The Lord's Empire

Chapter 22 – General Armament

Chapter 22 – General Armament

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The arrow heavily slammed into the Skeleton Captain’s chest, and it was buried in its armor. The Skeleton Captain lost its balance, causing it to stumble back a few steps.

At this moment, the two large blood-colored fireballs slammed into him.

As two massive explosions sounded out, the fireballs exploded into fiery light, creating massive shockwaves and sending the Skeleton soldiers and Skeleton Captain flying.

Just as the Skeleton Captain started climbing up from the ground, a blood-colored fireball from Zhao Fu landed on its body.


An explosion rang out as the Skeleton Captain, who was trying to stand, was sent flying three or four meters.

By now, the other Skeleton soldiers were standing up. After losing the leadership of the Skeleton Captain, they instinctively rushed over.

“Archers, fire your arrows and suppress them!” Zhao Fu yelled.

The Archers continuously shot their arrows in order to stall for Old Logue. Soon, two blood-colored fireballs once again formed in the air and landed amidst the Skeleton soldiers, sending them flying.

Nearby, the Skeleton Captain slowly struggled to its feet when a normal Fireball landed on its body, blasting it back another three or four meters.

Seeing that they had successfully separated the Skeleton Captain from the Skeleton soldiers, Zhao Fu immediately said, “Bai Qi, I’ll leave the Skeleton Captain to you!”

Bai Qi nodded and ran towards the Skeleton Captain.

The remaining 11 Skeleton soldiers were held up by Zhao Fu and the others. Once three or four of them were gathered together, fireballs flew over, after which the Shieldbearers and Infantry wildly attacked the Skeleton soldiers while they were on the ground.

Soon, Zhao Fu was able to control the situation on his side. On Bai Qi’s side, because the Skeleton Captain had been weakened by Zhao Fu and Old Logue’s attacks, it was much weaker than before and was at a constant disadvantage. However, it was still quite powerful. The Skeleton Captain gripped its saber with both hands, attacking Bai Qi fiercely with each attack. Cold saber light continuously glinted as it continuously attacked Bai Qi.

Since his side was under control, Zhao Fu looked over at Bai Qi. Zhao Fu once again knocked an arrow on his bow and used Rock Crushing Arrow, causing strands of mystical yellow light to gather on the arrow.

The Skeleton Captain was currently spinning as its saber slashed towards Bai Qi’s waist.

At this moment, the arrow smashed into the Skeleton Captain’s waist, stopping its spin. Bai Qi grasped this opportunity, his sword radiating an incredibly sharp sword qi as it pierced into the Skeleton Captain’s head. The blue tongue of fire in the Skeleton Captain’s head gradually dwindled before it disappeared.

The Skeleton Captain’s body then collapsed, turning into a pile of bones. Bai Qi quickly turned around and came over to join the others, facing three Skeleton soldiers by himself.

Under Zhao Fu’s commands, his soldiers attacked with their full strength, and with Old Logue’s fireballs, the 11 Skeleton soldiers were quickly destroyed.

This battle lasted for half an hour, and everyone was completely exhausted. This was especially so for Zhao Fu and Old Logue, whose minds were extremely weary.

Following this, they started to collect the spoils from the battle. The 11 Skeleton soldiers dropped 11 Blue grade weapons and 8 Refined Martial Souls. After going over to the Skeleton Captain’s bones, Zhao Fu saw his large saber first:

[Hundred Vanguard Sabre]: Grade: Silver, Stats: Strength +3, Constitution +3, Description: An exquisite Gold grade weapon that has become rusty due to the passage of time, becoming an ordinary Silver grade weapon.

Zhao Fu was quite happy to find a Silver grade weapon, and he looked at the Skeleton Captain’s armor:

[Lapis Lazuli Armour]: Grade: Blue, Stats: Constitution +1, Description: A Gold grade armor that has become rusty after over 10,000 years, becoming a Blue grade armor.

After obtaining this armor, Zhao Fu gave it to Bai Qi for now. The Lapis Lazuli Armor’s defensive capabilities were definitely higher than that of Bai Qi’s current armor, so Bai Qi could wear it for now before going back to the village and repairing it.

As for the Blue grade armor that Bai Qi had taken off, Zhao Fu decided to put it on. Apart from those two pieces of equipment, the Skeleton Captain also dropped an orb that shined with a faint light. Within the orb, there seemed to be a soldier wearing armor and holding a large saber. Seeing this, Zhao Fu picked it up and looked at it.

[Soldier Soul]: Description: A powerful soul left behind by a soldier that can be fused into a City Heart to become a guardian spirit. It can also be fused into a weapon to strengthen it. (Note: 100 Soldier Souls can fuse to form a General Armament, and a Lord with 24 General Armaments can use 1000 Soldier Souls to fuse into a King Armament.)

Zhao Fu was pleasantly surprised and felt that the Soldier Soul was quite powerful. Because he didn’t know what a General Armament or King Armament was, he could only put the orb away for now, curiosity bubbling within him.

After resting and recovering their strength and spirit for a while, they continued onwards.

They did not meet any more troublesome enemies, and after killing 12 Skeleton Infantry and 5 Skeleton Archers, they obtained 13 Refined Martial Souls.

Zhao Fu had thought that they would be able to continue advancing easily like this, but the situation quickly changed due to the appearance of Skeleton Shieldbearers.

Zhao Fu had only been able to get so far by relying on the fact that he had defensive soldiers, while his enemies did not. Now that the enemy also had defensive soldiers, the situation became quite grim for him.

This time, Zhao Fu encountered five Skeleton Infantry, three Skeleton Archers, and five Skeleton Shieldbearers.

This situation was much more difficult than when they had faced 10 or so pure-offensive Skeleton soldiers. Every time Zhao Fu’s Archers shot arrows, they were blocked by the Skeleton Shieldbearers, and charging at them was not so easy either. Shieldbearers could only face off against Shieldbearers in a stalemate.

The only ones who could make a difference were Zhao Fu and Old Logue with their explosive attacks.

The Skeleton Soldiers were also in formation with the Skeleton Shieldbearers in front, the Skeleton Infantry hiding behind them, and the Skeleton Archers standing far behind them with arrows nocked on their bows.

Right now, Zhao Fu had no choice but to use his numbers advantage to go head-to-head with the Skeletons.

On Zhao Fu’s side, the Shieldbearers were also at the front, the Infantry behind them, and the Archers with their bows drawn at the back.

The two sides clashed together. Zhao Fu’s Archers’ main role was to suppress the Skeleton Archers, as Zhao Fu’s soldiers were all flesh and blood – when hit, they would be injured or die, unlike the Undead.

Right now, Zhao Fu could only vigilantly monitor the situation. He wanted to use Fireballs to attack the Skeleton Archers, but Magic-type attacks did not have a very long range, so he could only wait for an opportune moment.

However, the situation was always in Zhao Fu’s favor. There were always two of Zhao Fu’s Shieldbearers facing off against one Skeleton Shieldbearer, trying to knock them out of the way.

However, despite becoming Undead, the Skeleton Shieldbearers seemed to know that Shieldbearers could only remain effective by staying together. As such, no matter how Zhao Fu’s Shieldbearers shoved at them, the Skeleton Shieldbearers still remained tightly bunched up together.

The situation remained completely deadlocked, so Zhao Fu had no choice but to send Bai Qi.

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