The Lord's Empire

Chapter 3 – Village Stats

Chapter 3 – Village Stats

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After these buildings appeared, five figures also slowly formed before Zhao Fu. The two people standing at the front were both youths. One had a cold and handsome appearance, while the other looked refined and cultured.

Behind them were two men and one woman. One of the men was well-built and muscular, looking like a blacksmith, while the other was dressed like an apothecary. The woman was quite pretty, and she was most likely the owner of the Tailor Shop.

“We greet Your Majesty!”

The five people looked quite dazed after appearing, but they quickly came to their senses and half-knelt as they spoke in unison.

Zhao Fu was naturally the lord of Great Qin now that he had received the Great Qin’s legacy, so he calmly replied, “All rise!”

The five people respectfully stood up.

Zhao Fu started to look at their stats, starting with the cold and handsome-looking youth in front.

Name: Bai Qi

Grade: SSS

Title: [God of Killing], Title Effects: All stats +10% and causes enemies to feel fear, reducing their battle strength and increasing his own troops’ morale.

Profession: [General], Profession Effects: Can hold two different military professions.

Achievement Points: Commoner (0/200)

Race: Human

Age: 24 (100)

Loyalty: 100

Stats: Strength: 10, Intelligence: 10, Constitution: 10, Agility: 10

Cultivation: Stage 0

Cultivation Technique: None

Skills: None

Equipment: Coarse Cloth Clothes, Cloth Shoes, Coarse Cloth Pants

Even though Zhao Fu had expected to see the Great Qin’s strategic experts and powerful generals, Zhao Fu still felt quite surprised when he saw Bai Qi. Bai Qi was the strongest of the Four Great Generals of the Warring States period, and he had fought in countless battles during his lifetime, winning almost all of them. He had killed over one million people in his lifetime, so he was called the God of Killing.

However, his end was not pleasant – he was forced to commit suicide out of fear of him joining another state.

After looking at Bai Qi’s stats, Zhao Fu turned to look at the refined and cultured youth.

Name: Li Si

Grade: SS

Title: [Prime Minister], Title Effects: Raises Popular Support, Population Attraction +5%, chances of attracting higher grade population +5%

Profession: [Civilian Court Official], Profession Effects: Can choose one type of military profession, Intelligence +2%, Constitution +2%

Achievement Points: Commoner (0/200)

Race: Human

Age: 23 (100)

Stats: Strength: 6, Intelligence: 10, Constitution: 5, Agility: 4

Cultivation: Stage 0

Cultivation Technique: None

Skills: None

Equipment: Coarse Cloth Clothes, Cloth Shoes, Coarse Cloth Pants

After looking at Li Si’s stats, Zhao Fu did not feel as shocked. Li Si was a famed Prime Minister of the State of Qin, and he had greatly helped the First Emperor of Qin unify China. However, his end was not very pleasant either – he was charged with treason and was executed by waist chop.

Following this, Zhao Fu looked at the other 3 people. They were:

Wang Dawu, Profession: Blacksmith, Skills: Forging (can create weapons)

Zhang Baizhu, Profession: Apothecary, Skills: Healing (can heal sicknesses)

He Yun, Profession: Tailor, Skills: Tailoring (can create defensive items)

All three people were S grade, and their other stats were not so important. In the Heaven Awaken World, grade was of paramount importance. There were nine grades in total, and they were, from highest to lowest: SSS, SS, S, A, B, C, D, E, and F.

The higher one’s grade was, the faster his or her cultivation and comprehension would progress. E grade was two times faster than F grade, D grade was four times faster than F grade, C grade was eight times faster than F grade, B grade was sixteen times faster than F grade, and so on.

Military forces also had grades, and they were also split from F to SSS. However, there were 3 sub-grades for each grade, such as F-, F, and F+.

After looking at their stats, Zhao Fu asked them to wait before he entered one of the rooms in the Village Hall, where the violet cube was silently floating in the air. He then looked at the Village’s stats.

