The Legend of Futian

Chapter 26

Chapter 26: The Stubborn Young Man

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The big chiefs of Qingzhou Academy were staring at Ye Futian, almost as if they were looking at a monster.

He could inscribe the scrolls so quickly that it was definitely important. It meant that this boy possessed an insane control over the perception of Spiritual Qi. Therefore, even without the scrolls, he was still able to initiate spells that were

above his level and plane.

“Looks like we missed someone on the List of Excellence for the Fall Quarter Exam, and this guy is now on probation. Anyone mind explaining that?” The Director of the Hall of Thunder Element questioned these decisions, giving Shi Zhong a cold glance.

Shi Zhong looked really awkward. Yu Sheng had been so powerful in the previous battles, while Murong Qiu had been wholly intimidated by the enemies. Ye Futian just made Shi Zhong’s situation worse with this talents.

Ye Futian kept inscribing with absolute focus. Yun Tianhao, however, was mad. His matrix had no advantage against the inscriptions and it was humiliating.

Yun Tianhao initiated spell attacks continuously. In fact, a lot of them were actually over the Plane of Awakening level. Ye Futian seemed to be unaffected by the attacks. He blocked every attack from Yun Tianhao with a swing of his inscribing pen and kept working on the scrolls. Soon, another scroll was coming into form.

He finally finished the scroll and laughed slightly. At the moment he dropped his pen, a horrifying thunderstorm burst out of the scroll, roaring towards Yun Tianhao.

“Frost Barrier!” Yun Tianhao sealed his body with the frost he had summoned. He almost looked like an ice sculpture. Frost Barrier was the top-level water-element defense spell in the Planes of Awakening.

The thunderstorm was raging down from the sky. However, rather than attacking the frost barrier, it was the matrix under Yun Tianhao that was the focus of this attack. The patterns of the matrix were being scraped and destroyed.

“Be careful! He’s aiming for your matrix!” someone from Heiyan Academy tried to alert Yun Tianhao.

At the same time, Ye Futian stood up. He charged toward Yun Tianhao like the wind. He was so fast that Yun Tianhao had no time to defend himself with his matrix.

Yun Tianhao stood up straight. Coldness flowed around him, absorbing the power of the universe, and he was turning his own body into a matrix to generate spells.

All the space around him began to freeze. His hair began to turn gray and white, along with his eyebrows. He looked directly at Ye Futian as frost condensed into sharp lances right in front of his body.

“Die!” Yun Tianhao had lost his mind. He had decided to kill his opponent, and the frost lances were aimed at Ye Futian’s heart.

However, at the same time, a flame burst in front of Ye Futian. Soon, countless flames suddenly started to appear.

“Grand Meteor?” The people of Qingzhou Academy were confused. The Grand Meteor was, in fact, the most basic spell of all attacks and its power was truly limited.

The question was, where did it come from?

Had Ye Futian controlled the fire-element power in the same space to initiate that? It was impossible, because it required the level of elemental power perception that did not belong to a cultivator in the Plane of Awakening level.

“He was at the highest level of martial arts power perception and thunder-element power perception.”

People were now reminded of his talents in power perception. In fact, they now believed that he also possessed talent in fire-element power perception, which could be at the highest level as well.

Of course, the Grand Meteor did not serve as an attack. Yun Tianhao briefly lifted his hand, and his frost engulfed all of the flames in front of him. However, more flames were flying around his field of view. He suddenly realized that Ye Futian was blocking his sight with the flames and approaching him.

Yun Tianhao considered this distraction useless. He was ready for any possible attacks.

Suddenly, Ye Futian bolted to his side. At that moment, Yun Tianhao shouted with extreme anger. All of the frost lances floating in front of his body rushed at Ye Futian without any hesitation.

While he attacked, Ye Futian’s entire body was bathed in fire, and he almost looked as if he was glowing like the sun. All of the frost lances melted and vaporized the moment they reached his body.

Ye Futian’s body was more than a furnace that evaporated all coldness.

Water-elements could counter fire-elements in a fight. However, when the flame was hot enough, it worked the other way.

“No! Tianhao, go back!” the eagle-eyed leader yelled at Yun Tianhao. However, Ye Futian was just too fast. His body pounced into the air. Then he rushed at Yun Tianhao with all the flames around him, like a roaring fire dragon. A fire dragon seemed to posess Ye Futian’s body during this attack.

All the frost defense was gone. Yun Tianhao realized that there was nowhere he could escape to. The matrix on his body started to absorb any surviving frost power around the area to cushion the inevitable attack.

A dragon roar shattered through the space and the frost barrier. Yun Tianhao was thrown into the air by this attack. The flame even penetrated his skin, and his whole body was scorched.

An influential member of Heiyan Academy rushed forward and caught Yun Tianhao’s body. Soon, many others gathered around this boy. They all looked incredibly nervous.

A flow of blood gushed from his mouth. He felt a bit better and mumbled to the people surrounding him, “I won’t die.”

His arrogant eyes looked toward Ye Futian coldly. He had actually lost to someone in the same Plane of Awakening.

Ye Futian was also looking at him. He started talking calmly, “Someone once told me, a Mandate Sorcerer never loses, right?”

Another gush of blood flowed out. Yun Tianhao had been considered the pride of Heiyan Academy since he was a kid and had never been humiliated like this.

