sheng was not affected at all. He got rid of the ice on his body by merely shaking his hand. A golden glow flowed down his arm. Mu Jiang tried to retreat. As a mage, when he let a warrior into his melee range and failed to attack, he could do nothing but retreat.

Unfortunately, he was just not fast enough. Yu Sheng’s hand had already clamped onto his neck, and Mu Jiang’s entire body was lifted into the air. People were in awe to see that Yu Sheng did this with such ease.

“Let him go,” Yu Tianhao shouted at Yu Sheng. However, Yu Sheng ignored his words. He threw Mu Jiang to the ground and smashed his whole body. After a booming noise, Mu Jiang was screaming in extreme pain, and it sounded like his bones had been shattered.

Futian wanted the guy to be lifted out so he obviously couldn’t be allowed to walk.

People were awestruck and fell silent. All eyes were drawn to the young man who was just as strong as the Almighty himself.

“That is some real power.” The Qingzhou Academy students felt excited.

“So hot!” some girls exclaimed.

Mu Jiang, one of the arrogant intruders from Heiyan Academy who had defeated Qiu Yan in a second and intimidated Murong Qiu, the first place student in the Fall Quarter Exam, had just lost to Yu Sheng in such an embarrassing way. He was smashed with one hand. What an overbearing gesture Yu Sheng had made.

“Yu Sheng is going to attend my college. Whoever tries to take him away is going to be my enemy, for sure.” The Director of the College of Martial Arts glanced at the other directors around him. He liked this young man so much that he believed he was meant to go to his college.

“So count me as your enemy. I want him.” The Director of the Hall of Metal Element ignored his threat. He also believed that Yu Sheng would be a perfect student.

Ye Futian seemed to be the only one that was not shocked by Yu Sheng’s performance. In fact, Yu Sheng had been able to defeat those who were even in the higher planes of cultivation.

“Who else?” After seeing the Heiyan Academy medical team take Mu Jiang away, Yu Sheng began to invite challengers again pridefully. Yun Tianhao was going to step up, but right at that moment, a hand landed on his shoulder and stopped him.

The head of Heiyan Academy group, the man with eagle eyes, had keenly perceived the immeasurable power of Yu Sheng. He had told Mu Jiang to challenge Yu Sheng and test his power. Now he had the answer. He just could not risk the future of Yun Tianhao. Even though Yun Tianhao was a Mandate Sorcerer and able to defeat those in higher planes of cultivation, Yu Sheng was a monster. Even a powerful mage like Yun Tianhao did not have a one hundred percent chance of winning against him.

“Okay, we concede,” the eagle-eyed leader said. Yun Tianhao felt reluctant to concede, but did not say anything.

“Then get out of here,” a director at Qingzhou Academy uttered.

“We only lost one after you had lost three. You have thousands of students in the planes of awakening in your academy, but only one of them can fight?” the eagle-eyed leader taunted them.

“At least that one’s enough to sweep you all,” Yu Sheng responded.

“You arrogant fool,” Yun Tianhao said angrily. “If I ever reach the ninth plane of awakening, you will bow down to my power.”

“Seriously, who allowed challenges regardless of planes? What now? You want to change your mind?” Ye Futian asked sarcastically.

Yun Tianhao glanced at Ye Futian and said, “If you want to challenge me, just step up and fight. Otherwise, stay a coward and shut up.”

People were now looking at Ye Futian. They didn’t believe he was as powerful as Yu Sheng, so he was going to humiliate himself.

Ye Futian frowned a little at the provocation. He laughed at the words “be a coward” and then stepped forward.

This humiliation would not be tolerated.

“Yu Sheng!” Ye Futian yelled.

“Yep,” Yu Sheng responded.

“It’s my turn.” Ye Futian stepped forward.

Suddenly, Yu Sheng started laughing and pointing at Yun Tianhao and said, “This one’s for you.”

Actually, he had let Yun Tianhao stay in the arena intentionally for Ye Futian to show off.

However, why did he believe that Ye Futian would win?

Besides, how dare Ye Futian challenge the pride of Heiyan Academy?

The students had witnessed in person how powerful Yun Tianhao was. He was a Mandate Sorcerer who specialized in matrices, and he had defeated multiple challengers with only one strike from his matrix.

