The Legend of Futian

Chapter 2897

Chapter 2897: Gifts

While the Devil Emperor was talking to Yu Sheng, in the pitch-black darkness of the Devil Imperial Palace, an old man was sitting cross-legged. He looked somewhat fatigued.

Just then, a commotion was heard outside the Devil Imperial Palace. The old man opened his eyes, and his gaze seemed a little unfocused, but it lasted for only a short while. When he turned his gaze, his eyes were unexpectedly authoritative.

Whoosh! An extremely domineering strong wind gushed out, and the doors to the Devil Imperial Palace were blown open. A figure appeared outside.

The figure stood outside, with his hands behind his back.

On seeing the figure, the old man stood up, and his expression darkened. He transformed into the unsurpassable Devil Emperor and stepped out of the Devil Imperial Palace, stopping in front of the figure. He gave the figure a hard stare.

“You actually have the audacity to return?” The Devil Emperor glared at the figure, who shared certain similarities in appearance to him. It was his younger brother, Yu Tu.

“I came back for the sake of the Devil World,” Yu Tu replied.

“For the Devil World?” The Devil Emperor’s eyes were cold. A monstrous pressure swept through the area, making the vast Devil Imperial Palace cultivators tremble in fear. They all looked up in one accord at the deep places in the clouds and wondered who had angered the Devil Emperor.

“For the Devil World, you betrayed us and left. You went to the Divine Prefecture and followed the orders of Donghuang and Emperor Ye Qing. Don’t forget that you are the younger brother of the Devil Emperor.” The Devil Emperor’s tone was cold and biting. It seemed like he had hidden his anger for hundreds of years.

“Even if you don’t believe me, I did it for the inhabitants of the Devil World. My conscience is clear.” Yu Tu’s voice was sincere and calm. There was no trace of emotional turbulence.

The Devil Emperor sneered. His voice dripped with sarcasm as he said, “The slaughterer of the Devil World who was so bloodthirsty he carried out a massacre during the War of the Devil World… When did he become capable of taking pity on the masses?”

“People inevitably change,” Yu Tu answered back.

“I’ll believe it if it was another person who said this. But you? I don’t believe a single word.” The Devil Emperor was condescending in his reply. “In this world, there is no one who knows you better than me. You are prideful and hate to be like everybody else. But you are also self-deprecating. We were born imprisoned, and us brothers were determined to break out of the jail cage and climb to the top of the Devil World. Back then, you gave up the chance of becoming Emperor to me. Although you did it completely willingly, it still somewhat bothered you. You left to carve a path for yourself, desiring to gain enlightenment elsewhere. Yet, it’s strange that you would be content just being a servant with your personality.

“I’m really curious as to what exactly happened back then?”

At the Devil Emperor’s words, many memories flashed through Yu Tu’s mind. Those memories were his most cherished.

He looked at the Devil Emperor. He recalled, “Of course, people will change. The reason they don’t is that they haven’t met someone who can change them.”


“So, it was the Sovereign Princess who made you want to turn over a new leaf and be willing to be a servant?” The Devil Emperor remained indignant. So what if she was the daughter of the Heavenly Emperor? He was the Devil Emperor who ruled over the entire Devil World. How could his brother be a servant to another?

Memories came flooding back before Yu Tu’s eyes. Some people were like a ray of light, utterly dazzling and mesmerizing. They made you feel humbled and small, even becoming aware of the darkness within yourself.

“In this world, there will always be some people who are different from others, different from everyone else,” Yu Tu said softly.

“How different can they be?” the Devil Emperor asked sarcastically. “Is there anyone on this earth who is not hungry for power? Who does not wish to reign over life? She isn’t an exception. For her to be able to bend Donghuang, Emperor Ye Qing, and your will to her, it’s obvious she used her charm. As for wanting to rebuild the Heavenly Path and reform the world? That’s just her way of covering her true intentions of ruling the world and having control over its laws. All people in this world are the same!”

Yu Tu stared at him. A light of calamity glowed within him, and a vague sense of terror accompanied it.

