The Lord's Empire

Chapter 30 – Skeleton General

Chapter 30 – Skeleton General

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The 5 Skeleton Cavalrymen were all killed. Two of the Skeleton horses were killed, one was half-crippled, and the remaining two were trapped outside of the shield wall.

The remaining two Skeleton horses were the horses of the 2 Skeleton Cavalrymen that had been blasted off their horses. They were no longer being controlled but still charged at the shield wall due to their natural instincts as Undead.

Zhao Fu did not pay much attention to the 2 Skeleton horses for now. He went over to the half-crippled Skeleton horse and tried to use Taming on it to see if Skeleton horses could be tamed. If he could, he would use the Skeleton horses as warhorses, allowing him to start creating Cavalry.

However, Zhao Fu found that Taming did not work on Undead, which disappointed him greatly. As such, he could only kill the Skeleton horses.


Zhao Fu continued onwards and killed a few more waves of Skeletons. Even though the Skeleton groups now had every major type of military unit, they could not threaten Zhao Fu’s forces. The Skeletons were all killed, and they dropped many pieces of equipment, some Refined Martial Souls, and, on rare occasions, Soldier Souls.

After proceeding for a while, the passage started to widen and they could see some changes. Zhao Fu let out a breath – it seemed that there was an end to this passage.

Suddenly, a blue tongue of fire lit up as a powerful aura swept towards them. Everyone quickly raised their torches and saw a Skeleton General wearing silver armor and holding a double-handed sword coming to life.

Everyone became completely serious.

The Skeleton General slowly stood up and stared at Zhao Fu’s soldiers with the sockets in its head. It gave off an eerie killing intent, causing a chill to spread through the entire passage.

Zhao Fu immediately called out, “Everyone, be careful!”

After standing up, the Skeleton General started to walk towards Zhao Fu’s soldiers. Zhao Fu immediately ordered the Archers to attack.

Swish, swish, swish…

The arrows flew through the air towards the Skeleton General. The Skeleton General continued walking forwards without even a trace of fear, and its sword was completely level. When the arrows were about 1 meter away from its body, it raised the sword in its hands, and a grey aura erupted from the sword. The Skeleton General casually waved the sword…


The arrows were all repelled by an invisible force, and none of them were able to even come close to its body.

Zhao Fu drew the Flowing Cloud Bow and used Rock Crushing Arrow. A mystical yellow aura appeared around his arrow, and the arrow shot towards the Skeleton General. However, the Skeleton General merely tilted its head, causing the arrow to narrowly miss. The arrow stabbed into the ground behind the Skeleton General, and the arrow trembled from the force.

After easily dodging Zhao Fu’s arrow, the Skeleton General’s figure suddenly flashed as it appeared before the shield wall, and it quickly raised its sword before slashing at the shieldwall.


The sword hit the massive shields, causing an ear-piercing sound and creating many sparks. The five Goblin Warriors were sent stumbling back 4 or 5 meters, and a deep cut appeared on their shields.

Zhao Fu and Bai Qi’s expressions became grim when they saw just how powerful the Skeleton General was. Li Wen had never seen such a powerful Skeleton before, and his face became incredibly pale. Following this, Zhao Fu could only loudly call out:


Arrows continuously shot towards the Skeleton General, but the Skeleton General’s body turned into a blur, easily dodging all of the arrows and appearing elsewhere.

Zhao Fu immediately yelled, “Wind Blade!”

Liu Mei didn’t dare to be careless, and she put all of her focus into using Wind Blade, causing an azure crescent to shoot towards the Skeleton General.

The Skeleton General pivoted, and the Wind Blade flew past the Skeleton General without damaging it at all.

Following this, Zhao Fu called out, “Fireball!”

Li Wen silently bit his tongue, forcing himself to remain calm. This was the first time Zhao Fu had taken him out to fight, and he had also given him a precious elemental orb and a Refined Martial Soul. Since Zhao Fu treated him so well, how could he let him down?

After joining the Great Qin Village, Li Wen told himself that he could not allow himself to become an ordinary villager; in the future, he wanted to be a famed general for Great Qin.

When Li Wen first saw the Skeleton General, his face had been extremely pale. However, he had quickly calmed down and immediately released a fireball upon hearing the order.

The fireball flew towards the Skeleton General from the front, and it appeared just as the Skeleton General had pivoted to dodge the Wind Blade, making it difficult for the Skeleton General to dodge the fireball. However, the Skeleton General was not worried at all, and it slashed the fireball.


The fireball exploded, turning into tiny sparks.

However, two blood-colored fireballs immediately came from its left and right, landing on the Skeleton General’s body. Zhao Fu and Old Logue had acted together while the Skeleton General had been distracted by Li Wen.


A massive explosion sounded out as the two blood-colored fireballs simultaneously exploded, but the blast did not send the Skeleton General flying. It was only forced back a few steps and only looked slightly worse for wear.

“Fire!” Zhao Fu ordered as the Archers raised their bows, once again shooting arrows at the Skeleton General. However, the Skeleton General once again easily deflected them with its sword.


Zhao Fu found an opening and landed an arrow on the Skeleton General’s abdomen. The arrow pierced through its armor, hitting the Skeleton General’s lumbar vertebrae and causing it to take a slight step back.

The Skeleton General looked towards Zhao Fu ominously and released a cold killing intent. Suddenly, its body turned into a black blur as it rushed towards Zhao Fu.


A figure charged over from Zhao Fu’s side, blocking the Skeleton General. When the two swords clashed together, sparks flew into the air. The figure was Bai Qi, and he had been preparing this entire time.

The Skeleton General roared and pressed down on Bai Qi with its sword. Bai Qi’s expression remained calm – his current strength was below that of the Skeleton General’s, but he would not show any weakness. He gritted his teeth and used all of his strength to push back at the Skeleton General.

“Retreat!” Zhao Fu ordered. Bai Qi quickly retreated without hesitation – he was completely obedient to Zhao Fu’s orders. As soon as Bai Qi retreated, the 10 Goblin Warriors raised their shields and surrounded the Skeleton General.

The Skeleton General paused in surprise, and it immediately swung its sword to escape from the encirclement.

At this moment, four fireballs and one Wind Blade landed on the Skeleton General – Zhao Fu, Li Wen, Old Logue, and Liu Mei had simultaneously acted.


The magic skills exploded together, and Old Logue and Zhao Fu’s blood-colored fireballs were the most destructive. Even the Goblin Warriors surrounding the Skeleton General were all forced back by 1 step by the explosion.

The Skeleton General in the center took quite a lot of damage, and it was in quite a pitiful state as it knelt on one knee on the ground. It stabbed its sword into the ground, preparing to stand up.

The Goblin Warriors suddenly created a gap in the encirclement as arrows flew towards the Skeleton General.


After being hit continuously, the Skeleton General loudly roared, vigorously slashing everything around it with its sword. The sword lightly hummed as 8 rays of grey sword qi slashed out.


A massive explosion sounded out. The 8 rays of sword qi tore through the air, forming a storm of sword qi. Not only had the arrows been stopped, but three of the Goblin Warriors were also sent flying, and many of their shields had 7 centimeter deep cuts.

After using its ultimate skill, the Skeleton General looked exhausted, not moving from its position. At this moment, an arrow pierced into the Skeleton General’s head, passing through it cleanly. The blue tongue of fire within the Skeleton General’s head flickered before being extinguished, and the Skeleton General collapsed into a pile of bones. Only then did Zhao Fu put down his bow, a cold look in his eye.

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