The Legend of Futian

Chapter 2768 - Speaks of Benevolence

Chapter 2768 Speaks of Benevolence

A frightening natural phenomenon appeared around Di Hao. He had transformed into the Divine Human and was like the sovereign of the world.

Supreme might weighed down on Ye Futian. He raised his head to look up at that face and then took a step up to the void.

“Since you want to fight so badly, then let us fight without reserve.”

After Ye Futian spoke, his figure rushed into the sky, charging into the clouds. However, no matter how he flew up, that Divine Human’s silhouette was always above him. It was like it had become one with the heavens above his head, representing the order of this land.

The power of the Divine Human represented the supreme power of the human world, reaching the level of gods as a mortal human.

Boom! A horrible aura burst from Ye Futian’s body. The Divine Ruler’s power swept out, and the emerald storm encircled his body. A gust of horrifying aura of the Great Way flared from Ye Futian’s body.

“Ye Futian, Donghuang the Great was willing to show you mercy so that I can give you a chance too. The Human Realm represents the order of the human world. If you’re willing to turn back, there might still be a place for you in the world as the descendant of Emperor Ye Qing,” Di Hao said. His body had the air of righteousness, and he had a benevolent heart. It surprised Ye Futian a bit.

Of course, he did not know if Di Hao was genuine or not, but he encouraged Ye Futian to turn back in times like this. How could he turn back? Why would he turn back?

It had been the Divine Prefecture that had been so aggressive ever since he started cultivating in the Ziwei Segmentum. Telling him to turn back?

“Even though you started cultivating earlier than me, you’re only one of the heirs of the Human Realm. It’s still unknown if you can step onto the path of the emperor to inherit the position, but you’re encouraging me to turn back. Who are you to make the decision?” Ye Futian asked calmly. “Are you able to influence the Human Ancestor or Donghuang the Great?”

Plus, according to what the Dark Sovereign had said, the Human Ancestor had had a hand in Emperor Ye Qing’s death back then. The world did not allow the Divine Prefecture to have the Twin Emperors. O course, he vaguely felt that this wasn’t the full history. It would probably be a while before the truth of that history could be revealed.

Di Hao stared at Ye Futian. Naturally, he could not influence the Human Ancestor or Donghuang the Great. He continued saying, “The Human Ancestor is the ancestor of humanity. He manages the justice of the world. Donghuang the Great has a peerless breadth of spirit. Of course, he would tolerate you. Since he did not kill you in the Divine Prefecture back then, it already shows his attitude. I can’t influence them, but this is still a chance for you. If you continue down this path, you will have no chance of survival.”

Ye Futian counted as a top figure too and was cream of the crop. It was just that his background was the weakest, so to Di Hao, he would suffer the most if a storm swept through the seven realms. The other heirs would not face the threat of death, but it wasn’t the same for Ye Futian.

Who could protect him?

“Justice of the world?” Ye Futian was shocked when he heard Di Hao’s words. Since when could the Human Realm represent the justice of the world?

“You speak so much of benevolence and morals. Why don’t you have the cultivators of the Human Realm come cultivate in the Devil Abyss or have the people of the Devil Realm move out of the Devil Abyss and into the Human Realm?” some people below retorted. They did not like Di Hao’s words.

The Devil Realm had been in the Devil Abyss generation after generation. Who were the ones that stopped them from leaving the Devil Abyss?

“The world shall have its order.” Di Hao glanced at the ground below. The supreme might was still hanging over the lower sky. Ye Futian stood there, unmoved. He reached a hand out and, in an instant, countless divine swords appeared in the surrounding skies and land.

Every divine sword had extremely beautiful runes that shimmered with outstanding divine light. These divine swords flowed against the tide, releasing incredible sword intent.

“Heaven Slay!” Ye Futian lifted a finger. Instantly, boundless divine swords broke through the air, moving towards that place in the sky and the Divine Human, Di Hao.

Brilliant divine light shone from the Divine Human. In the sky, countless divine swords also plummeted down, transforming into the Sword of Mankind. It clashed against the rising Heaven Slaying Divine Sword, and a destructive storm of Sword Qi swept over in the sky instantly.

Amidst it, a huge sword continued going up against the tide. It penetrated the void and shot up murderously, wanting to open up the sky and kill the Divine Human.

Divine light shimmered on Di Hao’s body. The Divine Human pointed a finger down. Instantly, a huge Sword of Mankind shot down, destroying all existences. It crashed against the Heaven Slaying Divine Sword, and, like the world falling apart, a destructive current flooded the space.

Before Di Hao could process everything, he felt an even stronger aura descend in the sky. Ye Futian lifted the massive Heaven Slaying Divine Sword as if it was a sword of laws that controlled the order of the world. He kept rising, penetrating the void. Everything in his path was turned to dust; no force could stop him. Even the Sword of Mankind also disintegrated.

The Divine Ruler Sword shot towards that area, opening up the sky and destroying the Divine Human.

The Will of the Great Way all started roaring madly. At that moment, Di Hao seemed to have gathered all the strength of humanity onto himself. He represented the Way of the Human Realm, controlling the world order.

He put his hands under the atrium. A humongous divine sword appeared between his huge hands. The thousand-zhang-long sword had extremely beautiful divine runes on it. The beautiful divine runes represented the order of humanity and ruled over the murderous power of the world. Countless frighting currents flowed down, along with numerous sword silhouettes. But these silhouettes seemed to kill strong figures of the same level.

The two substantial divine swords crashed again in the sky. In an instant, dazzling divine light stabbed into people’s eyes. The massive Divine Powers flowed through the air. Ye Futian’s body seemed to have become one with the Sword of the Divine Ruler, indistinguishable. He was part of the sword, and the rule power within him flowed out madly. Under the shocked gazes of the strong cultivators, a crack appeared in the tip of the thousand-zhang-long divine sword. Then it started breaking, and the crack grew bigger. The Divine Sword had started falling apart.

Even though it contained the power of the Divine Human, it was still being destroyed. It couldn’t stop the Sword of the Divine Ruler.

The Divine Ruler continued climbing. It stabbed through the thousand-zhang-long divine Sword and went for the atrium. This scene made the pupils of the strong cultivators below constrict. However, they accepted it after. Ye Futian had previously used the Power of the Divine Ruler to defeat Donghuang Diyuan. It naturally wasn’t too surprising that he destroyed Di Hao’s Sword of Mankind. The Divine Ruler was a divine item-even a supreme divine item. Ye Futian had already melded it into his body and was able to use it in all sorts of ways, like carrying an emperor weapon.

The Divine Human retreated up the sky and instantly appeared in the distance. However, the Divine Ruler was like a bolt of lightning. It stabbed into that area, penetrating it. The massive force caused the sky to crack, destroying all the power gathered there.

It probably was not so easy for Di Hao to defeat Ye Futian!

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