The Legend of Futian

Chapter 2425 - The Reason of Death

Chapter 2425: The Reason of Death

The second Blind Chen opened his eyes, countless people in the immediate area closed their eyes. The bright light pricked their eyes painfully, especially those cultivators from the four major forces. Some of them even had blood oozing from their eyes. The sight was terrifying.

Ye Futian’s eyes were still open. Although they hurt a bit, he continued to watch. Blind Chen seemed to have turned into the light itself. His entire body was radiant and bright. It was almost as if he was transparent. He had morphed into a phantom of the light, unleashing its endless brightness at Patriarch Lin. He drowned him with the light in an instant. At the same time, the light was also blasted at the other three cultivators.

Patriarch Lin was terrified right now as a monstrous might erupted from him, and his incomparable Sword Will bloomed. His body soared into the sky, turning into a sword, wanting to escape through the air. Clearly, he had detected a strong sense of danger. He knew that this was no place to linger. He had heard the determination in Blind Chen’s tone when he was speaking before.

Blind Chen wanted to use his life to take the lives of these other four. He had never intended to stay in the world for long. Before he left, he wanted to take them with him.

Patriarch Lin rushed straight into the sky, but the light flooded everything. Afterimages appeared there, but at this moment, even those afterimages had gradually become more and more elusive under the light until they, too, turned into countless spots of light. It was as if it had been purified by the light, reduced into nothing but dust.

“The purification of light. The Divine Method of Light.” The expressions of the other three cultivators were one of great fright. Rumor had it that this was the divine method created by the God of Light and could purify all things in the world. This method was particularly terrifying, and it was said that only the God of Light’s heir may learn of this forbidden technique.

How could Blind Chen do it, then? However, Blind Chen seemed to be urging this forbidden technique at the expense of the gods.

“No…” There was an unwilling roar that came from the void. A massive face appeared above the sky. It then dissipated little by little, turning into countless spots of light. Someone as powerful as Patriarch Lin, who had survived the Divine Tribulation, was killed by a single thought, with nothing left.

By the time the other three realized something was wrong and tried to escape, the light had already obscured the sky and covered the boundless space. Another phantom appeared above the sky, which was transformed by the shadow of Blind Chen. He seemed to have turned into a deity now, as the light was shining all over the space and directly shrouded the three people who were fleeing.

“Old diviner, we have no grievances nor grudges with you. Why resort to such fatal attacks on us!” Patriarch Lan pleaded loudly.

“Old diviner, I swear I won’t touch Chen Yi!” the Patriarch of the Yu family also shouted loudly. Their voices reverberated through the boundless void, all begging for mercy in the hopes that Blind Chen would spare them of their lives.

Those incomparable eyes of light were emotionless in the void. With a turning of his mind, the light that could purify all thing came showering down, directly on top of the three cultivators, drowning their bodies in its brilliance. The three of them let out an angry growl to no avail. They watched their bodies disappearing little by little while their consciousness was still intact. Still, their bodies were disintegrating.

“Noooo…” The fear in their voices was palpable. It took many long years for them to cultivate to the level they were at now, and they were almost at the very top of the cultivation world. The city of light aside, even in the lands of the Divine Prefecture and all the major worlds, they were still qualified as top cultivators. And yet, were they to die just like this?

The light’s purification of the divine method descended, and the three of them gradually turned transparent. Soon, these three top cultivators evaporated from the world. It seemed that in their demise, they had been turned into a part of that light.

As of this moment, the top four cultivators from the city of light were killed. All of them had been killed by Blind Chen.

Many cultivators from the city of light were looking this way, and many more had gathered around. They look at the elusive figure in the void, an existence that was almost akin to a god. Who could have imagined that this was the Blind Chen who was walking with a cane not so long ago?

The descendants of the four major forces felt a little surreal; it was like they were in a dream. That hunched blind man, who seemed as if he knew nothing about cultivation, had killed off their patriarchs. Previously, many of them had even suspected that Blind Chen was a conman with no abilities whatsoever. Now they realized just how ridiculous that idea seemed in retrospect.

However, Blind Chen’s form seemed to appear even more elusive at this moment. As if he was unable to turn his head, the phantom above the sky looked toward Ye Futian and said, “My friend, don’t forget what I asked of you.”

“Sir, there was no need to do this.” Ye Futian sighed.

Blind Chen’s smile was enigmatic. Then his eyes drifted in the direction where the Portal of Light was. His eyes were full of piety once again. Then, his figure gradually disappeared and turned into a light, dissipating little by little between heaven and earth.

He got what he came for.

As the emissary of light, Blind Chen completed his mission and found the heir to the light. From now on, he was no longer needed in this world.

Ye Futian watched him disappear, but there was turbulence in his heart. In the last words left by Blind Chen, he thought of something else.

Before Blind Chen, another existence was known as a prophet who had experienced the sitting death just because he took one look at Ye Futian.

The prophet claimed that he had peered into the secrets of heaven.

Although Blind Chen said it was because his mission had been completed, he would no longer tarry in this world. Was this the real and only reason? If he wanted to, he could have stayed on to take care of Chen Yi even if he had just completed the mission; there was no need to fight the four major cultivators to the death.

Then, there was another possibility—it might be because of him.

Blind Chen told him that because someone else came to him first, he had asked Chen Yi to search for Ye Futian. Then, this whole affair could still be related to his own origin.

Why was it that everyone who may know about his origin met a similar fate?

Was there something more hidden behind what met the eye?

Could he be overthinking the whole thing?

Ye Futian had a strong suspicion that Blind Chen’s death was just a piece of the puzzle. He might have made a promise, like once Ye Futian helped Chen Yi inherit the light, Blind Chen had to go away.

“Teacher.” Fang Cun and several other youngsters were a little confused. Although they were in the realm of Renhuang, they had never cultivated outside. This time, as they were following Ye Futian to the outside world, they had been diligently observing everything around them.

Ye Futian didn’t explain much because there was no way to explain things of this nature clearly. In the meantime, Blind Tie and Hua Jieyu had come to his side.

The cultivators from the four top forces were looking at Ye Futian. Now that Blind Chen and the four great patriarchs had perished together, only the cultivators from the four major forces were left with Ye Futian and his party. A grievance was born today, but other than the four patriarchs, who could possibly touch a hair on Ye Futian?

Lin Kong’s death was still fresh in their memory. Although there were still cultivators in the peak Renhuang realm among them, none of them dared to attack Ye Futian now.

Ye Futian surveyed the crowd, and there was an insouciance in his eyes. These people no longer concerned him since the four great patriarchs had already fallen. He had no problem handling the likes of the patriarchs, so the cultivators from the four principalities were of no interest to him at all.

“Are they all dead?” At this moment, a strange hoarse voice came from a distance, with a degree of wickedness. Then, an extremely tyrannical aura enveloped this space, and everyone who remained expressed a look of concern.

Was there still someone of this level hidden behind the scenes?

“The more dead, the better!” the voice said. Its tone was uncanny. In the next moment, a figure dressed in black appeared in the sky above!

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