However, he had lost anyway. He could not deny this fact.

“Who are you?” He stared at Ye Futian with all the strength left in his body, as if trying to etch this boy into his memory forever.

“I am Ye Futian.”

The eagle-eyed leader frowned and asked, “I knew all the names that were listed on the Lists of Excellence for the Spring and Fall Quarter Exams during recent years. Why were you not one of them?”

He believed that something must be wrong for a powerful mage like Ye Futian to be a nobody in Qingzhou Academy.

The big chiefs of Qingzhou Academy felt uncomfortable about this question. Something was going on behind the scenes that had caused Ye Futian to be excluded from the List of Excellence. However, they could not answer the question with the truth.

Ye Futian took this opportunity to mock the big chiefs of Qingzhou Academy. “You know what? Not only am I not on the List of Excellence, but I am actually on a probation list now.”

“You’re the winner, but you don’t have to humiliate me in such a manner.” Yun Tianhao stared at Ye Futian. He thought Ye Futian was joking to make fun of him.

“He’s telling the truth,” Yu Sheng said, although it seemed like he was not satisfied by this truth.

The people of Heiyan Academy were confused, but soon the eagle-eyed leader began laughing and looking at the big chiefs of Qingzhou Academy with contempt. “Seriously, you put such a genius on probation? Boy, just quit your school and come with us. I promise you that you’ll be the star over here.”

The people of Qingzhou Academy felt ashamed by this invitation, especially the big chiefs. Their enemy was now inviting a student that they had decided to put on probation. What irony was that?

“Thanks for your consideration, but no,” Ye Futian rejected them directly.

“Sure. Next time we see each other, it’s going to be a real fight.” The eagle-eyed leader sounded like he was threatening and warning him, then he turned back. “Let’s go.”

The group from Heiyan Academy glanced at the Qingzhou Academy group, then turned around and left. Even though they had lost, their pride seemed unharmed by the defeat.

Actually, the people of Qingzhou Academy weren’t relieved either.

Their “top students” had lost all three fights. Without Yu Sheng and Ye Futian, their arena would have witnessed the worst humiliation in the history of the academy.

How exciting that one of the saviors of the academy’s honor was currently on probation, and the other one had lost his first place on the List of Excellence.

They were standing together, and all eyes were drawn to these boys. Only moments ago, people had finally realized how powerful they were.

Before the fights, people believed they were just bad students with inappropriate arrogance.

However, they now believed that their “arrogance” was, in fact, well-deserved.

“Ye Futian, I apologize on behalf of the academy. We have mistreated you. I am glad that we have seen our mistake. Now, since we know that you have the highest level of talent in thunder-element, fire-element, and martial arts power, do you have any preference in the selection of a college?” Leng Qingfeng, the Director of the Hall of Swords, was now asking for Ye Futian’s decision. The big chiefs had realized that with all of these talents and his scroll inscribing ability, Ye Futian would be the star of any hall he chose to attend.

Both the College of Martial Arts and College of Sorcery were waiting for his choice.

“And Yu Sheng, you are more than welcome to join the Hall of Martial Arts. I will accept you as my own disciple if you choose to join, I promise,” the Director of the Hall of Martial Arts invited Yu Sheng.

“Consider the Hall of Metal-element, Yu Sheng, you would be a great addition for us,” the Director of the Hall of Metal-element was also competing for the prized students.

Yu Sheng said nothing but looked toward Ye Futian. Ye Futian would make the final decision for both of them.

The big chiefs realized what Yu Sheng meant by this gesture. They understood that Ye Futian would decide their futures.

Everyone was watching Ye Futian, waiting for him to make the final call.

Ye Futian perceived the expectations that all of the big chiefs had of him. He started speaking slowly. “Are we done with what happened during the Fall Quarter Exam yet?”

This question indeed made a lot of big chiefs feel awkward and the students wondered how stubborn this boy was to stay fixated on the topic even at this point.

“This boy…” Qin Yi mumbled. Of course, he felt happy for Ye Futian and Yu Sheng, because their abilities had been confirmed to everyone at the school. There was no doubt that their futures would be splendid. However, why he did he continue to misbehave and bring up the topic of the Fall Quarter Exam again?

Leng Qingfeng looked at Ye Futian, and he was even more dissatisfied about the conspiracy from Shi Zhong. He said, “Ye Futian, we admit that we somehow made a misjudgement during the Fall Quarter Exam. However, you guys have totally proven to us how powerful you are. Let’s just leave it in the past, please.”

“Misjudgement, that’s it?” Ye Futian was laughing because he was still not satisfied. He knew that something must have been going on behind the scenes during the Fall Quarter Exam that made Murong Qiu rank first place. What Leng Qingfeng said was only to appease him.

“What do you want?” Leng Qingfeng asked again.

Ye Futian bowed slightly and said, “To be honest, I am not even an official student at the academy. It is definitely not proper for me to say whether it was truly just a ‘misjudgement.’ We defeated Heiyan Academy only as a favor for the three years of education we received from Qingzhou Academy. As for becoming an official student, there is no need.”

People were shocked by his decision. The whole arena was in silence. Nothing moved other than the falling snowflakes through the air. People finally understood how stubborn this young man could be.

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