The Legend of Futian

Chapter 2426 - Departure

Chapter 2426: Departure

“Who is that?”

Everyone looked quite surprised as their attention was captured by the figure in black that appeared. This man’s aura was dark and chilling as he surveyed the crowd below.

In the Great Bright City was another tyrannical cultivator, such as this one who, right under their noses.

He looked at the Portal of Light and said, “I have waited for this day for many years, and now it’s finally here. Is this the heir of light?”

When he spoke, there was an icy sneer in his eyes. No one knew who he was. Obviously, this person had been keeping himself hidden before, so that he went undetected by the people of the Great Bright City. Nor had he ever revealed his own strength as he lay in wait in secret.

This is disastrous, the cultivators from the four major principalities secretly remarked to themselves. They had no idea how long this man had been inside the Great Bright City, as he had been lurking in the shadows until this moment. No wonder he meant to reap what benefits there were to be had after Blind Chen and the four patriarchs had fallen.

Now, who else could stop someone at this level?

The cultivators of the four major forces had paved the way for Chen Yi. But now, would Blind Chen, Chen Yi, and the others hand over everything to this man in the dark?

The man in black redirected his gaze from the Portal of Light and swept over everyone around. He then released a horrific aura, and suddenly, a dark divine wall appeared between heaven and earth. The wall blocked out all the light and continued to expand to seal off this void.

“Elder,” someone appeared to be quite alarmed at this juncture and said, “we will leave right now and will not interfere in any matter that happens here. The inheritance of the light has nothing to do with us either.”

A sneer flashed across the man’s face, and he said, “Why don’t you just sit tight for the time being.”

He wanted to see if Chen Yi could really inherit the light. If he were to seize it, he couldn’t very well leave any witnesses. Everyone here would have to die.

“This man harbors a strong murderous intent. I am afraid no one will be left alive,” Hua Qingqing said to Ye Futian via voice transmission. Ye Futian knew that while they were setting the four principalities up, this man had been waiting for his moment in the dark. He meant to seize the inheritance. Naturally, he would want to get rid of all the evidence. He had hidden his identity so that no one knew of his existence. If he were able to intercept the inheritance of the Temple of Light, he clearly could not risk anyone knowing who he was.

This person’s plotting mind was terrifyingly calculating.

As if he had sensed Ye Futian’s gaze, the man in black looked down at Ye Futian and said, “I’m a little curious about you. Who are you?”

“I’m just an ordinary cultivator,” Ye Futian replied. “The elder’s cultivation must not have gone unnoticed in the Divine Prefecture.”

“Not many know about me.” The man in black said, “How can the person invited by Blind Chen be someone ordinary? You are not forthcoming with your answer. Do you need me to force it out of you?”

Ye Futian said, “Of course, if elder wants to know, I am obligated to explain clearly and thoroughly.”

As soon as he said that, Ye Futian waved his hand, and suddenly a physical form appeared in front of him. When that body appeared, everyone in the surrounding area instantly felt a strong oppressive force.

In the void, the man in black was looking at that body as well. Ye Futian’s spiritual soul then came out of his own body and poured into that physical form. Suddenly, the divine body opened its eyes.

“That’s not right!” The face of the man in black became alarmed. Right at the moment when the divine body opened his eyes and raised his head to look at him, his eyes felt a piercing pain. He felt as if that Great Path was about to annihilate everything.

“This is a divine body!” He shouted, “You come from the Original Realm.”

“Elder knows quite a lot.” A voice came from the divine body. In the next moment, the divine body broke through the air, and a terrifying divine light appeared between heaven and earth.

The man in black wore an expression of pure shock. A horrific aura of the Great Path descended, and countless divine lights transformed into sword lights, covering the sky and obscuring the sun. That divine body transformed into a sword that seemed to slice open the heavens. Its speed was unimaginably fast, and it cleaved open the sky in but a moment’s time.

Countless many looked up at the radiant sight before them. The void that was previously sealed was splitting wide open and riddled with holes.

Bang! The body of Shenjia the Great Emperor returned to its place. Ye Futian’s spiritual soul, once again, returned inside as he put it away. Looking again above the sky, the figure of the man in black gradually became more and intangible. There was a desperation in his eyes as he looked at Ye Futian, who was down below.

He had always acted cautiously in his life, keeping a low profile to avoid attracting any attention to himself. He didn’t expect that he would die like this today.

This was Ye Futian of the Original Realm, and that was the physical form of none other than Shenjia the Great Emperor himself.

If there were any Renhuang in the Eighth-Realm in this world who could slay him, then it could only be the man in front of him. Why did he have to be here right now?

The phantom evaporated, and the man in black disappeared from the void. His soul and spirit scattered and dispersed, and he was killed by a single sword strike.

The cultivators from all four major forces froze when they bore witness to this scene. They looked at Ye Futian with great horror. How could they have known that he was as frightening as this?

Even if Blind Chen didn’t open his eyes, the four great patriarchs would have perished in his hands anyway.

That physical form was the divine body.

Many years ago, it was rumored that in the Shangqing Domain, the physical form of Shenjia the Great Emperor had appeared and had been acquired by a young man named Ye Futian. Many top cultivators could not resonate with the Great Emperor’s divine body, but that young genius talent was the only one able to do it.

It was said that the young man had amazing talent.

Many people had heard of this lore, especially the cultivators from the four top forces. After all, any relic of the Great Emperor was of great interest in the world and inevitably attracted a lot of attention.

The white-haired young man in front of them was that stunning and enchanting figure, Ye Futian!

So, it was him.

No wonder Blind Chen invited him to come. It would seem that Blind Chen had already known.

It was ludicrous that the four major forces wanted to put up a fight. In the eyes of the others, it was but a joke.

Ye Futian had never considered them as viable threats.

At this moment, Ye Futian turned to look in the direction of the Portal of Light. He did not bother to look at those cultivators. It seemed as if he didn’t care whether they were there or not. This made the four major forces feel particularly self-conscious. It seemed that they were not worthy of being even considered by him.

Ye Futian waited quietly. To him, the matter here was not worth the time or effort. He was just a passer-by. When Chen Yi came out, he would be able to embark on the rest of his journey.

However, the whole affair with Blind Chen still left some impressions on his mind.

Who was behind this? Why did Blind Chen end his life like that?

No one could give him the answer to any of this. Anyone who might have an answer was not around him at this time or that they had fallen. This mystery looked as if it would not unravel any time soon.

Time passed slowly. After a long while, a clear sound was heard. The Portal of Light showed some fissures, which then shattered and cracked bit by bit. From that Portal of Light which was breaking apart, a figure walked through. This figure was bathed in divine light. It was Chen Yi. He seemed to have undergone some transformation, and his entire temperament had changed so that he was more like a descendant of the light.

When Ye Futian saw this sight, he knew that Chen Yi had already inherited the light. He had been successful.

Chen walked to Ye Futian’s side without saying anything remotely like a thank-you, but he remembered everything in his heart. He looked around but did not see Blind Chen. He sighed inwardly as if he knew how things had ended. Indeed, Blind Chen had told him already.

“Let’s go!” Ye Futian said softly.

“Mmm,” Chen Yi nodded. The group then went on their way!

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