The Magus Era

Chapter 19 – Inherited Magus Treasure

Chapter 19 - Inherited Magic Treasure

Not far away from the Gold Black Mountain, on another mountainside, a scrawny elderly man and a well-groomed middle-aged man were standing on a tree side by side, looking at Ji Xia and Ji Shu’s fight.

The elderly man was bare from the waist up. His body was covered with a dozen of black, mouth-opened snake tattoos. Once he moved his body, those tattoos seemed to be squirming along his body, which was hideous and disgusting.

A two feet long, black thin snake was coiled around the elderly man’s neck, and gazed at the Gold Black Mountain with its green eyes; its forked tongue constantly flicked out from its mouth and hissed; a black horn on its forehead was shining under the sunlight.

The well-groomed middle-aged man was a lot taller than the elderly man. He was wearing a tight leather armour made of serpent skin and carrying an eight-feet-long sword. His angular face twitched occasionally.

Another ten feet long horned-serpent was leaning against a branch, with its tail coiled around the middle-aged man’s waist. This black serpent was staring at the Gold Black Mountain the same way as the snake. It was gazing at those gigantic Fire Crows which were floating above the mountain.

The elderly man’s skeleton-like face twitched abruptly when he saw that Ji Shu had been knocked into the air by Ji Xia’s punches and crashed into a hill. He muttered: “This Ji Xia...we couldn't kill him ten years ago...He will definitely cause us more troubles...”

The middle-aged man frowned. He clenched his fists and cracked his knuckles.

The elderly man let out a big heavy sigh and murmured: “Ten years ago...when we had broken Ji Xia’s Magus Acupoints, we thought we had disabled him...But...we never had thought so...He has awakened so many of his Magus Acupoints after that...Him...the descendant of the Fire Crow Clan’s Divine Magus...this power...this potential...He is a great threat to us...”

The middle-aged man gave a defiant sniff, gnashed his teeth and said: “What about the descendant of the Fire Crow Clan’s Divine Magus? We killed his father and seven of his brothers twenty-five years ago; we besieged and killed his grandfather and all his uncles fifty years ago!”

The man headed up and continued: “Now, among the entire Fire Crow Clan, only Ji Xia has the purest bloodline from the Divine Magus! I, Black Water Jiao, will not let him live another decade!”

“Jiao, you’re right. We can’t let him live anymore. Over the past decade, Ji Xia and his people did a whole lot of damage to our clan. We have already lost few fertile hunting grounds.” The elderly man nodded and said in a very low voice.

“Yes...That’s why I truly wish Ji Shu could be the leader. Grandpa, though I don't like Ji Shu, that devious bastard...But, I hate Ji Xia even more!” Black Water Jiao petted the serpent’s tail, which was coiled around his waist, and said sepulchral.

“My big brother was killed by Ji Xia. I will rip his heart out of his chest with my own hands. I will take his heart to our highest Black Water Serpent!”

The horned serpent hissed, put its head on Jiao’s shoulder and licked his face with its black forked tongue.

In the meanwhile, Ji Shu was standing on a fiery cloud and floating in the air. He was holding the wooden stick and laughing madly. The stick was an over two meters long wooden cane, which looked like a branch that had just been chopped off from a tree. The cane was green, with a dozen of smaller branches which had fresh leaves growing on them.

This cane seemed full of vigor. It didn't really look like a cane, more like a tree which was rooted in the earth and contained a great life force.

Ji Shu held the cane tightly and waved, a large tri-coloured flame spurted out from the cane along with a loud blazing sound.

The tricoloured flame looked like a piece of coloured glaze; a white flame was at the outer layer, a cyan flame was at the middle layer and a red flame was at its core. The tricoloured flame turned into head-sized flame balls, which constantly fell onto the ground. Rocks and earth which were touched by those flame balls were instantly burned into wisps of smoke.

Ji Shu’s body was wrapped in hot air, and looked like a shadow which was shaking on the surface of the water. People couldn't even see his face clearly.

People who were standing in front the Ancestral Temple and watching this fight were frightened by this wooden cane. The tricoloured flame was so powerful. It heated up the air and made people sweat, some people’s hairs and eyebrows were even burned by themselves; it also destroyed the trees within the radius of hundreds of miles.

Ji Hao looked astonished at the cane. Such an amazing power, he thought. Ji Shu had only held it with his hands, but the power of the cane already had affected everyone and everything for a few hundred miles around without even been triggered!

If Ji Shu triggered its power with all his strength, this cane might kill every enemy within the radius of hundreds of miles.

“What the hell is this?” Ji Hao’s heart jumped up. He started to worry about Ji Xia.

“It’s an inherited magic treasure” said Qing Fu. Ji Hao didn’t even notice that Qing Fu had come and stood behind him. Qing Fu gripped Ji Hao’s shoulder, and seemed extremely nervous.

“The inherited magic treasure...even the weakest inherited magic treasure was made by a powerful Senior Magus, who had at least a hundred of Magus Acupoints awakened. Each one of the inherited magic treasures was at least passed down through generations for at least a thousand years. It had been nourished by the blood and spiritual power of Senior Magi from generation to generation, then eventually formed,” Qing Fu muttered. “Any of those inherited magic treasures is capable of boosting a Senior Magus’ power by ten times...”

“Ten times? Then...Abba...If Ji Shu’s power is enhanced ten times...Abba...Then...” Ji Hao turned to Qing Fu and said hoarsely. He subconsciously tightened his body when he heard what Qing Fu had said.

Qing Fu’s face was pale. She gnashed her teeth and sniffed: “Hao, your Abba and you have the purest bloodline from the Fire Crow Clan’s Divine Magus. For sure, your Abba has his own inherited magic treasure. But...but, this inherited magic treasure, held in Ji Shu’s hands, it’s way too should never been held by him...”

Ji Xia was standing on the lava, he growled and waved his left arm, a shield made of nine huge dragon-scales appeared on his arm. His right hand grabbed in the air, a spear with spearhead made of red dragon-horn and handle made of golden mulberry wood appeared in Ji Xia’s hand.

He held the spear tightly and knocked on the shield, then shouted out to Ji Shu: “Shu! Let’s see what you’ve got!”

Ji Shu sneered. He bit his own tongue and spit a mouthful of blood onto the wooden cane. Tens of gigantic phoenixes with wingspans of over a thousand feet width flew out from the cane along with a long howl. Those phoenixes were spurting huge flakes of flames from their mouth and dashing towards Ji Xia.

Ji Shu’s body had been transformed into a fiery light ball, hidden in those phoenixes' flames and flew towards Ji Xia. He came up to Ji Xia, raised his arms and heavily smashed the cane onto Ji Xia’s head.

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