The Legend of Futian

Chapter 2766 - Avisura’s Divine Sword

Chapter 2766 Avisura’s Divine Sword

The Sword of Mankind crashed down, time and time again, in a highly aggressive manner, making Ye Futian’s huge body fall down the sky. A crack appeared in the domain formed by the Divine Ruler.

At this time, Di Hao stepped forward. Transformed into the Divine Human, he went for the kill with the divine sword in hand. It was named the Sword of Mankind, but it came from the heavens. Like a sword of the skies, it carried unsurmountable strength and stabbed the defenses directly. The crack in the Divine Ruler Domain instantly started growing


Bang! With a loud bang, Ye Futian’s godly figure was forced down. Di Hao’s direct attack had shaken him, forcing Ye Futian back, but it had not caused much damage.


The cultivators of the Ye Imperial Palace cursed. Ye Futian had just fought with Donghuang Diyuan and forced the other back, even injuring this Divine Prefecture princess. Then Di Hao attacked directly, engaging Ye Futian in a second round.

The strong cultivators all gasped inwardly at this scene. These top figures all had such extraordinary abilities when they attacked.

They were all the heirs of Great Emperors. Ye Futian was as well. Nowadays, all the realms recognized him as the heir of Emperor Ye Qing. Even though he had inherited the heritages of other Great Emperors, he was the “descendant of Emperor Ye Qing.” He had inherited Emperor Ye Qing’s abilities, which were different from the others. Donghuang Diyuan, Di Hao, and the others did not have the heritages of only one Great Emperor either.

Donghuang Diyuan had inherited the Ancient Phoenix long ago and was baptized by the Ancient Phoenix. She had formed the Unparalleled Body and a strong divine soul. Donghuang the Great wanted his daughter to have no weaknesses and be equal in all aspects.

Even so, she had still lost when fighting Ye Futian with the Revelation Divine Power and had been forced back.

They were at a place of destiny, and the defeat of this battle held special meaning Fortunately, the gap did not seem very large, and there was still a chance to turn the tides in the future. At their current level of cultivation, whoever took one step forward would transform and leave the others in the dust.

Boom… A horrible storm appeared in the atrium. The crowd looked up at the sky to see Di Hao’s Divine Human become one with the skies and earth. He was the world here; the world here was him.

All the strong figures felt incredible pressure, and it wasn’t easy to breathe. They stood in the space below and seemed incredibly insignificant. Even Ye Futian’s transformed body seemed a bit trivial compared to the Divine Human that had become one with the world.

The Divine Human’s shadow covered the vast land.

The Human Ancestor was the most ancient of Great Emperors, and no one knew how many years he had lived for, but he might be the one who’d lived for the longest in the world. He ruled the Human Realm and was named “Human Ancestor.”

Borrowing the power of humans, the Human Ancestor believed that a mortal’s body could be equal to the gods. He represented the righteousness of humanity and had indeed done it. He invented the power of the Divine Human and was invincible, reaching the same level as other Divine Powers.

Right now, Di Hao had transformed into the Divine Human and was much stronger than at the beginning of the battle. He had seen Ye Futian’s battle with Donghuang Diyuan and knew how strong Ye Futian was. Thus, he also unleashed his strongest abilities instead of hiding them.

As soon as the Divine Power was out, the skies and lands were repressed to the extreme. A supreme force converged and could be hurled down at any moment.

Countless cultivators looked up at Ye Futian but saw a figure rise behind him.

This figure was the “Reaper,” Ye Qingyao.

Ye Qingyao’s body appeared in the sky above Ye Futian. Her eyes seemed to have changed. Her dark gray irises no longer had the feeling of life. There appeared to be a battlefield and a deity in her two eyes. It was the Dark God of War looming on the earth.

Boom… A frightening storm of death started. Darkness shrouded the land, and a humongous silhouette of the Dark God of War appeared behind Ye Qingyao. Ye Qingyao’s body gradually melded into it. The horrible divine light of destruction fell from the atrium, darkening the sky.

Strands of Divine Power that could destroy everything were born from it. When they fell onto the earth, the ground instantly cracked apart with frightening fissures.

“King Asura!”

The strong cultivators all stared at Ye Qingyao. Had she inherited the Asura’s Divine Power from King Asura?

Of the Heavenly Path’s Eight Legions, Asura represented death and destruction in ancient times. Asura’s Divine Power then was the symbol of death and destruction.

“Such strong destructive power.” The strong Buddhists stared at Ye Qingyao’s figure. Murderous intent appeared in the Medicine Buddha Lord’s eyes. This Ye Qingyao inherited King Asura’s power and awakened Asura’s Divine Power. She was known as the Reaper, and as she continued to grow stronger, she would probably bring even greater disasters to the world.

Ye Futian also turned back to look at Ye Qingyao now. Qingyao’s growth was the most frightening that he’d witnessed, but this was also due to how special Ye Qingyao was. She was known as the Child of Darkness and belonged to the darkness since birth. She was born with the Divine Body of Darkness, so her cultivation speed was practically frightening.

Now, she had inherited Asura’s strength, too, possessing Asura’s Divine Power.

The destructive Divine Power circled Asura’s godly silhouette. An extremely scary divine weapon appeared in Ye Qingyao’s hands. This divine weapon was a combined double sword. Bloody divine light flowed through it, giving off an extremely sharp feeling. “Avi Divine Sword!”

The Medicine Buddha Lord stared at the divine sword. The Avi Asura Sword was said to be King Asura’s weapon, and Ye Qingyao got a hold of it.

The Avi Divine Sword gathered horrifying Divine Power. The world was enveloped in destructive intent. Di Hao frowned slightly, and the Divine Human dealt a blow below. The power of the earth converged into a sword—the Sword of Mankind-and shot downwards murderously.

The godly silhouette of Asura stabbed with the Avi Divine Sword directly and crashed against the Sword of Mankind that contained the Divine Human’s power. The corrosive and destructive power instantly started destroying the Sword of Mankind. The horrible Divine Power kept climbing up as the massive Sword of Mankind broke inch by inch until it was obliterated and turned to dust.

Di Hao lifted his hand and created a huge divine seal in the lower sky. The Divine Human released the Seal of Mankind and finally fended off the shockwaves from the Avi Divine Sword, but the seal was also extinguished.

In the sky, Di Hao’s Divine Human figure looked down on Asura’s figure with an extremely grave expression. He stared at the red Avi Divine Sword. It was actually two connected swords. Like a bloody blade, it emanated the frightening Divine Power of Asura. It was as if anything would be destroyed if it was hit by it.

Boom! Just then, Buddhist light dazzled. The Medicine Buddha Lord walked over, and countless Buddhas followed after him. Their eyes looked at Ye Qingyao, who had transformed into King Asura and held the Avi Divine Sword.

She had not only inherited Asura’s Divine Power. Now, she had even brought out the Asura Legion’s imperial weapon. This was a disaster to the cultivation world.

“What are the bald mules doing?” an indifferent voice asked. Then the strong figures of the Devil Imperial Palace also walked forth. The devil intent roiled and roared on them. The Devil and Dark Worlds had always been against the Western Heaven World of Buddhism. They could not stand the Buddhist cultivators.

At present, the two parties had clear standpoints. If the Buddhists of the Western Heaven World of Buddhism attacked, they naturally would not just stand by!

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