The Legend of Futian

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: We’re in This Together

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He had actually rejected their offer!

Countless people had their eyes on Ye Futian. Just a while ago, Yu Sheng and Ye Futian defeated the people of Heiyan Academy and saved the honor of Qingzhou Academy. In combination with his astonishing gift, everyone knew that the ban was as good as gone. These two young men were definitely going to be well-favored by the higher-ups of Qingzhou Academy.

The reality was exactly as had been expected. Many of the school leaders extended a welcoming hand to the two, and it seemed as if this whole fiasco was coming to an end. They would have never expected such an ending. Everyone had obviously underestimated Ye Futian’s stubbornness and pride.

If he were still the Ye Futian of the past, no one would have cared about him; now he was now a genius prodigy, He was able to inscribe top-notch spell scrolls in the blink of the eye and defeat a same-plane Mandate Sorcerer. He had every right to be prideful. Everyone fell into a deep silence, even the authoritative figures of Qingzhou Academy.

At Qingzhou Academy, outer sect disciples received guidance and basic knowledge on cultivation from instructors, however, they had to put in a lot of work themselves for cultivation. Even at the library, they were only allowed on the ground floor. They did not have the privilege to make use of many other resources at the academy. The battle also now involved the honor of the entire academy, so when Ye Futian had said that this victory was a sign of gratitude for being able to cultivate at the academy for the past three years, no one could blame him for anything.

From the looks of it, Ye Futian and Yu Sheng stepped up to battle together not only for Hua Jieyu, but they had everything thought out in advance.

At the thought of this, none of the authorities had a thing to say. Ye Futian had studied at the academy for three years and not a single person was able to see his immense potential.

“In the Fall Quarter Examinations, Yu Sheng should have been ranked first and you third. This will be written down in the academy’s records,” Leng Qingfeng said to Ye Futian. In the crowd, Murong Qiu’s expression darkened immediately. This was so embarrassing. Two months ago, it had been announced that Murong Qiu ranked first in the Fall Exams; now the academy was going to break tradition and alter its records by taking him off the ranks. This was sure to cause a huge ruckus. If the news got out, how was he going to look to the world? He would be a giant laughing stock.

There was not a word from any of the other students. They could not help but look over at Murong Qiu. It was true; he had had no right to be ranked first. When Heiyan Academy attacked, he had not even had the courage to step up and fight. Yu Sheng, on the other hand, had been able to do everything Murong Qiu could not.

“I object,” Shi Zhong spoke up, he was not pleased. He stared at Ye Futian and said, “The results have already been announced, how can we change them so easily? Even though Ye Futian’s performance today was impressive, we cannot ignore the fact that he used his victory in today’s battle as a bargaining chip and threatened the academy. What’s the use of having a student like this, even if he is immensely gifted?”

“Threatening the academy?” Ye Futian stared at Shi Zhong. It looked like it was Earth Elemental Pavilion Lord Shi Zhong who put Murong Qiu in the first rank position. It was most likely his idea to place the ban on Ye Futian as well.

As for Cabinet Master Leng Qingfeng of the House of the Swordsmen, he had always been friendly to Ye Futian. He probably had nothing to do with any of this.

Looking at Shi Zhong, Ye Futian could not hold in his smile, “I’m just an outer sect disciple, what ability do I have to threaten Qingzhou Academy? On the contrary, I would like to ask Pavilion Lord Shi Zhong, what have I done to offend you?”

“What do you mean?” asked Shi Zhong.

“During the Fall Quarter Examinations, Yu Sheng obviously had the upper hand in terms of both gifts and capabilities. Today’s battle was proof of that. When you gave first place to Murong Qiu, I was being reasonable to object your decision. Even if you thought I was purposely going up against you, I was already punished when you removed me from the ranks and banned me from class. I cannot understand why removing the ban on me is the only thing you are willing to offer after all the work Yu Sheng and I put in today to protect the academy. Does the honor of Qingzhou Academy mean that little to you?”

Ye Futian looked at Shi Zhong and continued, “Or should I ask what exactly have I done for you to dislike me so much and what about Murong Qiu is so great that you had to give him first place? You even placed a ban on me under his influence, is that not true?”

“How presumptuous!” shouted Shi Zhong. His eyes shot daggers at Ye Futian, “Utter nonsense! Is this the attitude you use when speaking with your elders? Even if we groom you into the best of the best, a treacherous student like you will only bring disaster in the future.”

Treacherous. Everyone could obviously tell that there was something deeper going on behind the results of the Fall Exams. Every word Shi Zhong said was an attempt to get Ye Futian expelled.

Besides, just like Ye Futian had said, Shi Zhong’s ban on Ye Futian was influenced by Murong Qiu. Thinking about what might have been going on behind the scenes gave the students of Qingzhou Academy shivers.

“Shi Zhong, that’s enough,” said the Pavilion Lord of the Thunder Elemental Pavilion. The seven Pavilion Lords of the School of Divination Arts were all acquainted with each other. There were some unspoken rules between them, and a blind eye was turned as long as it did not interfere with the interest of Qingzhou Academy.

