The Lord's Empire

Chapter 12 – Heaven’s Pride Rankings

Chapter 12 – Heaven’s Pride Rankings

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Zhao Fu brought the Great Qin Village’s soldiers as well as Logue Village’s Goblins to surround the little village. This Goblin Village only had 70 or so Goblin Soldiers, and the rest were female, elderly, or young Goblins.

“Logue! Go and persuade them to surrender.”

Adding on Logue Village’s Goblins, Zhao Fu’s overall forces completely surpassed this village’s forces. What’s more, he had all sorts of professions, so it would be incredibly easy to capture this village. However, it would be better to conquer it without any casualties.

“Yes, Your Majesty!” Old Logue respectfully replied to Zhao Fu, replying just like how the Great Qin Villagers did. He then walked up and said in a loud voice, “You have been surrounded and have no chance at victory. Surrender now, and don’t make any needless sacrifices.”

However, just as Old Logue finished speaking, the Goblins within the village started to furiously clamor, and they looked as if they were cursing at Old Logue. Because they weren’t Zhao Fu’s people, there were no translations, so he could not understand what they were saying.

Zhao Fu frowned and asked Old Logue, “What are they cursing at?”

Old Logue nodded and replied, “Your Majesty, they’re saying that I’m the scum of the Goblin race and a disgrace to all Goblins for attacking them together with the cunning humans.”

Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed in reply. Since the Goblins weren’t willing to surrender, Zhao Fu would have to act. Zhao Fu looked at Bai Qi, giving him the signal.

Bai Qi yelled, “Arrange the formation! Prepare the fire arrows!”

The Shieldbearers lifted up their shields and walked forwards with the Infantry following behind them. The Archers in the third row lit up their arrows and drew their bows in unison.


As the command sounded out, the fire arrows were loosed into the air. The fire arrows were not aimed at the Goblins; rather, they were aimed at the houses. Instantly, the wooden houses caught on fire, causing the village to fall into chaos.

Immediately afterwards, arrows started to rain down and hit the Goblins. When Old Logue saw Goblin after Goblin fall, he felt quite joyful that they had surrendered. Otherwise, this would have been the outcome for Logue Village.

By now, the Goblins within the village had no other choice but to charge the encirclement.

When the Archers, Zhao Fu, and Old Logue saw a wave of Goblins charge out of the village, the Archers orderly shot at the Goblins while Zhao Fu and Old Logue released Hell Fireballs. What surprised Zhao Fu was that two basketball-sized blood-colored fireballs appeared when Old Logue raised his wooden staff, and they gave off a fearsome aura.

Following this, Old Logue waved his staff and the two blood-colored fireballs shot out, falling into the wave of Goblins. Because the Goblins were grouped so densely together, the two fireballs sent ten or so Goblins flying. Five or six of them became a bloodied mess, and they did not look like they could live for much longer.

The fireballs that Old Logue cast came from practicing that skill to its limit. Zhao Fu rejoiced that he had not chosen to attack Logue Village back then. Otherwise, with Old Logue and the blood-colored altar, his forces would have been heavily wounded.

However, none of this was important right now. Zhao Fu’s Hell Fireballs were not as devastating as Old Logue’s, and they only blew away seven or eight goblins.

At this moment, Bai Qi led the Shieldbearers and Infantry to rush up and force the Goblins back.

“Logue! Ask them again if they want to surrender.” Zhao Fu said to Old Logue when he saw the fear and panic in the Goblins’ eyes.

Old Logue walked up and loudly said, “Now that you’ve seen the esteemed Majesty’s might, surrender now; His Majesty won’t treat you unfairly.”

Many Goblins had instantly died, and when the surviving Goblins saw the ferocious soldiers in front of them and the large fires behind them, they realized that they would either be burned to death or killed by the soldiers. Moreover, since Old Logue seemed to be doing quite well, they felt that Zhao Fu would not treat them poorly. In the end, they put down their weapons and knelt on the ground.

“System announcement! Jean Village has surrendered to you. Would you like to accept?”

Zhao Fu smiled. He understood that Outlanders would only submit to the strong. After displaying enough strength, they would naturally surrender.

“You have accepted Jean Village’s surrender. You have received 50 Achievement Points!”

“Bai Qi, I’ll leave things here to you. Take some people and extinguish the fires; I’m going to go out for a bit!” Zhao Fu realized that he had not exited the Heaven Awaken World for almost one day in the real world, so he left the matters here to Bai Qi.

Bai Qi nodded and took some people to extinguish the fires. Following this, Zhao Fu left the Heaven Awaken World.

Even though Zhao Fu could eat and fill his stomach in the Heaven Awaken World, it did not affect his status in the real world. Zhao Fu still needed to eat in the real world, or he would starve to death.

After Zhao Fu’s mind returned to his body, hunger assaulted his entire body and mind. He sat up from his bed and decided that he wanted to have something different for a change after eating fast food from downstairs for the past few days.

However, when Zhao Fu opened the door, a white-haired elder wearing a suit appeared before him. When Zhao Fu saw the elder, he remembered that the elder was the Li family’s butler, so his expression became cold as he asked, “What do you want with me?”

The butler did not mind Zhao Fu’s attitude and said, “Sir wants you to return to the Li family. No matter what it is, the Li family will compensate you and your mother.”


Zhao Fu felt enraged when he heard this. He gritted his teeth and clenched his fists as he asked, “What can compensate my mother’s death? What can compensate my mother’s pain? What can compensate all of my mother’s tears?”

“I won’t go!” Zhao Fu replied coldly.

Seeing how Zhao Fu looked, the butler sighed and said, “Alright! However, I hope that you’ll be able to control your emotions and not do anything contrary to the Li family’s interests. Otherwise…”

The butler did not continue, but Zhao Fu knew what he meant. If he went against the Li family’s interests, they wouldn’t hesitate to kill him.

Zhao Fu’s heart felt incredibly cold. He had wanted to abide by his mother’s last words by not making any trouble for the Li family because he didn’t want his mother to feel pained in the afterlife. However, they had come to threaten him. Yes, he did not have the strength to retaliate in the real world, but after the real world was devoured, as long as the Great Qin Village grew, it was not certain who would kill who.

However, the butler had reminded him out of kindness, and Zhao Fu nodded to indicate that he understood.

Following this, the butler left. Zhao Fu went to one of the fast food takeaway places and bought a meal. After getting home, he ate while reading the Heaven Awaken World forum on his computer to see if there was any news and to observe the current situation in China.

By now, many powers had entered the Heaven Awaken World, and they had started creating factions. There was also something called the Heaven’s Pride Rankings. Everyone on the Heaven’s Pride Rankings was a dragon or phoenix, and those on it had extraordinary statuses with powerful families behind them.

Number 1, Great Xia’s inheritor… Si Ji!

Number 2, Great Shang’s inheritor… Di Wutian!

Number 3, Great Zhou’s inheritor… Ji Shenming!

Number 4, Great Han’s inheritor… Liu Ye!


Out of these four people, two were enemies. The Heaven’s Pride Rankings were currently based on the family’s power; the most powerful families were also the oldest. According to this ranking, Great Qin’s Ying family should have been fourth, but the Ying family did not receive the Great Qin’s legacy, so they were currently desperately looking for Great Qin’s inheritor.

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