Ye Futian continued stepping forward until he was standing in the middle of the arena. Feng Qingxue looked at him, and she experienced a moment of déjà vu. The exact same thing had happened during the Fall Quarter Exam. He had been the underdog of all the students, but he had ultimately defeated Ling Xiao and Yang Xiu, the top-ranked students.

However, he was now challenging someone even more powerful, a Mandate Sorcerer from Heiyan Academy and the pride of all the students there.

Ye Futian made a peaceful introduction. “I am in the seventh plane of awakening, the Mystery.”

“Only Seven?” Yun Tianhao was surprised for a moment, then responded, “You are too weak to challenge me.”

He had a strong enough talent to say that. After all, he was a Mandate Sorcerer who had never lost a challenge from anyone in the same plane or lower.

“I feel the same way about you, but since you’re asking for it, I’ll give you the humiliation you deserve.” Ye Futian peacefully conversed with him. “I don’t mind if you take the challenge or not. All of you can take this challenge. You can take me on one on one, or you can take me on all at once.”

“What the…” The Qingzhou Academy students were shocked. He didn’t have to show off in such a dangerous way, did he?

Ye Futian had repeated the intruders’ own words.

But, what if he lost? The students of Qingzhou Academy dared not think further.

“That’s not funny at all.” Yun Tianhao believed that Ye Futian was imitating him to mock him.

“Words are just words. Now you’re the one acting like a coward,” Ye Futian kept speaking, with an odd sense of confidence. He had his hands in his pockets and looked like he despised all of the Heiyan Academy group.

Yun Tianhao was incredibly mad at this gesture. He had never seen anyone act so arrogantly in front of him. However, he had seen two arrogant fools today, and the one talking now was only in the seventh plane of awakening. How dare he talk like that to a Mandate Sorcerer!

“I’ll take him on.” The swordsman who had defeated Li Qingshan with three strikes stepped up. Yun Tianhao nodded and backed down. “Take him down. Remember, never let him forget this fear.”

“For sure, I will.” The swordsman unsheathed his sword and pointed it at Ye Futian. “Three strikes—no more, no less.”

He had made the same statement before while defeating Li Qingshan.

“I don’t need three. You’ll be down after one strike,” Ye Futian said calmly. The students of Qingzhou Academy were already used to his arrogance.

They were just curious as to how this would eventually end.

The swordsman started laughing, and wind gathered over his body. He had specialized in both sorcery and martial arts, and was in the eighth plane of awakening, the Metamorph. How could he ever lose to a cultivator in the seventh Plane of Awakening?

The swordsman took the form of a shadow and disappeared. Snow was raging, and the attack was initiated. At the same time, Ye Futian closed his eyes.

The students of Qingzhou Academy were dumbfounded. Had he lost his mind? He had just closed his eyes while facing an imminent attack?

Even though most of the students hated Ye Futian, they didn’t actually want to see him die. They had had a faint hope that this guy would save the pride of their academy, but it seemed that Ye Futian had just given up.

Thunder started gathering around Ye Futian’s body, and a roaring sound burst out of him. The sound was almost like a dragon. He stayed still and let his power take care of the fight.

The blade was fast approaching his neck. However, Ye Futian seemed to be ignoring this attack. His eyes were still closed, and his body had not even moved an inch.

The blade came within inches of Ye Futian without actually hurting him. This attack was a diversionary attempt to draw away his attention, but Ye Futian just didn’t move at all.

“Die, you fool.” The swordsman was agitated by Ye Futian. He had been counting on him to flinch and move to the side so that he could make the second attack, which was solid. However, the arrogance of Ye Futian made him change his mind. Now, the blade was rushing right toward Ye Futian’s throat.

Right before the blade touched his throat, Ye Futian started moving. He turned a little bit to his left, so subtly that the sword came through the air in front of his face. The audience was holding their breath at this evasion. How had he done that? Was it a reaction or merely luck?

The swordsman frowned. His attack combo had been changed, and there was no way he could further adjust his attacks. In other words, he could no longer win this fight. However, right after Ye Futian turned away, his hand reached for the neck of his opponent. A thunder dragon was roaring and burst out of Ye Futian’s palm. The dragon wrapped around the neck of swordsman and lifted his body into the air.

“Seriously….” People were shocked by what they saw. Ye Futian had not touched his opponent at all, but he was in complete control of the thunder dragon that was totally overtaking the swordsman.

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