The Legend of Futian

Chapter 2769 - Break the Illusion

Chapter 2769 Break the Illusion

The Divine Human’s body appeared in the sky. It seemed to be omnipresent. Right then, everyone saw that a guqin had appeared in the hand of Di Hao, who’d transformed into the Divine Human. It was an imperial arm. Divine light flowed across the guqin, emanating the Will of the Great Emperor.

“The relic inherited from the Human Realm,” the strong cultivators thought when they saw this scene. The relic of the Eight Legions that the Human Realm controlled was Gandharva. It was known as the god of music. Di Hao must have inherited that relic’s heritage and had never used its strength before.

Di Hao was also skilled in the Way of Music. Now that he was using an emperor-level divine instrument, no one knew how mighty he would be.

The Divine Human played the guqin, and Divine Power instantly entered the guqin. Music notes pulsed out, and a magical curtain of light swept out abruptly. In that instant, many Divine Humans appeared in the atrium, in the vast land. They were all doing the same action-playing the divine instrument.

Ye Futian stood there and was instantly inside an illusory world. The music brought him to the domain of the illusory world. The Divine Human’s silhouettes were all around him. It seemed to be a sealed world with no exit.

Paired with the dancing music notes, he saw a silhouette of the Divine Human charge at him with a divine sword. The might was shocking.

Ye Futian’s body was encircled by emerald divine light, covering his body. Seeing the other party charge, he hacked down with the Divine Ruler. The huge ruler’s silhouette shattered the incoming Divine Human silhouette, emitting a thunderous sound. However, Ye Futian also frowned. That attack had been solid. It wasn’t just an illusion.

The piercing music kept dancing. The divine notes were not pleasant at all and extremely grating to the ear, making Ye Futian very uncomfortable. It was even affecting his perception. Many Divine Human figures walked over from the vast lands simultaneously, walking towards Ye Futian. Each Divine Human contained the power of the Divine Human. They wielded divine swords and pointed them at Ye Futian.

The Divine Ruler in Ye Futian’s hands danced. In an instant, Divine Ruler silhouettes appeared and covered the sky, blocking the sun. They circled his body. He released his battle form, and his body also transformed into a god. While the enormous Divine Ruler danced, a strong domain also appeared in the surroundings. He was the true sovereign within this domain.

The many Divine Human figures attacked with the Divine Ruler. It did not seem to be a Sword of Mankind anymore. Instead, it was here to kill gods and slice apart the sky, wanting to utterly destroy the domain where Ye Futian was.

Boom! When Ye Futian’s battle form waved the Divine Ruler, the domain was filled with silhouettes of the Divine Ruler. The divine sword arrived and was shattered instantly. This was an absolute rules domain.

Boom, boom, boom… Ruler silhouettes filled the sky, sweeping everything in the surroundings. All the Divine Human silhouettes were shattered, but the Divine Human silhouettes seemed endless and infinite. The divine music was still influencing him. The grating noise interfered with him releasing the Will of Great Path. The world that he saw was even becoming chaotic. The hallucination was getting stronger.

At that moment, Ye Futian was sure that he was no longer seeing the true world anymore. The other had used the divine music to create an absolute illusory domain, completely interfering with his judgment. There were strong attacks simultaneously.

“Must find a way to break through this illusory world,” Ye Futian thought. Buddhist light snaked up his body, steadying his heart and stopping his mindset from being disrupted by the illusion. Divine light also appeared in his eyes. There was even emerald divine light in those eyes, transforming them into divine eyes.

The divine eyes saw through everything and could see through all illusions in the world to the truth. He could see many illusory scenes fading. Order returned once again to the chaotic world. He could see the figures of Divine Human charging over, but they weren’t fake. Whether illusory or real, the Divine Human’s attacks were tangible.

Of course, he saw where Di Hao’s true body was. He was standing somewhere in the atrium, playing the guqin. More and more frightening attacks fell down, going towards Ye Futian.

At that moment, Di Hao seemed to feel something, as if being exposed. He looked down at where Ye Futian was but found that Ye Futian wasn’t looking at him. After scanning the sky above, he continued to brandish the Divine Ruler, fending off the attacks from the surrounding Divine Humans.

The extremely cacophonous sounds swept through everything, but the Divine Human’s attacks grew stronger and stronger. The Divine Ruler also grew bigger and bigger until it covered the sky and sun.

Boom! There was another huge boom. Under the Three-Ruler Law, countless Divine Human figures were obliterated. The Divine Ruler created an ancient path that led to the atrium. Transformed into a heavenly god, Ye Futian continued to wield the Divine Ruler, attacking upwards once again.

The moment this blow was dealt, his figure vanished from the spot. He crossed the space directly and appeared high in the sky. The Three-Ruler Law covered the space, locking a Divine Human in the domain. That Divine Human was transformed from Di Hao’s true self.

Di Hao’s expression was shocked. He retreated, wanting to leave this space, but discovered that he was already within the Divine Ruler’s domain. This blow had covered the sky and sun, locking the space. The situation was the opposite from previously.

“Boom!” Di Hao’s Divine Power exploded intensely. As if becoming part of the world here, horrible strength rolled off his body. His divine instrument flew forward and danced, divine light shooting out of the strings to kill Ye Futian.

Countless people looked up in the sky. It was like there were two heavenly gods fighting in this domain. The horrible attack pressed down, making the strong cultivators’ hearts race.

Di Hao seemed to have been careless. His domain had become ineffective, and his true form had been hit by Ye Futian directly, causing him to face this situation. If he’d attacked face-to-face, this would not have happened.


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Bang! There was an intense sound from the atrium as if the atrium had exploded. The horrible Qi swept through the heavens. The space around Di Hao seemed to have exploded. He had become one with the world, but the moment that the Divine Ruler attacked, that patch of the world had been destroyed directly.


Ye Futian sent Di Hao flying with one blow and hadn’t stopped yet, but he still spoke. A shocking force then exploded in Ye Futian’s direction, forming a huge divine print. It dazzled and blocked down Ye Futian’s power of Divine Ruler.

Even though it broke under the Divine Ruler’s attacks, this blow also stopped Ye Futian for a moment. Di Hao retreated even further away and his aura combined with the world again. He stared in Ye Futian’s direction.

An elder stood beside him-a top figure of the Human Realm. He looked across to Ye Futian again. This guy was able to activate the Divine Power of the Divine Ruler in his eyes. That was how he’d broken the illusion and found Di Hao’s true form. So unexpected.

Ye Futian’s gaze swept towards Di Hao. His aura was wavering, and blood seeped from the corner of his lips. He had gotten hurt from that blow, but divine light still circled him. The injury wasn’t too serious!

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