Village Name: Great Qin Village (Legendary)

Level: Primary (0/5000)

Village Area: 1 square kilometer

Village Territory: 46 square kilometers

Residents: 6/1100

Soldiers: 0/440 (Every Village has a population and soldier limit. Most Normal grade Primary level Villages have a limit of 300 people, Blue grade Villages have a limit of 400 people, Silver grade Villages have a limit of 600 people, Gold grade Villages have a limit of 800 people, and Legendary Villages have a limit of 1000 people.)

Currently, it displayed that the limit was 1,100 residents because 100 residents were from the Village’s special stats, while the military limit of 440 was the number of residents that had a military profession.

Popular Support: 100 (Popular Support refers to the loyalty of residents. If Popular Support is at least 80, the Village will attract more people. If Popular Support is 0, residents will start to betray and flee. When Popular Support is negative, criminals will be attracted. Those people will of course not be loyal, and they must be continuously monitored or lives could be lost.)

Because the 5 residents in the Village were all given to Zhao Fu by the system and they had a Loyalty of 100, Popular Support was also 100.

Village Special Stats: Territory Crop Output +30%, Territory Crop Growing Time -30%, Population Limit +10%, Residents’ stats can randomly +1, Soldiers’ stats +1%, Population Attraction +20%, chances of attracting higher grade population +20%

Subsidiary Village Limit: 4 (Subsidiary Villages receive 10% of the special stats from the Main Village. Normal Villages cannot have Subsidiary Villages, and they need to be raised to Intermediate Villages before they can have any. Blue grade Villages can have one Subsidiary Village, Silver grade Villages can have two Subsidiary Villages, Gold grade Villages can have three Subsidiary Villages, and Legendary Villages can have four Subsidiary Villages.)

After looking at the Village’s stats, Zhao Fu felt that his Village was quite powerful. However, it was a pity that it was not the only one because the Qin Dynasty was not the only dynasty to exist in China’s thousands of years long history.

There were the Three Holy Dynasties: Xia, Shang, and Zhou; the Seven Powerful States of the Warring States period: Qi, Chu, Qin, Yan, Zhao, Wei, and Han; the Chu-Han Contention: Chu and Han; the Three Kingdoms: Wei, Shu, and Wu; the Five Dynasties: Later Liang, Later Tang, Later Jin, Later Han, and Later Zhou; the Ten Kingdoms: Wu, Wuyue, Min, Chu, Southern Han, Former Shu, Later Shu, Jingnan, Southern Tang, and Northern Han.

There were countless dynasties and kingdoms, and even though there were many forces that had unified a country, there were not that many legendary-level ones, and this was only China – there were many other countries as well.

At the same time, enmity and hatred would also be passed down with the legacies, such as Qi, Chu, Yan, Zhao, Wei, and Han hating Qin.

The six states destroyed by Qin would definitely have vowed to destroy Great Qin, and this sort of hatred was simply irreconcilable and unforgettable. It was something that would only disappear when one side was destroyed.

Great Qin also had hated foes such as Great Han and Great Chu, who destroyed Great Qin.

All of these chaotic forces from history would now appear in this world at the same time.

There were also normal people who could develop their own City by obtaining a City Heart or by conquering a Village. Adding on the countless other races, one could only imagine how cruel, bloody, and dark the future would be.

Zhao Fu took a deep breath, putting all of this out of his mind. He walked out of the Hall, taking the five people to the Origin. This round stage made from bricks was where new residents would come from.

Normal grade Primary level Villages were only able to summon one to four new villagers every day; Blue grade Villages could summon three to six, Silver grade Villages could summon five to eight, Gold grade Villages could summon seven to ten, and Legendary Villages could summon nine to twelve. Because of the Village’s special stats and Li Si’s Title bonus, the village had a 25% bonus to Population Attraction, so the Great Qin Village could summon eleven to fifteen people in a day.

Zhao Fu waved his hand toward the Origin, and new villagers started to be summoned. thirteen figures slowly appeared: eight males and five females. Some were elderly, while others were children.

The new villager’s Loyalty was not very high: it was around 60. As such, the Popular Support fell from 100 to 70 when the people were summoned.

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