The Legend of Futian

Chapter 2767 - The Medicine Buddha Lord Attacks

Chapter 2767 The Medicine Buddha Lord Attacks

The strong cultivators advanced from all directions. A stalemate situation appeared between the top figures of the six realms and the boundless land became extremely repressive.

And at this time, the battlefield up above also stopped. The Lord Shaman and Li Daoshou’s figures separated. Their auras hovered on them, but they were still horribly frightening and covered a portion of the sky.

Great battles were in process everywhere in the distant battlefields.

The Medicine Buddha Lord looked down the sky, staring at Ye Qingyao, holding the Avi Divine Sword, and Ye Futian. “If Asura is not destroyed, the universe will be at risk,” he said. “Buddhists, please work hard.”

“Amitabha.” All the Buddhists put their hands together in prayer. Buddhist light shone from their bodies, and their expressions were solemn. The Vajra Buddha Lord said to Ye Futian to persuade him, “Benefactor Ye, why must you be so stubborn? You do not have to be involved in the war of the six realms.”

“Thank you, Buddha Lord, for your concern.” Ye Futian also put his hands together in greeting. “I naturally am not qualified to join the war of the six realms and do not wish to do so either. But I was unwillingly involved, and I already said the reason so that I won’t mention it again. If you all must attack, you do not need to show mercy.”

“Amitabha.” The Buddhists chanted the Buddha’s name, and Buddhist light illuminated the boundless land. It grew brighter and brighter, enveloping the boundless sky in the Buddhist light. Instantly, the Dark power of death and destruction scattered madly, extinguishing under the Buddhist light as if the Buddhist doctrine would purify it.

“Hmph!” The top figures of the Devil and Dark Worlds also released a frightening aura. Devilish might filled the sky at once, rolling and roaring. The strong cultivators of the Dark World were covered in death and destruction. These forces converged into a chaotic current. This region became extremely violent, as if it would be ignited at a touch.

“Give this woman to me to deal with,” the Medicine Buddha Lord said. As soon as he spoke, he reached his palm out. The precious treasure of the Buddhist clan was released instantly. It was the Cleansing Vaidurya Pagoda-a precious item of the Buddhist clan and the supreme Buddhist item of the Medicine Buddha Lord’s Buddhist cultivation court.

The Cleansing Vaidurya Pagoda flew out, enlarging instantly. It covered the sky and sun like a boundless divine pagoda that reached the heavens. Incomparable purifying Buddhist light was released from it. When the strands of golden Buddhist light shone, the powers of destruction and death and the Devil Path’s power were all cleansed. They turned to ash and vanished instantly.

Rounds of aggressively purifying Buddhist light swept out of the pagoda. It was like a supreme ancient Buddha appeared in the skies, shining down with Buddhist light. The cultivators of the Dark World below were in extreme pain. The dark power within them was about to be cleansed and wiped out. They were forced to release their abilities to the


Ye Qingyao, transformed into King Asura, held the Avi Divine Sword. The blood-red destructive Divine Power surged toward the upper sky, and her body also went up. She faced this supreme item of the Buddhist clan alone and stabbed toward the pagoda with the Avi Divine Sword in her hand.

The rounds of pagoda silhouettes sweeping down were directly annihilated under the destructive Divine Power. The frightening Divine Power of Asura penetrated from within and continued up, attacking the pagoda itself.

Clang! With a huge sound, the frightening Avi Divine Sword stabbed right into the Cleansing Vaidurya Pagoda, making the pagoda shake violently. The destructive Divine Power of Asura flooded the pagoda wildly, about to destroy this supreme Buddhist item.

But then the Medicine Buddha Lord’s figure appeared above the pagoda. He slammed down at the pagoda with a palm. There was instantly another huge boom and divine light swept across the pagoda, forcing the Avi Divine Sword back.

“So powerful.” Ye Futian stared up into the sky. The Medicine Buddha Lord’s abilities were terrifying. This Great Buddha had a very high status in the Buddhist clan. He had vaguely felt it when cultivating in the Spirit Mountain of Western Heaven back then. Even Saint Zhenchan had to ask to meet him. He had a special status and had always been cultivating in the Vaidurya Pure World.

His cultivation might be at the pinnacle of the Near-Deity Level. The overall level of the Buddhist clan was frighteningly intense. It was not even the entire group this time. There were some Buddhists among the clan who did not wish to take part in conflicts. They focused solely on the Buddha and cultivating the Buddhist doctrine.

The Medicine Buddha Lord stood high in the sky. The Cleansing Vaidurya Pagoda seemed to become an illusion. It passed right through his body but then seemed to combine into one with him.

The Medicine Buddha Lord held the mudra and closed his eyes. He seemed solemn. Instantly, the boundless Buddhist doctrine covered the vast sky. The light of the Cleansing Vaidurya Pagoda shone across thousands of miles, covering the extremely vast battlefield. It was like a Buddhist lantern had lit up behind the Medicine Buddha Lord. He chanted Buddhist words, and the boundless Buddhist doctrine covered the entire world. The Buddhist light illuminated the world, and all the intents of death and destruction in the vast sky battlefield were cleansed.

At the same time, under the Buddhist light, rounds of pagoda silhouettes pressed down on the silhouette of King Asura. The cleansing Buddhist light also shone, illuminating this domain.

Seeing this scene, Ye Futian’s brows furrowed slightly. He had a bad feeling. Ye Qingyao was already very strong and had inherited Asura’s Divine Power, wielding the emperor’s weapon. However, she was still far from the Medicine Buddha Lord in her understanding of the Way and doctrines. The Medicine Buddha Lord was a supreme figure of the Buddhist clan and had the Cleansing Vaidurya Pagoda to counter the Avi Divine Sword. Under these circumstances, Ye Qingyao might be restrained by the other.

The Avi Divine Sword released a blood-red light and transformed into a curtain of light. It circled above King Asura’s body.

The divine light of the pagoda shot down, shaking the blood-red curtain of light. The frightening Cleansing Vaidurya Pagoda was the power of the Buddhist clan. It actually seeped into the curtain of light, eroding Asura’s Divine Power.

This attack was also endless. Pagoda silhouettes kept sweeping down to attack, causing the blood-red light curtain to be eaten up slowly.

Clang! There was a huge sound, and the light curtain shattered. The cleansing Vaidurya light invaded, and the pagoda fell down to kill directly. It smashed onto the Avi Divine Sword, forcing Ye Qingyao-transformed into King Asura-back. She let out a muffled grunt.

Clearly, Ye Qingyao’s abilities had reached this level, but she still lacked a lot of experience.

The Medicine Buddha Lord’s attacks hadn’t stopped yet. He continued to deal blows downward to Ye Qingyao. He stood in the void with his eyes closed, Buddhist light shining upon the region.

“Ling Long,” Ye Futian called out. Ling Long had been behind Ye Futian the entire time. Now, her figure flashed. Torrents of battle intent surged on her body, formed by the Will of Tianshen. She went straight to the air above Ye Qingyao. The aggressive Will of Tianshen countered the murderous Buddhist power. She raised her arms, and instantly, the pagoda shook violently.

“Another one.” The Medicine Buddha Lord stared at Ling Long, seeming to sense how special Ling Long was. However, they didn’t know what he meant by “another one.”

Boom! At that moment, a strong force fell upon Ye Futian. He raised his head and saw Di Hao still staring at him. Was Di Hao still brooding about his fight with Donghuang Diyuan earlier?

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