The Magus Era

Chapter 18 – Violence

Chapter 18 - Violence

“Haha! Haha! Hahaha!” Ji Hao raised his arms and shouted. His eyeballs suddenly turned red.

Ji Hao was deeply astonished by his father, who was so talented and powerful.

He clearly remembered, ten years ago, that battle against the Blackwater Serpent Clan in the Ancestral Temple at the Gold Black Mountain. Ji Xia and Qing Fu had been sneak-attacked by assassins. Ji Xia only had around twenty awakened Magus Acupoints at that time, every one of them had been punctured by poisonous weapons.

If this had happened to any other Senior Magus in the Fire Crow Clan, it would have been impossible for him or her to recover from such a damage. Normally speaking, damaging even the tiniest Magus Acupoint could disable a Senior Magus.

However, it had only taken Ji Xia a decade to awaken another forty-eight Magus Acupoints. He had given up on those damaged caves, found a way to awaken those inconspicuous Magus Acupoints in his arms and legs. Not only didn't he get demoted from the Senior Level, he had become even more powerful than ten years ago!

No wonder those elders and Maguspriests in the Black Water Serpent Clan called Ji Xia as their most horrible enemy in a thousand years. He had risen again after all of his Magus Acupoints were broken, and had become even more powerful!

“Xia! My brother! You’re the strongest warrior in our Fire Crow Clan!”

“Hey! Xia! You’re our leader! Only Xia is qualified to lead us!”

“Beat him! Xia! Beat him to death! Break his neck! Tear him apart!”

As same as Ji Hao, countless Holy Land warriors were waving their arms and weapons, growling half cheering and half raging. Their faces were turned red, some of them had even triggered their internal power and had wrapped themselves in fiery lights and cawed like crows.

“Ba-Bastard!” Ji Shu’s voice was trembling. He had just stamped his own son to death, now he saw Ji Xia showing of his power, which had nearly broken him down. He felt waves of scorching heat inside his chest, he shivered and almost coughed up blood.

“Ji Xia! Your Magus Acupoints were broken...How could you...You...” said Ji Shu, who could barely stand. Ji Xia now had forty-nine awakened Magus Acupoints, while he himself had only thirty-two of them, which meant that Ji Xia might be more powerful than him.

He was so confident about defeating Ji Xia and take the position of the leader only a while ago. Now he felt like that was almost a joke.

“Our bloodline granted us power!” Ji Xia was breathing calmly, his skin was glowing as magma. “Feel the power inside our bloodline, listen to the voice of our ancestors. As long as we’re alive, we are protected by our bloodline, which means there is always hope!”

“Good! Xia!” Said Ji Kui, who was standing near the entrance of the Ancestral Temple. Ji Kui nodded appreciatively towards Ji Xia and continued, “The power of the bloodline is the most precious gift we have from our ancestors. As long as our bloodline continues, everything will be possible!”

Ji Hao popped up his eyes, stared at Ji Xia. Is this the magic power of the bloodline?

According to Ji Hao’s knowledge from his previous life, even injuring the tendons and vessels could disable a Senior Magus, not to mention destroying all of his or her Magus Acupoints. However, in this world, the magic power of the bloodline had enabled Ji Xia to completely recover from the truculent injury within only a decade!

“The power of the bloodline...” muttered Ji Hao. He then felt his internal power started to surge and his physical strength started to increase; he felt like his body had become a black hole, constantly attracting and absorbing power, strength and life force energy from everywhere.

Ji Hao sensed that the multicoloured flame in his Dantian had quickly doubled in size. The flame acquired all those power and strength, then turned into beams of lights, moved along his body, into his muscles, his blood, his bones. Ji Hao heard a clear dragon-howling noise from inside his body, then he noticed that his muscles had begun to swell,

“Cut the crap! Let’s fight!” Ji Shu shouted madly out. His body transformed into a beam of dazzling fiery light and shot across the sky. After a while, he landed in the woods which was tens of miles away from the temple and the crowd.

“Fight!” Ji Xia laughed aloud and leaped up, and flew towards the woods. Before Ji Xia landed steadily, Ji Shu shouted out, burst his body into flames and dashed towards Ji Xia.

Four strong arms heavily clashed against each other. They then cast hundreds of hits against each other in the following moment.

The earth was shaking severely; the jungle within the radius of a few miles around had been blazed up; towering ancient trees had instantly been burned into ashes; the mountain started to crack; rocks had been burned into lava, which was splashing around by the impact waves, send by their clashes. Some of the lava even had been splashed miles away.

Ji Xia and Ji Shu were madly hitting each other with their bare fists, without any tricks or dodging. A thundering noise lingered in people’s ears.

This is how warriors fight in the Southern Wasteland. They will show no fear to their enemies; they do not dodge or flee; they use their strength to fight against their enemies, to smash and kill their enemies!

Ji Xia’s face had been ripped off, blood spurted out of his wounds and teeth exploded out from his mouth. But, new teeth were constantly growing back and wounds were constantly healing themselves.

Ji Shu’s skull was cracked and his face was even hollowed. Ji Xia’s punches were much heavier than his. Bone-chips flew out from his wounds on the face. However, Senior Magi had tremendous amounts of life force energy contained in their internal power, which allowed the self-healing.

Both, Ji Xia and Ji Shu, had triggered the internal power of the Fire Crow Clan’s bloodline. Their bodies were wrapped by a bright gold-fiery light, which dazzled the eyes of those who were relatively weaker; many in the crowd could only see a sweeping fire and light.

Along with an abrupt and almighty bang, Ji Xia took a deep breath then heavily punched Ji Shu for over a hundred times.

Ji Shu’s chest was exploded, ribs were cracked and broken into pieces. He flew backwards like a cannonball.

The mountain shook again, Ji Shu’s body heavily smashed into a hill miles away from the woods. The hill was blasted away and quickly burned into lava. Ji Shu lay in the lava, vomited blood and couldn't move an inch.

The woods had already become a lake of lava with a circumference of twenty miles. Ji Xia stepped on a fiery light ball and floated over the lake, while looking coldly at Ji Shu.

“Ji Shu, my brother, you are not my rival. The position of the clan leader seems still to belong to me!”

A fire was blazing under Ji Xia’s foot, the wounds on his face quickly healed.

“Ji Xia, my brother, I have to give it a try, shouldn’t I?” said Ji Shu. He laughed wildly, a fiery light beamed out from his left arm, and an odd shaped wooden stick appeared in Ji Shu’s hands. The stick was engulfed by flames.

“I happened to get a new inherited magic treasure...My brother, try to catch this!”

Ji Shu raised himself from the magma lake, his wounds also quickly healed themselves.

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