The Legendary Master’s Wife

Chapter 3


The library is an all encompassing place for both the Mage and Warrior divisions. Therefore, it is huge. The library is divided into East and West Pavilions, 2 large sections. The materials in the East Pavilion are all sorts of literature on refining miracle pills and herbal medicine, including the precious personal writings of the previous generations. The West pavilion displays materials concerning the history and geography of Long Xiang continent. It also has materials on the techniques of energy control and martial arts.

But not just anyone is allowed to go in and look through the material. Someone like You XiaoMo, a probationary disciple, is only allowed to enter the 1st floor of the East and West Pavilions, lacking the qualifications to ascend to the upper floors, unless he specifically applies for the privilege or becomes an official disciple. But for You XiaoMo, those two options are unattainable, besides, for now, he has no need to visit the upper levels.

Visiting the library, You XiaoMo has 2 aims. The first aim is to understand the history of Long Xiao continent. He has to know what kind of world this is. The second aim, is the entrance exam half a year later. He feels he has no hope whatsoever for both the Trading and Warrior division. But he still holds a little hope for the Mage division. However he has no idea what it means to be a mage, so he has to try to figure it out.

After almost getting lost, You XiaoMo manages to ask his way to the library. Still it took him almost an hour to find it. From far away, he sees an imposing magnificent palace. A gilded rectangular plaque is placed above the palace. On it is written three characters ??? (library). Seemingly simple and unadorned characters but simultaneously pregnant with meaning, giving rise to an imposing aura. You XiaoMo swallows nervously, the library is too imposing, even more majestic than the Forbidden City.

Entering the area, the first thing You XiaoMo sees is an elderly silver-haired man, eyes closed, sitting in between the East and West pavilions. Just when he approaches, the old man suddenly opens his eyes. The bright and piercing eyes are incompatible with his outward aged appearance, a sharp pair of eyes like knives, wizened with accumulated experience, shooting straight at You XiaoMo, scaring him to the extent that he is afraid to go any closer. The old man gives him a look before saying freezingly “Hand over your identity tablet.”

You XiaoMo freezes, but soon realizes that there is indeed a tablet on him. He hurriedly fishes it out and hands it over gingerly. After taking the tablet, the old man seemingly does nothing. You XiaoMo only sees him pick it up before returning it two seconds later. He then states, “You XiaoMo, probationary disciple, access limited to the 1st floor of the East pavilion.” Thereafter, something flies towards him. You XiaoMo dodges reflexively but not in time, *pa* rings out as it hits his head, before falling to the ground. Raising his head, he catches sight of a slight twitch on the serious expression of the old man.

“Using that, you can enter the library.” After saying that, the old man proceeds to ignore him.

You XiaoMo shamefacedly picks up the object from the floor, not daring to look at the old man, and runs towards the West pavilion, probably not to emerge in the near future.

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