The Legend of Futian

Chapter 2898

Chapter 2898: Dark Sovereign

At the peak of the Dark Court, it was as though the end of the world had arrived.

In the heavens above, destructive storms raged unceasingly. They were filled with the will of death and destruction. However, beneath such storms, a silhouette wearing a cold-looking mask sat quietly. The figure was cultivating with her eyes closed.

This figure was the Dark Sovereign.

As the ruler of the Dark Court and the Dark World, the Dark Sovereign was of the same mind as the Devil Emperor. They both sensed that the world would soon face a huge calamity. This catastrophe would engulf the entire world. The event would be even more terrifying than the one five centuries ago. It was most likely difficult for anyone to try to survive on their own. It would be the same for her.

Right now, the Dark Sovereign was completely immersed in cultivation and comprehended her Way.


A voice sounded in the Dark Sovereign’s mind right then. Immediately, the Dark Sovereign felt herself enter an illusory realm.

In this illusory realm, there were destructive storms. The entire world was facing a calamity. She was garbed in a dark robe and wore a cold mask as she stood before the destroyed land. In front of her was the figure of an elder.

This figure had the aura of a deity. He appeared gentle and had an indescribable casual air to him. His face was always smiling and radiated benevolence, causing other people to feel very comfortable around him. At a glance, he appeared to be a kind, old man.

Rumble. A terrifying storm enveloped the heavens and the earth and swept towards the elder. In the heavens above, the Light of Destruction surged towards him. However, the figure of the elder seemed to be ethereal. He still stood smiling beneath the storm. He looked towards the Dark Sovereign and said, “Disciple, aren’t you going to greet your master?”

Rumble. The Light of Destruction rained down continuously. The storm in the sky brewed, and a menacing tribulation descended from it. The tribulation intended to consume the world. The elder was destroyed by it the moment he showed up. He appeared again and again, destroyed by the tribulation every single time.

Every time he revealed himself, he looked at the Dark Sovereign with a smile. He said, “My dear disciple, you have proven your Way since we last met. You have not let me down. We have not met for a long time; I wish to see you.”

“Die!” The Dark Sovereign narrowed her eyes. Her gaze was filled with endless hatred.

Soon, the elder disappeared. However, his face lingered in her mind. It was as though his face had been engraved in her consciousness.

Countless memories surfaced in her mind. There was an image of a maiden running barefoot under the sun. She looked carefree. Her eyes were clean and sparkling; not a speck of negativity could be found in her gaze. Her heart was pure, and she lived a quiet life with her parents.

Then, the elder came into the picture. He appeared so kind and well-intentioned. He taught her how to read and cultivate. Both she and her parents showed great respect for the elder.


That was until one day, everything changed…

She was tormented by her cruelest memories once again. Blood and gore filled the image in her mind. She had committed the most appalling sins in the world. She couldn’t forgive herself; neither would she forgive the elder.

The memories which flashed past in her mind caused her heart to ache.

The Dark Sovereign, who had been cultivating at the peak of the Dark Court, opened her eyes. Tears were flowing from her eyes beneath her mask. However, she was emotionless. Cold murderous intent burst forth from her, resolute as iron. It was as though no one could shake her resolve.

Even the destructive storm in the heavens trembled. She lifted her head slightly and looked up at the storm. Why had he appeared in her dream?

“Are you coming back?” said the Dark Sovereign in a tone as cold as ice. With her level of cultivation, dreams would not come to her. There was definitely something affecting her from the shadows.

She could sense that he, who had disappeared for a long time, might be returning.

The Dark Sovereign placed her hand under her mask and took it off. Underneath the mask was an extremely beautiful face. However, the face bore a look as cold as ice. It was also laced with endless hatred.

She hated this world.

She did not know why he wanted to teach her to cultivate and pass down the power of Asura to her. She also did not understand why he had made her face the darkest side of humanity and thrown her down a living hell.

She didn’t even know who he was. However, regardless of who he was, she would do whatever it took to make him experience a living hell too.

As she stood up, the Dark Sovereign’s figure disappeared without a trace. When she reappeared, she was in a destructive storm. A menacing Dark Lotus was floating in midair. Ye Qingyao was the only person here.

Ye Qingyao seemed to have sensed her arrival. She opened her eyes and looked at Dark Sovereign, greeting, “Master.”

When she saw the Dark Sovereign’s original face, she was not surprised. She was probably the only person among the members of the Dark Court who had seen her master’s face. She also knew about the agony that her master had experienced; she had seen the ugliest side of humanity, just like Ye Qingyao had.

She understood why her master had chosen her as a successor and why the latter thought highly of her. It was because they were the same.

“Qingyao!” said the Dark Sovereign as she looked towards her. “You were born into darkness and are a true Dark Maiden. Yet, you have been unable to completely succumb to it because there is still light in your heart. However, that light is but an illusion. Everything is false.”

Ye Qingyao lowered her head slightly. She naturally knew why she had light in her heart. Her origins were different from the Dark Sovereign. The Dark Sovereign had met a person who brought her from the light into darkness. As for herself, she had met a person who brought her light in the darkness. Their experiences were completely opposite.

“This world of false kindness has long lost its light. There is only darkness. Everything he does is not for your sake. It is merely your talent that has caught his eye. There are so many unfortunate souls in the world. Why did he not save them? He only saved you because you are different!” the Dark Sovereign told Ye Qingyao. “It is the same for me. I have taught you to cultivate to bring you into darkness. I am not trying to save you.”

“He came to the Dark World, and you have also made him feel that agony. However, he was not affected by it,” Ye Qingyao said somewhat stubbornly. She was naturally referring to Ye Futian.

He had previously been to the Dark World.

The Dark Sovereign continued, “What he experienced here is not his real life, so he naturally is unaffected by it. How could a person with no ambition reach where he is today? He has become the faith of the Original Realm and the god of the Heaven Realm.”

Ye Qingyao did not answer. Right then, the Dark Sovereign frowned. She put on her mask. Her terrifying aura immediately surged, opening a passageway. She looked towards the passageway and asked, “What is the matter?”

“The members of the Heaven Realm have come to see Ye Qingyao,” the person on the other side replied. The Dark Sovereign revealed a surprised look. Ye Qingyao also walked over.

“Let’s go.” The two of them immediately passed through the passageway and appeared on the other side. They saw the person who had come. It was Yu Tu.

“What business do you have with us?” asked the Dark Sovereign as she stared at Yu Tu.

Yu Tu glanced at her and then at Ye Qingyao beside her. He then said, “The Heavenly Emperor has asked me to deliver a gift to you.”

As he said this, he retrieved a box and passed it to Ye Qingyao.

“Farewell,” said Yu Tu. He left immediately after he handed the item to Ye Qingyao. The item was a treasure of time and space!

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