The Legendary Master’s Wife

Chapter 4

Elder brother and Junior sister.

TianXin sect’s library is like a sea that accepts 100 rivers. The East and West pavilion hold more than ten thousand books on the 1st floor alone. The way the books are displayed are like what You XiaoMo expected. Tens upon hundreds of bookshelves, all sorts of books separated by category, with clear signs. You XiaoMo sighs heavily and shakes his head. Perhaps it’s because the history of Long Xiao continent is too long, he walks past several bookshelves divided by time period, ranging widely. Some from ten thousand years ago, some from five thousand years ago …… You XiaoMo has no interest in the Long Xiao continent from long ago. What he needs to understand, is the Long Xiao continent of today. Walking to the last bookshelf, You XiaoMo finally catches sight of the label at the top —– Geography of Long Xiao Continent!

Standing on tiptoe, You XiaoMo reaches up for a book when suddenly his outstretched hand contacts something, a sudden electric shock like feeling causes him to immediately retract his hand, crying out in alarm. This unexpected event scares him half to death, such a supernatural event. Calming down, he reminds himself that he is now in the dimension of Long Xiao continent, so he must adapt to these strange occurrences if he is to survive here. Thinking further, You XiaoMo takes out the seal-like object from his chest. The very thing that was thrown at him by the old man guarding the library.

The clueless You Xiao Mo can only raise the seal to the bookshelf. Looks like he guessed right. The dark black seal gives out a sudden flash of light, followed by a shift in the atmosphere, pushing open towards both sides raising a few ripples. You XiaoMo tentatively taps the area a few times and after not feeling the electric shock, finally realizes that he has succeeded. Quickly You XiaoMo took down a book from the bookshelf, and then just like drawing a gourd by copying a model, brings down several books. Mostly basic knowledge of Long Xiao continent, bringing them with him to take a look.

You XiaoMo finds a little corner and sits down, picking up the top-most book and just when he was about the digest the contents, a taunting laugh comes from above his head. You XiaoMo quickly looks up to see a young man dressed in a white robe sitting on a roof beam. Seeing You XiaoMo look up at him, he grins and leaps down, looking at You XiaoMo with scrutiny and mockery. Obviously he had seen all of You XiaoMo’s actions from above.

He clicks his tongue *zeze*, “Really where did this steamed dirt bun come from.”

The young man circles around him, talking and showing extreme disdain. You XiaoMo blinks but still feels that what he said is not without reason, the him now is just like that of village folk entering a big city. Who would have guessed that the young man seeing the lack of reaction from You XiaoMo, actually became displeased.

“Steamed dirt bun, if you want to read, get away from here. Blocking the passageway from the 2nd floor, don’t tell me you’re hoping to get close to Elder brother and Junior sister. Let me tell you, you are unworthy no matter what.”

You XiaoMo stayed silent for a moment before getting up and brushing the dirt off his butt. He then goes off obediently to find another spot. Seeing him act so sensibly, the young man loses interest, and leaves with a hmph. Seeing him leave, You XiaoMo heaves a sigh of relief. Who would have thought that just coming to the library to look for books will result in him meeting someone that loves to pick fights for nothing. He has never heard of Elder brother or Junior sister, let alone try to get close to them.

But he never imagined that the random corner he chose would actually be the passageway to the 2nd floor. This library really has a unique craftsman’s heart, not showing even a hint of the stairway. After uttering a few curses, You XiaoMo finally calms down and starts to read his books.

Soon he discovers that Long Xiang continent is an extremely vast land, several hundred and thousand times bigger than the Earth of his previous existence. Furthermore it is a continuous piece, but it appears to be more primitive when compared to Earth. Continuous uninterrupted mountain ranges, forests as far as the eye can see……

Most importantly this dimension is devoid of science and technology. What it has are God defying mystics. According to the historical record, Long Xiang continent is not the only land in this dimension. For example, across the endless seas, there is another world, and even in the outer void, there are many other places. However, these books only contain a few paltry sentences on those places, with no further description.

After 2 hours, You XiaoMo is more or less finished with the books, having a rough idea of Long Xiao continent. After returning the books, You XiaoMo stretches his stiff back. Just when he is about to leave, he feels a slight vibration from behind. Turning around he sees two figures appearing out of thin air from the first corner where he was sitting. A male and a female, presumably the Elder brother and Junior sister that the young man was talking about.

Elder brother has a handsome appearance with chiseled features, giving off a look of maturity, stability and confidence at a glance. With his somewhat cold and thin lips lightly pressed together. Without looking left or right he heads straight out of the library. The celestial looking Junior sister lightly stamps her foot and chases after him. Both seemingly unaware of You XiaoMo’s existence.

After coming out of the building, You XiaoMo takes note of the color of the sky. Feeling that it is still early, he heads to the East pavilion. Because the there are too many things he wants to read, You XiaoMo decides to take the books back to his room. A book each on medicinal herbs and medical formulas, of the most basic level.


like a sea that accepts a hundred rivers – diverse

drawing a gourd by copying a model – copy mechanically

steamed dirt bun – country bumpkin

has a unique craftsman’s heart – ingenious

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