The Lord's Empire

Chapter 29 – Skeleton Cavalry

Chapter 29 – Skeleton Cavalry

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As Zhao Fu’s soldiers walked along the dark passageway, they soon encountered a group of Skeletons. There were 11 of them, and 5 of them were Skeleton Shieldbearers and 6 of them were Skeleton Infantry. After coming to life, they quickly ran at Zhao Fu’s forces.

At this moment, the 10 Goblin Warriors, who were wearing plate armor and holding shields that were 2 meters tall, 1.2 meters wide, and 10 centimeters thick, stepped forwards, forming a shield wall. Because the passageway was only 10 meters wide while the shield wall would be 12 meters long, one of the Goblin Warriors stepped back. However, the shield wall was able to completely stop the Skeleton soldiers.

No matter how the Skeleton Shieldbearers pushed and shoved, the Goblin Warriors were like immovable mountains.

Zhao Fu felt quite pleased when he saw this. He then ordered for a gap to be opened to allow some Skeleton soldiers in.

The 2 Goblin Warriors in the center obeyed, slightly shifting their shields. At that moment, a few of the Skeletons pushed, expecting to meet resistance, but they then fell through the gap. Quickly, the gap was closed off again.

What they faced were 10 big men wearing plate armor and holding large iron hammers.

When the iron hammers descended, the Skeleton was knocked to the ground, and after a few strikes, it was reduced to a pile of bones. Compared to sharp sabers and swords, blunt weapons were more effective against Skeletons, and Zhao Fu’s soldiers quickly used this method to kill the rest of the Skeletons.

From this group of Skeletons, they had obtained 11 Blue grade weapons and 9 Refined Martial Souls, 3 of which were useful for Shieldbearers. As such, Zhao Fu immediately gave them to the Goblin Warriors.

This was Zhao Fu’s special plan: he had equipped Goblin Warriors with large shields and large-sized plate armor. Now that the Goblin Warriors had learned Shieldbearer skills, with their immense strength, they would be excellent Shieldbearers.

Everyone in the team, no matter if it was the Goblin Warriors, Infantry, or Archers, had been given a Refined Martial Soul at some point.

Before, Zhao Fu didn’t want to use the Refined Martial Souls. After all, they were all quite special, and most of them could unlock skills that were C- grade or above. As such, he had thought that it would be a waste to give them to people who were E grade or F grade.

However, he realized that he would have to make some sacrifices to obtain even more equipment and Refined Martial Souls.

Three of the Goblin Warriors now had the C- grade skill Enhanced Shieldbearing, the 10 Infantrymen had the C grade skill Enhanced Impact, and the Archers all had the Rock Crushing Arrow skill that Zhao Fu had.

Li Wen and Liu Mei had also used Refined Martial Souls. Li Wen used an Archer Refined Martial Soul and Liu Mei used an Infantry Refined Martial Soul, so after receiving their skills, they were immediately proficient at using them.

Because Old Logue was quite old, he could not engage in close-range battles. Therefore, Old Logue did not use a Refined Martial Soul.

It was clear right now that Zhao Fu’s soldiers were quite powerful, and they could destroy Skeletons effortlessly. They now advanced two times faster than before because they could suppress the Skeletons much easier now. The Goblin Warriors formed an impenetrable iron wall, and the 10 Infantrymen used their iron hammers to smash the Skeletons, which was much more effective than cutting or slashing them.


Blue tongues of fire lit up in the darkness, and 17 Skeletons came to life. 6 of them were Skeleton Shieldbearers, 6 of them were Skeleton Infantrymen, and 5 of them were Skeleton Archers.

Facing so many Skeletons, Zhao Fu’s soldiers did not look afraid at all. They continued to advance in an orderly manner, and the Archers pierced the heads of 3 of the Skeleton Infantrymen in the first wave of arrows. The Goblin Warriors raised their shields and used the same method as before to deal with the Skeletons.

The equipment and items dropped were the same as always, but Zhao Fu was ecstatic to find that there was also a Soldier Soul. The drop rate for Soldier Souls was quite low, and only Skeleton Captains seemed to have a 100% chance of dropping one.

The next wave of Skeletons consisted of a Skeleton Captain and 10 or so Skeleton soldiers, and they charged towards Zhao Fu. This time, the Skeleton Captain was a Skeleton Archer who had incredibly proficient archery skills, and quite a few of Zhao Fu’s soldiers were almost injured.

However, the Skeleton Captain was quickly killed by Bai Qi and the others, and it dropped a Soldier Soul and its Silver grade bow.

[Flowing Cloud Bow]: Grade: Silver, Stats: Strength +3, Constitution +1, Agility +2, Description: An exquisite Gold grade weapon that has become rusty due to the passage of time, becoming an ordinary Silver grade weapon.

Zhao Fu kept the Flowing Cloud Bow for now because he used his bow often. After advancing, they killed another three waves of Skeletons and obtained three Soldier Souls. The passage seemed to go on forever, and it was completely dark in front of them, making it impossible for them to see what was ahead.

Clip clop clip clop clip clop clip clop…

The sound of horse hooves seemed to come from ahead. Zhao Fu thought of something, and it seemed that everyone else had as well.

As expected, Skeleton Cavalry soon appeared in front of everyone. These Skeleton Cavalrymen were riding on Skeleton horses, and it seemed that they had kept their horses and equipment after they had died. While their equipment seemed to be White grade, their weapons seemed to be Blue grade.

When the 5 Skeleton Cavalrymen appeared, they drew their long swords and brandished them as they rushed towards Zhao Fu’s soldiers.

Zhao Fu immediately called out, “Shields!”

The Goblin Warriors raised their massive shields with both hands, forming an iron wall. They braced themselves for impact as Zhao Fu also ordered the Archers to attack.

Arrows started to fly through the air, and most of them were dodged by the Skeleton Cavalrymen. A few of them hit the Skeleton Cavalrymen, but they did not deal much damage. At most, the arrows could cause the Skeleton Cavalrymen to pause, but the arrows did not slow them down at all because they were riding on Skeleton horses.

When the Skeleton Cavalrymen were right in front of Zhao Fu’s soldiers, 4 Fireballs and 1 Wind Blade shot towards them.

Bang, bang, bang, bang…

A chain of explosions sounded out, and as these skills all exploded together, the front two Skeleton Cavalrymen were blasted off their horses, but the 3 Skeleton Cavalrymen beside and behind them were not affected much and continued onwards with the same momentum and ferocious aura.

However, they were unable to do anything to the Goblin Warriors’ shield wall, nor could they jump over it. After being hoisted up by the Goblin Warriors, the 2-meter-tall shields reached up to 2.3 meters high, a height that couldn’t be scaled by normal horses.

The Skeleton Cavalrymen could only spur their horses onwards to break through the shield wall.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Three heavy sounds sounded out as the Skeleton horses slammed into the massive shields. The Goblin Warriors gritted their teeth and pushed forwards, stopping the charge of the horses.

Zhao Fu ordered the Archers to kill the 2 Skeleton Cavalrymen that had fallen off their horses before telling the Goblin Warriors to open a gap to bring in 2 Skeleton Cavalrymen.

Just as the 2 Skeleton Cavalrymen rushed in, the 10 Infantrymen split into 2 groups, raising their iron hammers and slamming them towards the Skeleton horses’ legs, bringing them to the ground.

Following this, the Infantrymen gathered around the Skeleton Cavalry and repeatedly slammed their hammers down on them, smashing them to bits before surrounding the final Skeleton Cavalryman.

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