The Long-awaited Mr Han

Chapter 1454 - How Embarrassing!

Chapter 1454: How Embarrassing!

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The lift stopped once again on the floor where they were staying.

Qin Zigou politely let Han Zhuoling step out first. As both of them walked side by side, Qin Zigou had the illusion that he was walking beside his older brother—the pressure was especially great.

Ever since he struck out on his own, set up his own company, and became the top fashion designer, he, Qin Gouzi, had never feared anyone.

But right now, he was really timid.

Han Zhuoling was not someone who would start a conversation, so Qin Zigou felt oppressed with the silence all the way.

Finally, they arrived at his room first and Qin Zigou immediately sighed in relief, saying quickly, “Mr. Han, my room’s here and I shall go first. See you tomorrow.”

Han Zhuoling nodded. “See you tomorrow.”

And left.


Shi Xiaoya and Guo Yujie returned to their room, and Shi Xiaoya went for a shower first.

The water sprayed on her body, but her face was still flushed and her heart was racing. Her mind was constantly replaying the scene when she hugged Han Zhuoling.

Shi Xiaoya covered her face, shaking her head vigorously.

“How embarrassing,” Shi Xiaoya whimpered.

It was late and they had an early day tomorrow, so after Shi Xiaoya was done, it was Guo Yujie’s turn.

They were done cleaning themselves up, dressed in their pajamas, and ready to sleep when Guo Yujie received Lu Dongliu’s call, saying they were going to have a meeting to allocate for tomorrow’s filming.

Hence, they had to change and proceed to the meeting room.

They were already ready for bed, so, naturally, they wore no makeup and went there like this.

When they arrived, they saw that the director team and the camera team were all there.

When everyone had arrived, they first allocated the Follow PDs for the hosts.

The makeup team sat together, well-balanced with three male and three female makeup artists.

They were all well-known within the industry, even if one might not be familiar with them.

Even so, Shi Xiaoya never thought that Yuan Yina would be there too.

They were rivals when they both just entered the industry, with Yuan Yina fighting with her for the position as Liu Jingping’s disciple.

Obviously, Shi Xiaoya won in the end, and Yuan Yina went to learn from someone else. She had no idea how Yuan Yina did it, but her teacher was on par with Liu Jingping in the makeup industry.

Until now, Shi Xiaoya and Yuan Yina were still rivals.

But Shi Xiaoya seemed to be winning against Yuan Yina.

The other four makeup artists were not as famous as Shi Xiaoya or Yuan Yina.

One of the girls was called Hong Qiaoxian, who smiled and said, “Never thought that I can work with Ms. Xiaoya and Ms. Yina together in a team, what a surprise. I shall seize the chance to learn from you two.”

Shi Xiaoya smiled but said nothing. She wasn’t familiar with Hong Qiaoxian and did not know her character, so Shi Xiaoya had some reserve in her attitude.

Yuan Yina also did not continue with Hong Qiaoxian’s line of thought but turned her target suddenly to Shi Xiaoya. “Xiaoya, you’re a makeup artist. Why did you come bare-faced?”

Shi Xiaoya looked and noticed that Yuan Yina still had full makeup on, and Hong Qiaoxian as well.

The three male makeup artists, too, lacked nothing from foundation to eye shadows, and they even had lip gloss on.

Shi Xiaoya smiled, replying, “I had no idea we’re going to have a meeting, and we’re already done cleaning up before the notice came. I’m not used to wearing makeup in my own room.”

One of the male makeup artists, called Ling Xiaoen, said while smiling, “Xiaoya also looks nice without makeup. Her skin’s condition is good—it’s so fine. If all our clients had your skin, then our job would’ve been so easy.”

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