The Lord's Empire

Chapter 2 – Legacy Trial

Chapter 2 – Legacy Trial

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“Ding! You have two imperial bloodlines within you. One is the Great Tang Imperial Family’s bloodline, and the other is the Great Qin Imperial Family’s bloodline. Please select which bloodline you would like to take the Legacy Trial for.”

“Warning! The Legacy Trial can only be attempted once, and upon failure, all qualifications to inherit a legacy will be made void.”

“Legacy Trial? Great Tang Imperial Family bloodline? Great Qin Imperial Family bloodline?”

At this moment, Zhao Fu was standing in a gray, foggy area. When he heard that announcement, he felt quite confused because he had no idea what was going on. He remembered that he had been holding the crystal before he fainted, and was in this space when he had woken up.

Even though he didn’t know what a Legacy Trial was, when Zhao Fu heard ‘Great Tang Imperial Family bloodline,’ he couldn’t help but grit his teeth and clench his fists. He would never forget what happened on that rainy day even until he died, and was filled with hatred and disgust towards that bloodline.

From what he knew, the Li family was a descendent of the Great Tang Imperial family, so the Great Qin Imperial Family’s bloodline was definitely from his mother. As such, Zhao Fu didn’t hesitate to choose the Great Qin Imperial Family bloodline.

“Selection complete!”

A one hundred meters or so tall altar slowly appeared in front of Zhao Fu. The altar was made of black stones, and each step was about twenty-five centimeters high and half a meter wide. The altar seemed to extend up into the clouds, giving off an ancient, majestic, and dignified feeling.

When Zhao Fu stepped onto the first step, he felt his body become heavy as a pressure weighed down on him. In the beginning, the pressure was not very great, but as he advanced step after step, the pressure pressing down on him became more and more intense.

By the time Zhao Fu had climbed up half of the altar, his body was covered with sweat, drenching him completely. He was barely able to stand firmly on the steps, and he swayed as if he was going to fall.

However, Zhao Fu gritted his teeth and continued, walking step by step up the altar. Soon, illusions started to appear. Some were incredibly beautiful women doing their best to entice him, followed by other illusions of power and money.

These illusions may have caused normal people to have chased after them, making them unable to extract themselves from them, but Zhao Fu’s cold heart was completely unaffected.

Finally, after much effort and hardship, Zhao Fu finally stood on the top of the altar. His mind felt empty and clear when countless images started to flash before his eyes, all of which were related to the Great Qin Empire’s beginning, rise, and downfall.

The scenes started to play before his eyes like a movie, starting from the Qin family’s ancestor ‘Qin Feizi.’ He was a skilled horse breeder who gained the favor of the King of Zhou and was given a small piece of land on which he established his fief.

Then, there were scenes of ‘King Ying Zheng of Qin’ destroying the six states in ten years, unifying China, and establishing the ‘Qin Dynasty.’

In the end, King Ying Ziying of Qin surrendered to Liu Bang, resulting in the end of the Qin Dynasty.

Zhao Fu stared at the scenes, feeling as if he was right there. The rise of Great Qin caused his blood to boil, while the fall of Great Qin caused him to feel desolation.

Suddenly, Zhao Fu felt as if his blood was burning, and it was as if there was a fire that was causing his entire body to erupt in flames. This feeling came from within and spread outwards, but it was not painful. Rather, it felt quite warm and comfortable and was as if he was bathing in a hot spring during winter.

Following this, Zhao Fu slowly opened his eyes.

A figure appeared before him. He was wearing a black-gold dragon gown and gave off a dignified and imposing aura. He stood with his hands behind his back, his eyes seeming to look down on everything under the heavens. He gave off an air of invincibility and seemed quite domineering. He was the First Emperor of Qin… Ying Zheng!

Ying Zheng examined Zhao Fu before faintly smiling and saying, “I’ll leave Great Qin in your care!”

After saying this, Qin Zheng’s figure slowly disappeared, and a magic cube glowing with a violet light appeared at the center of the altar.

Even though Zhao Fu had guessed something like this would happen, he still felt slightly shocked. His bloodline belonged to the Great Qin Empire that had ended the Warring States period. Now, he was responsible for making this empire rise again.

After thinking for a moment, Zhao Fu walked forwards and grabbed the violet cube. After a dizzying feeling, he appeared in a forest.

The trees in this forest were dense and tall, and the tallest ones were hundreds of meters tall and more than ten meters wide. The leaves growing on the trees were able to completely block out the sun.

Even though it was still daytime, there was not much sunlight where Zhao Fu was. Moreover, these trees had strange shapes – some looked like humans, while others looked like beasts. Some of their expressions were ones of struggling, while others had painful or savage expressions. Adding on how dark it was, this forest seemed quite horrifying.

Zhao Fu had never expected that he would appear in such a place. After obtaining the legacy, he had obtained some information. Zhao Fu looked at his attire: he was wearing clothes made of coarse hemp and had cloth shoes. That was all he had.

Zhao Fu then opened his stats interface the way that the system announcement had told him.

Name: Zhao Fu

Title: None

Profession: None

Achievement Points: Commoner (0/200)

Race: Human

Age: 21 (100)

Stats: Strength: 5, Intelligence: 8, Constitution: 4, Agility: 6

Cultivation: Stage 0

Cultivation Technique: None

Skills: None

Equipment: Coarse Cloth Clothes, Cloth Shoes, Coarse Cloth Pants

After looking at his stats, Zhao Fu found that his Strength and Constitution were fairly low. His current stats were based on his body and mind in the real world. In the real world, the more exercise he did, the better his body would be, resulting in better stats. Conversely, the weaker he was, the lower his stats would be.

The world he was currently in was called the Heaven Awaken World, and it was tens of times larger than earth. Only Zhao Fu’s soul had entered this world, while his real body was still in the real world, similar to the situations in virtual reality novels.

The Heaven Awaken World’s time was different to the time in the real world. A single day in the real world was equivalent to three days in here, and he would not truly die after dying in this world. Rather, he would not be able to enter this world for ten days and would lose all of his levels, equipment, and skills.

What was important to note was that this world was not safe – other than the human race, there were countless other races and terrifying magic beasts.

Normally, he would have been sent to the system’s main city after entering the Heaven Awaken World. However, because of the Legacy Trial, Zhao Fu was not sent to a main city.

Following this, Zhao Fu quickly found a concealed mountainous region, took out the violet cube, and pressed it against the ground. A system announcement immediately sounded out, “Would you like to use the Legacy Stone?”

Zhao Fu immediately replied, “Yes!”

Ripples of light started to come out from the violet cube before a formless energy covered the surrounding 1 square kilometer area. In the next second, all of the trees, grass, and flowers disappeared, revealing flat and smooth ground.

Buildings started to slowly appear. There was a thatched cottage with two rooms and the name [Village Hall] above the cottage. There was another thatched cottage with a furnace and a flag hanging outside it with the name [Smithy] above the cottage. There was also a thatched cottage with many simple clothes inside it with the name [Tailor Shop] above the cottage, as well as a thatched cottage called the [Medicine Shop] with all sorts of bottles filled with medicine.

There was also a round stage made from bricks with the name [Origin], and another thatched cottage with five stone steles and the name [Profession Change].

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