The Long-awaited Mr Han

Chapter 1453 - She Even Dared to Hug Han Zhuoling!

Chapter 1453: She Even Dared to Hug Han Zhuoling!


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“Oh my god!” Shi Xiaoya shrieked and jumped into Han Zhuoling’s embrace without thinking, clinging to him with all her might.

Han Zhuoling: “…”

Qin Zigou: “…”

D*mn, this is scarier than seeing ghosts!

He did not even dare to look at Han Zhuoling’s expression.

Why did Shi Xiaoya have to sign her death warrant instead of doing something else?!

Han Zhuoling was dumbfounded.

There had been many who tried throwing themselves at him, but none of them successfully touched him.

That made Shi Xiaoya the first to be able to nuzzle into his embrace.

He just never expected that it would be like this.

“I lied,” Han Zhuoling said stiffly.

He did not reject the soft body on him. He just felt slightly uncomfortable.

Shi Xiaoya stiffened, realizing what she had done.

She immediately released him and subconsciously sought for Qin Zigou.

Han Zhuoling’s eyes narrowed and became piercing, swiftly pulling Shi Xiaoya back.

But not into his arms. “Stand still.”

Shi Xiaoya heard his low voice; as if he was her parent, she became obedient subconsciously, standing straight and still.

Satisfied that Shi Xiaoya wasn’t going to find Qin Zigou anymore, Han Zhuoling then released his hold on her wrist.

It was only that his palm felt strangely empty with the loss of the soft and warm touch.

He squeezed his fist, as if recollecting the touch.

Shi Xiaoya felt as if her wrist was burning. She lowered her head and did not dare to look at Han Zhuoling, but her face was definitely on fire.

Han Zhuoling lowered his head, but he could see only Shi Xiaoya’s black-haired head.

A smile flashed across his lowered eyes, but no one saw it.

Qin Zigou was utterly stupefied by Shi Xiaoya’s actions, standing still as a statue.

Guo Yujie shivered in fear. Who said her boss was timid as a mouse?

She even dared to hug Han Zhuoling!

Tong Chunian stood at the back and witnessed his boss subverting his morals. He was unable to recover from his shock.

No one was frightened anymore; the eerie atmosphere had gone once and for all.

The lift “dinged” and stopped steadily.

But none of the astounded people realized it.

Han Zhuoling pressed the “open” button while looking at Qin Zigou. “Aren’t you all staying on this floor?”

When he entered, he’d seen Guo Yujie press the button for this floor.

Guo Yujie got her wits back and dragged Shi Xiaoya away hurriedly.

Qin Zigou also recovered, unable to stand looking at Shi Xiaoya directly anymore but also not wanting to grouse at her before Han Zhuoling. He could only say, “Go and rest early.”

Pausing, he then continued, “Go and eat some fish oil or something, for your brain.”

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

She glared at Qin Zigou with gritted teeth. She had her pride too!

Shi Xiaoya bit the bullet and said, “Goodbye, Mr. Han.”

And hurried away with Guo Yujie.

In truth, she just didn’t want to talk to Han Zhuoling anymore.

It was too embarrassing just now, but she could not be rude.

Shi Xiaoya was screaming for help in her heart.

The lift doors closed, and Han Zhuoling looked at Qin Zigou and his assistant still in the lift, asking with raised brows, “You all don’t stay on the same floor?”

“Nope. The hosts for this week are staying on one floor while the other crew members are staying together on another floor,” Qin Zigou explained.

Han Zhuoling nodded, not saying anything else.

His expression was still as cool as ever.

But for some reason, Qin Zigou felt that Han Zhuoling’s mood seemed pretty good now.

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