The Lord's Empire

Chapter 27 – Little Spirit Grass

Chapter 27 – Little Spirit Grass

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The Grey Wolf King was incredibly fast, and it arrived before the Shieldbearers in the blink of an eye. It ferociously snarled as it leaped towards the Shieldbearers.

However, at this moment, 2 blood-colored fireballs flew towards it. Old Logue, who had done nothing this entire time, finally acted. The Grey Wolf King was quite surprised and twisted its body, narrowly avoiding the fireballs. Just as it landed on the ground, it was savagely hit by a whip – Liu Mei had also acted.

Even though the whip didn’t deal much damage to it, it still hurt quite a lot. After taking this hit, the Grey Wolf King turned and bared its fangs at Liu Mei, roaring as it rushed towards her.

However, before it could take a few steps, a figure suddenly arrived by its side.


A sword light flashed and blood flew out as Bai Qi, who had been long-prepared, also attacked. The Grey Wolf King cried out in pain and turned its head, biting towards Bai Qi.

Bai Qi was expecting this and quickly darted backwards.


An arrow pierced through one of the Grey Wolf King’s front legs. Zhao Fu had an arrow nocked this entire time, and he had finally found an opportunity.

The Grey Wolf King was completely enraged by this chain of attacks, and it roared as it sprang towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu didn’t look afraid at all when he saw the Grey Wolf King coming towards him. Zhao Fu did not move, and he instead calmly raised a hand as he sent a fireball towards it. The Grey Wolf King twisted and dodged it, but 2 blood-colored fireballs shot at it right after. The Grey Wolf King barely dodged one but was hit by the other one.


A massive explosion sounded out as the Grey Wolf King was blasted backwards, scorching its fur. Just as it landed on the ground again, Bai Qi appeared by its side and slashed the Grey Wolf King, adding another injury to the Grey Wolf King’s body and causing it to madly rush at him.

In the next instant, a whip tangled around its legs. Liu Mei gripped her whip with both hands, loudly laughing as the Grey Wolf King lost its balance and crashed to the ground.

This was the effect of a group of people coordinating together perfectly. Because they outnumbered the Grey Wolf King, it was barely able to counterattack at all. Since they had the Grey Wolf King under control, Zhao Fu turned his attention to commanding his soldiers to eliminate the rest of the Grey Wolves.

10 minutes later, all of the Grey Wolves had been killed, dropping countless copper coins. Only a few of the soldiers had been bitten, and their injuries were not too serious.

Zhao Fu turned his attention back to the Grey Wolf King. By now, its body was riddled with injuries, and it looked extremely pitiful. Zhao Fu thought about it and decided not to kill the Grey Wolf King – the benefits of taming it far exceeded the benefits from killing it, so he ordered people to use ropes to tie it up.

The Grey Wolf King no longer had any strength left, and with the cooperation of Bai Qi and the others, it was soon trussed up.

Zhao Fu lightly smiled. As everyone else cleared the battlefield, he walked over to the Grey Wolf King and looked at it.

The Grey Wolf King savagely glared at Zhao Fu, and it wanted to kill him and eat him in one gulp. However, Zhao Fu did not mind, and he placed his hand on the Grey Wolf King’s head. Because its mouth was tightly bound as well, he didn’t have to be afraid of being bitten.

Zhao Fu tried using Taming, and a light came out from his hand, covering the Grey Wolf King’s entire body. However, the Grey Wolf King struggled against it, causing it to fail.

Zhao Fu’s gaze became serious, and he pressed his hand down on the Grey Wolf King’s head with even more strength and used Taming again. However, the Grey Wolf King desperately struggled, and it escaped from the light again. A system announcement told Zhao Fu that his Taming had failed, and he was even knocked to the ground because the Grey Wolf King started flailing.

Seeing this, Bai Qi’s eyes glinted as he walked over and said, “Your Majesty, wolves are a very proud type of animal, and they are very difficult to tame. It would be better to just kill it!”

