The Magus Era

Chapter 1898: Powerful Enemy

Chapter 1898: Powerful Enemy

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Thunderbolts fell like a rain.

The blurry thunderbolts contained a mysterious natural power, that every strike quaked the earth. Even the people who watched this from far away felt their internal organs were on fire and souls were shaken.

The thunderbolts penetrated the space and destroyed everything they touched. When the thunderbolts exploded, Pan Gu Motherland shook like a falling leaf in a strange wind. Even the natural stars seemed to fall from the sky.

Pan Yu raised his head and roared with a great rage, "How dare you grab food from my mouth?"

The Chaos power spread all over the world. The three blurry figures which floated in the air smiled sarcastically at Pan Yu, then concentrated the thunderbolts and covered him up. Countless bolts of thunder exploded on Pan Yu's body, broke his skin and muscles, and brought him am unbearable pain.

Priest Dachi and Priest Qingwei curled under their defensive treasures and couldn't stop vomiting blood. They had suffered tens of Chaos thunderbolts in a row. The foundations of their Dao were shaken; they both took severe losses, each losing billions of years of cultivation.

Yu Yu suffered the worst. He launched a sword strike against the Chaos thunderbolts from the three figures, but felt like a fragile piece of eggshells bumping into a rock. The Chaos thunderbolts merely touched him slightly, but managed to destroy two of his 'three corpse' clones, and harmed his foundation of Dao, severely injuring his body.

If one compared Yu Yu's foundation of Dao to an exquisite jade carving lotus, by now, it was covered in cracks, and could collapse at any moment. If he weren't generated from Pan Gu's soul, and wasn't protected by Pan Gu world, his results of Dao would have been destroyed, and his soul would have perished because of what happened just now.

Yu Yu sat on the ground with his face paled, and blood flowing out of his eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. The white-robed Yu Yu was also injured badly. He gripped Yu Yu's spirit sword, which was glowing with a green misty light, then spread Yu Yu's sword formation to defend against the endless Chaos thunderbolts.

The two masters had their eyes on Ji Hao's sword formation. They weren't only attracted by the eighteen sword gates,

which were transformed from Netherworld Priest's spirit swords, but also wanted Ji Hao's Pan Gu bell and Pan Gu sword.

However, three mysterious enemies showed up suddenly and attacked Priest Dachi, Qingwei, and Yu Yu with a horrifying power. As Priest Dachi, Qingwei, and Yu Yu were injured seriously, the two masters quivered, suddenly took back all their golden clones, and determinedly charged at the three figures.

"If you die, we'll be in danger too...Our three friends, don't panic. We're helping!" The two masters roared in one voice. They rushed to Priest Dachi, Qingwei, and Yu Yu and activated the pagoda shrouded with a golden light and purple mist, as well as the tower which was shining splendidly, firmly shielding the severely wounded three.

Dazzling thunderbolts descended like a storm. Following a quick series of explosive sounds, the pagoda and the tower quaked, while streams of blood spurted out of the two masters' eyes, nose, mouths, and ears. They fell straight down from the air with their eyes unfocused.

"Great heaven...They are no weaker than Pan Yu!" Suffering a heavy strike, the two masters howled in pain. In terms of the absolute quantity of power, these suddenly emerged three enemies were much weaker than Pan Yu. After all, Pan Yu had just devoured a giant number of Yu Clan saints and the origins of their worlds. Therefore, the power contained in his body was measureless.

However, in terms of the purity of power and the degree of integration between powers and souls, these three enemies were no weaker than Pan Yu. On the contrary, they were even slightly stronger! Pan Yu raised his power by devouring, due to which reason, his power was too heterogeneous. Unlike him, the three new enemies clearly attained their powers through severe cultivation, that made them extremely powerful!

The jade disc floated in the air and sparkled with Chaos lights. Without being controlled by Priest Dachi, Qingwei, and Yu Yu, this jade disc, which had lost its spirit and instincts, just floated in the air and didn't make any reaction to the three new enemies.

Yu Yu raised his head. He pointed at the jade disc and roared, "The last"

Before he finished, hundreds of thunderbolts fell down and struck at him like raging dragons. The second master's tower collapsed, as countless pearls and other gemstones which were inlaid on the tower fell all over the ground like a pouring rain. The second master was nearly scorched. While vomiting blood, he fell straight down to the ground as his head bumped into Yu Yu's chest. Yu Yu was battered down, and could barely breathe.

"Emergency! Together!" Above Pu Ban City, Fuxi and the others burst into resonant shouts and rushed together to the jade disc, their bodies shining with a golden light.

"Interesting! Are these a group of 'priests' who merged with the original Dao with natural reward power?" In the air, one of the three enemies laughed, "Pan Gu's descendants actually took such a shortcut with natural reward power. Aren't they ashamed?

The talking figure swung a palm backward. Countless dark ice crystals emerged from the air, immediately expanded into hundreds of black ice dragons, roaring in every direction. The ice dragons flashed across the space and penetrated the chests of Fuxi, Xuanyuan, Shennong, Suiren, and the other powerful human beings.

The group of strong human beings began spitting blood. Some of their bodies fell apart, as streams of golden light surged out of their bodies and became pure strands of natural power that merged back into the world.

More dark ice dragons dove down, seeming about to destroy them for good.

On the altar, Si Wen Ming suddenly burst into sonorous roars. The nine cauldrons emitted a dazzling light as they rose in a square formation and bumped into the formidable wave of dark ice dragons.

With a thunderous sound, countless black ice dragons exploded in the air while the nine cauldrons were sent flying tens of miles away. Si Wen Ming vomited blood as he drew back step by step and fell off the altar.

"So difficult...I really shouldn't have lent the natural fortune of our humankind." Si Wen Ming shook his head with a bitter smile, while helplessly looking at the sky. "I just lent it, and now a disaster happened...In the future, I have to tell the young not be nice, to not lend things."

Po, Guiling, Xuandu, Guangcheng, and the other few priests simultaneously transformed into golden lights and flew to the jade disc, but the Chaos thunderbolts swept across the sky. The three enemies clearly didn't take Po and his brothers and sisters seriously. They made a random move and injured them with the afterwinds of the Chaos thunderbolts, making them cough blood and fall heavily from the sky like stones.

"Pan Gu's descendants...hah! The three enemies laughed, "In the old days, Pan Gu killed countless of our friends all alone, making their blood flow like rivers. I didn't think that Pan Gu's descendants would be so weak...What right have you to enjoy Pan Gu's world, which contains three-thousand great Dao?"

"Do it." One of the three shouted, "Except these weak human beings, wipe out all the other smart and cultivated beings...Among human beings, all that have attained embryo of Dao must die!"

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