“You want to fight?” Similarly, a terrifying power flared out from the Devil Emperor’s body, and a frightening devil’s might enveloped the Devil Imperial Palace.

However, Yu Tu’s anger quickly subsided, and he regained his calm composure. He looked at the Devil Emperor and stated, “You won’t understand.”

The Devil Emperor grunted. “You came here just to say this?”

“The Heavenly Emperor requested me to bring a gift for Yu Sheng and you,” Yu Tu revealed.

“The Heavenly Emperor?” The Devil Emperor’s tone was ironic. “I don’t need something from someone who would crown himself Emperor!”

Yu Tu waved his hand, and suddenly, a floating pagoda appeared within the Devil Imperial Palace. Divine power flowed about above the pagoda. The Devil Emperor took a look and frowned. He could sense the Power of Time and Space within it.

“This is the Time and Space Pagoda. It can alter the speed of time so that it passes faster than the outside world, resulting in a longer cultivation duration in comparison,” Yu Tu explained, and the Devil Emperor’s eyes grew wide.

Yu Tu then took out an orb. It glowed with divine light and was evidently an item wrapped in divine power.

“The Buddha of Destiny looked into the future and saw a fate concerning all beings. A huge calamity will befall the world. The most powerful cultivators will also be implicated, including you. The Medicine Buddha entreated the Buddhist for the fruit of Bodhi. With this most valuable elixir-making divine item of Buddhism, he worked with the Heavenly Emperor to cultivate the Reincarnation Elixir. Taking it in your last moments will prevent you from dying and give you a second chance at life.”

Yu Tu held up the elixir to the Devil Emperor. “The Heavenly Emperor only made a few pills, and he will not be able to make any more in the future as there are no more elixir-making ingredients. This pill is for you. I, myself, have none.”

Saying, Yu Tu stretched his arm forward to hand the pill over to the Devil Emperor.

The Devil Emperor stared at the elixir in Yu Tu’s palm. The world would meet with a huge calamity, and he would go as well. This, he too had foreseen.

For this reason, Ye Futian had cultivated Reincarnation Elixirs and was gifting one to him.

He then looked at the Time and Space Pagoda. His expression grew perplexed.

Only just now, he had said he did not need it.

Should he accept it or not?

“Donghuang agreed to this?” The Devil Emperor inquired.

“He was the one who proposed this,” Yu Tu remarked.

The Devil Emperor’s expression became even more perplexed.

The world would change soon. The Human Ancestor and Donghuang the Great harbored deep hostility between themselves and would meet in battle. Should he accept these gifts from Donghuang the Great and Ye Futian?

“What are the terms and conditions?” The Devil Emperor probed further.

“There’s none,” Yu Tu answered again. “Do you want it or not?”

The Devil Emperor looked closely at Yu Tu. He had purposely held it in his hand all this while. Obviously, he had intentions for this.

With a grunt, he swiped the sleeve of his robe, and the elixir disappeared. He had taken it.

“If there’s a chance in the future, I will repay him this favor,” the Devil Emperor remarked emotionlessly.

Yu Tu glanced at him and turned around to leave. He answered, “Your obsessions have blinded you. They have never seen the Devil World as their enemy. All these are merely your assumptions. Even if the Devil World Army had left, the Devil Abyss is still here. Nothing has changed. For things to change, the Devil World also needs a person even greater than the one at the top.”

These words reverberated in the Devil Emperor’s mind, even after Yu Tu had left.

He stretched his hand and looked at the elixir in his palm. His feelings were complicated.

Was it really all just his obsessions?

Not long ago, during the Battle of the Six Great Emperors, he had attacked the Divine Prefecture and teamed up with the Human Ancestor in a bid to kill Donghuang.

They were supposed to be enemies. The current messy situation made it possible to think of ways of achieving what they wanted. Even so, they did not need to gift divine items to their potential enemy.

What was in the minds of Donghuang the Great and his son Ye Futian?

Were there really people who were different from everyone else in this world?

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