The Long-awaited Mr Han

Chapter 1452 - Behind You

Chapter 1452: Behind You

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Refuting each other, the two of them started bickering.

Han Zhuoling glanced at Shi Xiaoya coolly, discreetly.

Even Qin Zigou missed it, but Shi Xiaoya felt an unknown gaze on her, and the hairs on her neck stood.

Why was it suddenly so chilly in this closed-off elevator?

Shi Xiaoya asked Qin Zigou timidly, “Qin Zigou, do you feel a sudden chill in the lift?”

Qin Zigou replied strangely, “No, everything’s normal.”

“No, Nanhai City isn’t a big city to begin to with.” Not exactly bustling with life. Shi Xiaoya rubbed her arms. “For the sake of tomorrow’s filming convenience, this hotel we’re staying in is quite remote, isn’t it? It’s… It’s possible… right?”

Shi Xiaoya’s teeth chattered.

She sneaked a peek at Han Zhuoling, who stood farther away.

Right at this moment, the man who was emitting a cold aura looked especially dependable. His masculine yang energy made her yearn to inch closer to him.

Shi Xiaoya squashed the temptation with much difficulty while hearing Qin Zigou say, “Say, since when are you so timid? Be normal, there are so many people in this lift. Only you and Xiao Guo are the ladies in here. The rest are men, so there’s plenty of yang energy! There’s nothing to fear, even if there really is a ghost.”

Shi Xiaoya shrank into herself. “It’s all the more scary when there are more people. What if you count and one more person suddenly pops out? How scary would that be?”

Shi Xiaoya freaked herself out with her own thoughts, disregarding everything else and hurriedly stepping closer to Han Zhuoling.

The cold aura surrounding him became warm to her, making her feel especially safe.

Young Master Han might seem cold, but he was dependable in crucial times.

Han Zhuoling silently observed the woman who was inching towards him as if he wouldn’t notice.

Different from the women who wished to get close and seduce him.

This lass was obviously frightened all by herself, and she was carefully moving closer to him without daring to be too near.

She stopped when there was a two-fist gap between them.

Han Zhuoling snickered to himself. What a timid girl.

Looking at Shi Xiaoya’s frozen countenance, Han Zhuoling shifted towards her discreetly.

From a distance, the two-fist gap was reduced to a one-fist gap.

Shi Xiaoya did not notice.

Tong Chunian, whose motto was “his boss is the biggest,” saw it and looked at Han Zhuoling’s back, stunned. Then he looked at the gap between the two, then at Han Zhuoling’s back again.

“My god, Shi Xiaoya, can you not be so imaginative!” Qin Zigou almost looked for his own assistant in fright.

Frightened half to death, Shi Xiaoya still tried to scare Qin Zigou. “If you don’t believe me, you can try counting now. Do you dare?”

Seeing that Qin Zigou was about to hug his assistant in fear, Han Zhuoling spoke calmly. “Six people, not more, not less.”

When Shi Xiaoya thought back to this after it was over, she could not fathom where her courage came from, but she had turned to Han Zhuoling, saying, “Really? Count again, how come I counted seven?”

“Goddamn, Shi Xiaoya, do shut up!” Qin Zigou said in alarm.

What’s wrong with this lass?!

She was scared beyond belief, but the more scared she was, the worst stuff she said.

Han Zhuoling looked coolly at Shi Xiaoya’s back, the corners of his lips lifting into a small smile.

Shi Xiaoya raised her head, mesmerized.

Her fears were forgotten.

Oh my, Han Zhuoling looked so good when he smiled!

Luckily, he does not smile often, because who could withstand his smile?!

What a killer smile!

“Seems like… there’s one more,” Han Zhuoling said. “Right behind you.”

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