However, none of them expected the two young men, who were unfairly judged during the Fall Exams, to be this talented, as well as stubborn and prideful.

“Ye Futian, in today’s battle you did a really big favor for the academy, so the academy will not mistreat you. There will surely be Pavilion Lords interested in accepting you two as official disciples. You guys will be able to focus on cultivations and in the future, the two of you will definitely make a name for yourselves and achieve great things. You shouldn’t be too stubborn regarding other things,” Pavilion Lord Li Jiang of the Wind Elemental Pavilion tried to persuade Ye Futian.

Hearing these words, Ye Futian began to laugh at himself. It looked like he was still too young and too confident in himself. No matter how exceptional his gifts were or how much work he put in to protect the academy, it did not change anything. All it had done was help him gain the attention of a couple authoritative figures and speed up the process for him to become an official disciple.

But was this really enough?

Pavilion Lord Li Jiang wanted Ye Futian to stop being so stubborn. It was obvious that he wanted Ye Futian to stop while he was ahead. Li Jiang most likely shared Shi Zhong’s opinion that Ye Futian was simply trying to threaten the academy. He was not really going to drop out of the academy. After all, Qingzhou Academy was the holy land for cultivators in the city of Qingzhou.

Should Ye Futian really just forget about the events of the Fall Quarter Examinations? Was there really going to be no explanation for his punishment and the ban on him?

As for the secrets behind the exam results, it seemed to be forbidden to expose. Maybe he was just too young, too naïve.

But there was one advantage of being young—you had the right to be stubborn.

At the thought of this, Ye Futian smiled and lightly bowed to the academy elders. Everyone watched him. What was the meaning behind his actions?

“I will remember everything Qingzhou Academy has taught me in these past three years. I will take my leave now,” Ye Futian said with a smile. “Yu Sheng!” he shouted after.

Beside him, Yu Sheng hummed in response. His eyes stared coldly at the elders, evidently unhappy.

“Let’s go,” said Ye Futian as he turned to leave, stepping into the white snow. Yu Sheng stopped his staring and followed closely behind Ye Futian.

In that instant, their backs looked lonely but their footsteps determined. From this, it was possible to feel the pride they had.

They were really leaving!

The elders were all dumbfounded. They did not expect Ye Futian to take this so seriously.

The House Master of the Battle House, the Cabinet Master of the House of the Swordsmen, and multiple Pavilion Lords stared coldly at Shi Zhong. The looks on their faces said it all. This caused Shi Zhong’s expression to darken and he called out reluctantly, “Wait.”

Ye Futian’s steps halted and he turned around to look at the person speaking to him. “Is there anything else you need from me, Pavilion Master Shi Zhong?”

“What kind of place do you think Qingzhou Academy is, coming and going as you please,” said Shi Zhong. Ye Futian squinted his eyes in confusion and asked, “What exactly are you trying to say?”

“You’re rebellious by nature and hold a grudge against Qingzhou Academy. Now that you’re leaving the academy, do you plan to join Heiyan Academy to get revenge on Qingzhou Academy?” Shi Zhong asked.

The temperature dropped at his words. Everyone could feel the iciness in his voice. Was Shi Zhong trying to give Ye Futian the death sentence by saying this?

Heiyan Academy and Qingzhou Academy were rivals; therefore, as soon as Shi Zhong instilled the thought in everyone’s heads that Ye Futian and Yu Sheng could betray Qingzhou Academy, what awaited them was not a pretty ending.

“Pavilion Lord Shi Zhong, Ye Futian had already rejected Heiyan Academy’s offer, it’s impossible that he would go join them,” Qin Yi said with worry. Ye Futian’s performance today really surprised her, but his stubbornness left her speechless. However, she felt that she must speak up against Shi Zhong right now.

“Of course, he wouldn’t accept the offer in front of all of us but how about when he steps outside?” asked Shi Zhong. Beside him, Leng Qingfeng observed him. Shi Zhong was trying to force Ye Futian into a dead end. Even if Ye Futian had no such thoughts, the consequences of Shi Zhong’s words had already been placed into action.

“What do you want?” asked Yu Sheng. The rage he felt radiated off of him.

“Rid yourself of all the powers you gained in the past three years,” Shi Zhong said. It was dead silent once again.

Everyone was stupefied; no one was able to make a sound. It was a long while before soft steps could be heard. A perfect silhouette appeared like a goddess descending from heaven. It was Hua Jieyu.

She stopped beside Ye Futian and took a look at him. This made Ye Futian lose his train of thought. She really was a fox.

Hua Jieyu then shifted her gaze toward Shi Zhong and smiled lightly, “I think it would be best if you took back the words you just said.”

Her voice was so soft and peaceful; it was almost able to put everyone under her spell. Was she threatening the Pavilion Lord of the Earth Elemental Pavilion?

A while ago, it was Ye Futian who had stepped up to protect her. Now, it was her turn to protect him. Many people in the audience were envious and jealous of Ye Futian right now.

In the snow, Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu stood side by side. The holy Qingzhou Academy did not seem so impressive anymore.

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