The Lord's Empire

Chapter 26 – Grey Wolf King

Chapter 26 – Grey Wolf King

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Zhao Fu sent two people to take the Azure Oxen back to the Great Qin Village while the rest of the party continued onwards. At this moment, some rustling could be heard from the grass nearby, causing everyone to stop. A Violent Flame Rabbit jumped out – this Violet Flame Rabbit was smaller than the one they had encountered some time ago.

Violent Flame Rabbits have extremely explosive temperaments, and it dared to attack Zhao Fu’s massive group of people, a fireball flying towards them.

A Shieldbearer raised his shield and stepped forwards, blocking the fireball easily. The force behind the fireball only caused him to take a single step back, and he barely took any damage at all.

At this moment, Zhao Fu ordered his Archers to attack. Facing so many arrows, the Violent Flame Rabbit tried to dodge as quickly as it could, but it ended up just being shot to death. However, after the Violent Flame Rabbit died, it did not drop a red orb, making Zhao Fu feel quite disappointed.

They continued forwards and encountered 30 or so Black Mountain Sheep. They used traps to once again capture and tame them, and this happened quite a few times over the next few days before they returned.

In the end, they tamed quite a few wild beasts: 36 wild boars, 85 Azure Oxen, and 215 Black Mountain Sheep.

They did not obtain a single Magic skill or find any horses. Over these few days, Wang Dawu had done a simple repair on all of the weapons they had obtained at the bottom of the crack and on the plate armor.

After changing their equipment, out of the 30 people that Zhao Fu had brought with him, most of the Archers and Shieldbearers had Blue grade weapons, while almost every Infantryman had Blue grade weapons.

After Wang Dawu completed these, Zhao Fu ordered him to create some special equipment. This equipment was designed by Zhao Fu, Bai Qi, and Li Si to deal specifically with the Skeletons.

Zhao Fu continued taking people to the Forest of Horrors in hopes of encountering some magic beasts or horses.

At this moment, Zhao Fu was passing by a mountain valley when a few Grey Wolves suddenly rushed at them. They were quickly killed by the Archers, but this piqued Zhao Fu’s curiosity, so he decided to explore the valley.

Who would have thought that he would find a Den within the valley? Zhao Fu and his soldiers hid on a mountain slope nearby, scoping out the area.

Below them was the mountain valley, and there was a flat piece of land around 3,000 meters in length. There were wild grasses growing around it, but there was a round stage made of brick at the center, and it looked very much like the [Origin] of a village. However, there was a statue of a wolf floating above the round stage.

There were many Grey Wolves around the round stage who were playing and fighting. There seemed to be around 400 to 500 of them, and there was even a Wolf King among them. It was as big as a tiger and had soft-looking grey fur. Its gaze was sharp, and the fur on its head was silver.

Even though they had not discovered any magic beasts or horses, Zhao Fu was quite happy to have made such a discovery.

Zhao Fu immediately returned to the Great Qin Village, gathered his forces, and headed back to the Grey Wolf valley with 326 soldiers.

Of course, Zhao Fu did not launch a direct attack. Unless he held an overwhelming advantage, he would never do such a thing, so they first hid for a while. He then ordered his soldiers to start creating traps to lure the wolves out. It was quite simple: they would use fresh meat and blood to attract them. The traps didn’t even have to be too close to the wolves because wolves have an excellent sense of smell. Luring over 10 or so wolves would be enough.

Zhao Fu caught and killed a few wild deer, cutting up their corpses and pouring their blood on the ground to ensure the success of the traps. Those who were ordered to hide nearby rolled around in the mud for a while and used bits of chili and garlic to cover their scent.

The plan went quite successfully. Soon, 10 or so Grey Wolves were attracted by the scent of blood and guts. The Grey Wolves were still quite alert and did not immediately leap onto the deer meat. Instead, they used their sense of smell from a distance, and after not discovering any danger, they slowly approached.

Following this, the Grey Wolves went beside the deer meat but did not immediately start eating. They lowered their heads and smelled it – it would have been impossible for Zhao Fu to use poison – and after confirming that the deer meat was fine, they started to eat when…

Swish! Swish! Swish…

Arrows shot out of the forest towards the Grey Wolves. They were greatly startled and turned to run away, but many of them were still killed. A few of them were able to escape from the rain of arrows but were immediately cornered by Zhao Fu’s hidden soldiers.

At this moment, one of the Grey Wolves stopped and raised its head. Zhao Fu realised that it was about to howl to attract over other Grey Wolves – this would cause his plan to fail, so he quickly drew his bow and shot an arrow at it.

The arrow drew an arc through the air, glinting with a cold light.


The arrow stabbed into the Grey Wolf’s neck, causing it to fall to the ground and rasp quietly. After twitching a few times, it died on the spot. Zhao Fu gave the order for the other Grey Wolves to be quickly killed so that they wouldn’t have an opportunity to call the other wolves.

Zhao Fu’s people quickly acted, disposing of the remaining Grey Wolves. After this, they continuously used the same method to lure over Grey Wolves but became much more careful.

In this way, they killed 213 Grey Wolves. After so many wolves died, the Grey Wolf King in the mountain valley detected something and stood up, walked to a large rock, and raised its head.


A massive howl echoed throughout the valley, and the wolves that had been playing or eating all stopped what they were doing and howled in response.

“Awoooo! Awooo! Awooo…”

Wolves from all over the valley howled, giving off a fearsome aura and causing countless birds to fly away from the mountain valley.

By now, Zhao Fu and his soldiers had returned to the valley and gotten into formation. They marched with heavy footsteps, giving off the airs of a grand army as they entered the valley.

The Grey Wolf King on the large rock immediately saw Zhao Fu and his soldiers and furiously howled. The Grey Wolves started to rush at Zhao Fu’s soldiers without regard for their lives, and soon, 300 Grey Wolves were rushing at them like a grey flood.

“Assume positions!” Zhao Fu loudly roared.

The Spear and Shield Soldiers took three steps forwards, pointing their spears at the Grey Wolves. The Archers also drew their bows as the Gnomes readied their crossbows.

“Fire!” Zhao Fu loudly called out when the Grey Wolves entered their attack range.

Swish! Swish! Swish…

The sound of the air being torn continuously sounded out as arrows and crossbow bolts streaked through the air, raining down on the Grey Wolves.

Chi! Chi! Chi…

As the rain of arrows and crossbow bolts descended, the Grey Wolves fell one after another, but there were still ones that continued running.

“Fire!” Zhao Fu once again roared.

Arrows and crossbow bolts once again filled the sky, covering the pack of Grey Wolves and killing many of them.

By now, the surviving Grey Wolves had reached Zhao Fu’s forces, and they sprang towards them. However, the Shieldbearers at the front stabbed out with their spears.

Chi! Chi! Chi…

Blood splattered everywhere as multiple Grey Wolves were pierced by the spears. Wolves were not very strong by themselves and were only powerful in packs. After going through two waves of arrows and crossbow bolts, there were only 150 or so Grey Wolves remaining from the 300 Grey Wolves. Even though there were still many of them, Zhao Fu’s forces had double their numbers and were in perfect formation, creating an unbreakable wall. The battle was completely in Zhao Fu’s favor.

The Grey Wolf King could not watch on anymore, its body turning into a black blur as it rushed towards Zhao Fu’s soldiers.

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