The Lord's Empire

Chapter 21 – Skeleton Captain

Chapter 21 – Skeleton Captain

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Two days later, the stairs were completed. Because it was not very wide at the bottom, Zhao Fu only brought 10 Shieldbearers, 10 Infantry, 10 Archers, Bai Qi, and Old Logue. They were currently walking down the stairs towards the bottom.

By now, their equipment looked completely different. The Infantry were all using iron swords and sabers, while the shields that the Shieldbearers held had a thick layer of iron on the surface, increasing their defensive capabilities greatly. The arrowheads that the Archers now used were also iron, and everyone was wearing leather armor.

The Great Qin Village was currently unable to create plate armor – there were many different kinds of plate armor, and they all required blueprints. Also, the price of creating plate armor was roughly eight times more expensive than creating normal weapons.

Right now, Bai Qi was using a Blue grade sword – it was one of the weapons they had obtained last time from this place, and it had been made usable again after some simple repairs. The Blue grade armor he was wearing was from the Violent Fire Rabbit he had killed before.

Zhao Fu stayed at the back – he was not one to rush at the enemy, so he only wore Normal grade leather armor because it would be more suitable for Bai Qi to have the Blue grade leather armor.

Their group held torches, and the formation was as follows: Bai Qi and the Shieldbearers in the first row, Infantry in the second row, Archers in the third row, and then Zhao Fu and Old Logue, the Mages, in the fourth row.

As they slowly advanced, tongues of blue flames appeared in the heads of five Skeletons ahead. They raised their weapons and rushed at the group of humans. These five Skeletons were all Infantry and held either swords, sabers, or spears.

Bai Qi and the Shieldbearers created a defensive wall, blocking off the Skeleton soldiers. The Skeleton soldiers swung their weapons at the Shieldbearers, but they were blocked by the Shieldbearers’ shields.

The Archers drew their bows and fired arrows at the Skeleton soldiers. Arrows weren’t very effective against Skeletons because unless the arrows hit the Skeletons’ heads, the arrows would not deal much damage. However, the arrows could obstruct the Skeleton soldiers, giving the Infantry opportunities to attack.

This time, Bai Qi and Old Logue didn’t do much – the five Skeleton soldiers were split up by the Shieldbearers while the Archers made it difficult for them to attack, and the Infantry attacked the Skeleton soldiers, causing them to retreat. After the Skeleton soldiers lost their balance, the Infantry wildly attacked them without any worries.

After doing this three or four times, the Skeleton soldiers became a pile of bones. Because Skeletons were fuelled by spirit power, once their spirit power ran dry, they would naturally ‘die’. The five Skeleton soldiers dropped three Refined Martial Souls and five weapons.

After advancing, they encountered six Skeleton Infantry and two Skeleton Archers.

The six Skeleton Infantry raised their weapons and rushed at Zhao Fu’s group without any fear. The Skeleton Archers drew arrows from their quivers and drew their rusty bows.

Swish! Swish!

Two arrows tore through the air and drew an arc as they flew towards Zhao Fu’s group of people.

The Shieldbearers quickly raised their shields, blocking the two arrows. However, by now, the six Skeleton Infantry were right in front of them. If the Skeleton Archers continuously shot arrows, they would disrupt Zhao Fu’s soldiers’ coordination. Moreover, if they weren’t careful, they would be hit by the Skeleton Archers’ arrows, causing injury or death.

Zhao Fu immediately called out, “Old Logue, attack!”

Old Logue obeyed and raised his wooden staff as two blood-colored fireballs flew at the Skeletons, blasting the six Skeleton Infantry backwards.

Zhao Fu once again commanded, “Archers, suppress those two Skeleton Archers!”

The Archers drew their bows, sending arrow after arrow towards the Skeleton Archers, who were about to attack again.

Following this, Zhao Fu ordered, “Bai Qi, rush over there and deal with those two Skeleton Archers.”

Bai Qi ran around the six Skeleton Infantry that had been blasted backwards and charged towards the two Skeleton Archers.

By now, the six Skeleton Infantry were slowly getting back to their feet, and Zhao Fu quickly yelled, “Shieldbearers! Separate them and attack them like last time!”

Zhao Fu gave out a flurry of commands, and everyone quickly carried them out. The Shieldbearers and Infantry formed six small teams and separated the Skeleton Infantry while the 10 Archers fired at them whenever they found the opportunity to. Bai Qi rushed to the Skeleton Archers and swung down with his sword, which was covered in sword qi.

Just like that, they stabilized the situation and turned it in their favor.

Old Logue looked up and stared at Zhao Fu giving orders. Before, even when they were enemies, Old Logue felt quite fearful towards him because he felt that Zhao Fu was incredibly calm and rational when dealing with matters.

Zhao Fu had quickly analyzed the situation and rapidly given out orders in a coherent and calm manner, twisting this situation in their favor. Old Logue felt that it was only natural for his village to submit to Zhao Fu, and his Loyalty towards Zhao Fu increased.

Now that their allies and enemies were fighting at such close range, Zhao Fu and Old Logue could only stand by and watch.

Bai Qi was the first to succeed. He lopped off one of the Skeleton Archers’ heads and slashed his sword the other way, sending the other Skeleton Archer crashing against a wall, after which it fell apart.

The Shieldbearers and Infantry also coordinated like they did last time, and they dealt with the Skeleton Infantry one by one.

This time, they obtained 10 weapons: eight were Blue grade and two were White grade, and the two White grade weapons were the Archers’ short swords. There were also five Refined Martial Souls.

After resting for a short while, they continued ahead.

It was completely dark within the passage, and the dark made it feel as if there was no end. It was also deathly silent, making everyone feel quite wary.

At this moment, the sounds of the Skeletons coming to life could be heard. There were 12 Skeletons this time; 11 of them were Skeleton soldiers that held sabers, while the last one held a large saber and wore a suit of armor. The last Skeleton’s displayed name was [Skeleton Captain].

The situation instantly became quite dangerous for Zhao Fu and his soldiers.

The Skeleton Captain drew its sword and roared as a formless soundwave rippled outwards, its voice incredibly ear-piercing.

Following this, the Skeleton Captain rushed over with the other Skeleton soldiers behind it, and they did not seem clumsy or disorderly at all. They followed behind the Skeleton Captain as if they were living soldiers, and they gave off an unstoppable aura as they charged towards Zhao Fu’s soldiers.

“Is this the Skeleton Captain’s effect?” Zhao Fu muttered before yelling, “Arrange the formation!”

The soldiers’ expressions became grim as they started to move. The Shieldbearers formed a shield wall with the Infantry behind them, and the Archers prepared their arrows.


The Archers obeyed, and arrows streaked through the air, reaching the Skeletons in an instant. The Skeleton Captain brandished its large saber, and a cold light glinted as five or six arrows were cut out of the air.

At this moment, Zhao Fu roared, “Logue!!”

Old Logue was fully prepared, and he raised his wooden staff, drawing out his full power. Two blood-colored fireballs appeared above his head, and they were twice the size of the ones before.

Old Logue waved his wooden staff, causing the two blood-colored fireballs to fly at the Skeletons.

The Skeleton Captain did not seem to fear the two fireballs at all. The Skeleton Captain tilted its saber as rays of grey light extended out from the saber, and it was about to slash at the two fireballs.

At this moment, Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed. He had long since drawn his Iron Wood bow, and the arrow knocked on it shined with a mystical yellow light as he released it.


The arrow shot out like a bolt of lightning.

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