The Lord's Empire

Chapter 11 – Bloodline

Chapter 11 – Bloodline

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The next day, Zhao Fu summoned 15 new villagers and an A grade villager. Zhao Fu arranged for him to change his profession to Scholar. Now, the Great Qin Village had 110 residents, 47 soldiers, and 4 Scholars.

Furthermore, after cultivating for the past few days, Zhao Fu’s cultivation was now at Stage 0-1.

Name: Zhao Fu

Title: None

Profession: Demon Priest

Achievement Points: Commoner (53/200)

Race: Human

Age: 21 (100)

Stats: Strength: 8, Intelligence: 11, Constitution: 7, Agility: 9

Special Power: [Weak – Demon’s Power]

Cultivation: Stage 0-1

Cultivation Technique: Great Qin Mantra

Skills: Hell Fireball, Basic Sword Technique…

Equipment: Iron Sword…

After looking at his stats, Zhao Fu went to the Research Workshop. In order to research Taming, Zhao Fu had given one of the buildings to the Scholars and had caught a few wild rabbits and chickens for them to study.

“How was elder Bai’s research been coming along?” Zhao Fu asked one of the elders with white hair. The elder’s name was Bai Shan, and he was the first B grade villager that the Great Qin Village had summoned.

Bai Shan was holding a wild chicken and turned to look at Zhao Fu, a look of delight on his face as he replied, “Your Majesty, we’ve made great progress. We’ll definitely have Taming researched within 3 days!”

When Zhao Fu heard this, he felt at ease and went to the farming area. Surprisingly, apart from the Great Qin villagers working there, there were also some female Goblins helping.

Li Si came over and explained, “Your Majesty, the Goblin Village has very few Goblins who can fight right now, and they are severely lacking food. Logue and I agreed that the female Goblins who have nothing to do could come work here in exchange for some food.”

Zhao Fu smiled and nodded. He felt quite satisfied when he that saw the Great Qin Village was developing in an orderly matter. Luckily, Zhao Fu had Li Si to take care of things, or he would have been inundated with matters, causing him endless headaches.

Zhao Fu didn’t have much to do, so he summoned Bai Qi and a group of soldiers and brought them to patrol around the Great Qin Village.


In the real world, the entire Li family in Beitang City was incredibly pleased because its bloodline had received the Great Tang Empire’s legacy.

The Great Tang Imperial Family bloodline had become an incredibly large clan after so many years, and it was split into a few different branches, one of which was in Beitang City.

Within a villa’s hall, a few elders were sitting on a sofa. Beside them sat a middle-aged man named Li Zhe, who had a small goatee, and a beautiful woman. The woman was Li Zhe’s current wife, Zhang Shuyun.

Some other people were also inside the hall. They were all part of this branch of the Li family, and their gazes were all on the handsome youth in the hall.

The youth looked like he was twenty years old, and he had a steady and calm temperament. He gave off an air of maturity that exceeded his age – this was Li Zhe’s second son, Li Baiqing.

Li Baiqing and his father Li Zhe were different types of people. Li Baiqing did not have any of his father’s pompousness, and he handled things in a calm and mature manner. Li Baiqing was also quite talented, and he was one of Beitang City’s Three Geniuses. Adding on his handsome appearance, he was someone who all the girls in Beitang City dreamed to be with. What was especially important about him was that he had obtained the Great Tang Empire’s legacy.

“Who would have thought that so many of our family members would fail, but Qing’Er was able to succeed and obtained our ancestor’s legacy. This is our family’s great blessing,” an elder with a ruddy face said as he laughed heartily.

Hearing his words, everyone else nodded in agreement. A pleased look appeared on Li Zhe’s face; even though he wasn’t capable, his son had brought him much face.

“Grandpa! Our ancestor’s legacy is actually quite easy to obtain. As long as you maintain your focus and don’t let yourself be tempted by external things, you’ll pass the trial,” Li Baiqing said with a humble and mild tone.

The elder laughed, “Alright, Qing’Er, you don’t need to be humble. Right now, none of the Li family members are even half as good as you. Fame follows merit, and we attach a lot of importance to you. We’ll give you all of our resources so that you can develop well and bring glory to the Great Tang Empire.”

Li Baiqing nodded earnestly, and he understood just how heavy the burden he shouldered was. He also understood that this was the wish of his family’s ancestors – rebuilding the Great Tang Empire – and that he had to complete it.

Following this, the family gathering concluded. The elder was sitting in a room and said to his white-haired butler, “Have you investigated the matter I left to you?”

The butler nodded and handed some documents to the elder.

The elder took the documents and scanned them before saying in surprise, “Who would have thought that my illegitimate child would actually be somewhat capable. That brat, Li Zhe, fathered two good sons!”

“Go find him and ask him to join the Li family. After all, he has our bloodline, and we might be able to use him in the future,” the elder said to the butler.

The butler paused before saying, “Sir! This might be quite difficult – after all, that year…”

When the elder heard this, he sighed and said, “Back then, that brat, Li Zhe, acted quite excessively. How about this: ask him what he wants. The Li family will try to satisfy and compensate his mother and him.”

The butler hesitated before asking, “And if he doesn’t agree?”

The elder thought for a moment before replying, “If he continues to refuse, just let him be for now. However, if he dares to obstruct Qing’Er’s path, we’ll have to kill him.”

The butler nodded and then left the room.

Elsewhere, in a simple and unadorned room, six elders sat on chairs facing each other. One of the elders roared in anger, “All of the members of our family, the Ying family, have entered the Heaven Awaken World, but none of them received our ancestor’s Legacy Trial. If they failed the Legacy Trial, that would just mean that we are useless, and we wouldn’t have anything to say. However, they didn’t even have an opportunity to attempt it!”

“Isn’t it obvious? Someone has already obtained the Great Qin Empire’s legacy!” An elderly woman calmly replied.

“What? The Great Qin Empire’s legacy was taken by an outsider?” The elderly man who originally spoke loudly roared.

The skinny elder couldn’t keep listening and said, “Old Jiang, can you calm down? What do you mean by outsider? How can someone without the Great Qin Imperial Family’s bloodline obtain our ancestor’s legacy? It must be that the bloodline has been spread outside of the main family after thousands of years.”

The plump old man sighed, saying, “It’s virtually impossible to find out who has obtained the Great Qin ancestor’s legacy. I hope that he reveals something so that we can find him in the Heaven Awaken World.”

The other elders all looked quite restless but decided that there was nothing they could do about it.


In the Heaven Awaken World, Zhao Fu once again gathered his soldiers because he had discovered another Goblin Village. There were not many Goblins in this village, only around 160 Goblins or so, so Zhao Fu and his soldiers would be able to capture it easily.

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