“That’s right! I’ve never eaten the meat of a Wolf King, and I really want to try it!” Liu Mei said as she ran over and looked at the Grey Wolf King. As she became closer with the Great Qin Village’s people, she gradually stopped being reserved, and she did not worry about Zhao Fu killing her anymore.

Zhao Fu shook his head, refusing to take their advice. He decided to try again. When he came before the Grey Wolf King, he said calmly, “You must be furious because I killed your clan. However, in this world, the strong prey on the weak. If you submit to me, one day, I’ll make you the most respected existence in the Wolf Clan, and your Den will soon return to what it was like before. If you don’t agree, I’ll just kill you and wait for the next Wolf King to appear. A conflicted look appeared in the Grey Wolf King’s eyes before it chose to submit.

“System announcement! You have obtained the loyalty of a Chief class creature, the Grey Wolf King.”

“System announcement! You have obtained 50 Achievement Points for subduing a Chief class creature.”

Zhao Fu was quite surprised and pleased to find out that he had received Achievement Points too. He used some basic healing on the Grey Wolf King, and Bai Qi and Old Logue continuously congratulated him. On the other hand, Liu Mei pouted unhappily because she would not be able to try Wolf King meat.

Following this, Zhao Fu looked at the Grey Wolf King’s stats.

[Grey Wolf King] (Chief)

Level: Stage 0-5

Grade: S

Stats: Strength: 15, Intelligence: 9, Agility: 17, Constitution: 11

Skills: Wolf King’s Might (strikes fear into ordinary wolves and makes them submit), Bloodthirsty Bite (madly bites the enemy until the enemy is dead)

Zhao Fu was quite surprised to find that beasts had grades as well. Given that its level was in Stages just like a person’s cultivation, the Grey Wolf King was most likely not just a wild beast but also a magic beast.

Zhao Fu left Bai Qi to clean up the battlefield, and Zhao Fu went to the Den and touched his hand to the statue of the wolf, receiving some information.

[Den – Grey Wolf]: (Primary 1800/5000), Grade: White, Description: The Den of Grey Wolves, spawns 2-5 Grey Wolves per day.

The Den’s stats were quite similar to those of a Normal Village’s. Zhao Fu chose to conquer it, and he received a system announcement notifying him that he had received 50 Achievement Points. This place was quite far from the Great Qin Village, so he chose to [Relocate] it. The Great Qin Village received 180 EXP, and the wolf-shaped statute shrank and fell into Zhao Fu’s hand.

Zhao Fu was about to take the statue away and leave when he suddenly noticed large patches of jade-green, crystal-like grass. It looked quite extraordinary, and he couldn’t help but take a closer look at it:

[Little Spirit Grass]: Grade: Stage 1 Medicinal Grass, Description: A type of spirit grass that can be used to make medicinal pills. Zhao Fu couldn’t help but smile when he saw this. Before, Zhao Fu had obtained the pill recipe for Little Spirit Pill, but he could not make any due to the lack of ingredients. However, he had never expected to find the ingredients so easily.

There were thousands of blades of Little Spirit Grass here, and Zhao Fu immediately ordered his soldiers to start collecting them. He planned to use some to refine into pills, while the rest would be re-planted at the Great Qin Village. After all, the Great Qin Village reduced the amount of time it took to grow things, so Zhao Fu planned to plant Little Spirit Grass in mass amounts at the Great Qin Village.

Finally, after this, everyone returned to the Great Qin Village. They had obtained great gains today, and everyone looked quite delighted.

After returning to the Great Qin Village, Zhao Fu separated a plot of land for the Den. Wolves have a very acute sense of smell, so they could be used for hunting. Moreover, the materials from their bodies could be used for creating equipment, and the Den would spawn new Grey Wolves every day, which meant that there would be no need to breed them. Zhao Fu felt that he hadn't left the Heaven Awaken World in quite some time, so after he checked the make sure there weren’t any pressing matters that needed to be attended to, he exited to the real world.

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