The Magus Era

Chapter 1899: Fix the Dao

Chapter 1899: Fix the Dao

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The three enemies laughed and unhurriedly extracted Chaos power, creating more and more Chaos thunderbolts above their heads. They seemed to be very confident. Within the span of a few breaths, the sky above the entire Pan Gu Motherland was covered by water-tank-sized Chaos thunderbolts which dazzled and illuminated the world.

After the last wave of sudden attack, Priest Dachi, Qingwei, Yu Yu, and all the others were severely injured. At the moment, Pan Yu was the only one who still had the power to fight back.

The Chaos thunderbolts had still been pouring down on Pan Yu like tidewater. The three combined their powers and gave Pan Yu no breathing space.

Even though Pan Yu had just devoured a giant amount of power, he still needed many years to completely turn the original powers of all the worlds that he devoured into his own power. At the moment, facing the attacks from the three, he suffered a great pain. His was devastated; the two suns and nine moons inside him were broken into pieces, and the spirits of the two suns and nine moons were long gone.

"My three friends..." A leg of Pan Yu was broken by a bolt of thunder. He kneeled on the ground and shouted out loud, "You should have Pan Gu world. I just want to leave safely!"

The three burst into laughter. One of them pointed at Pan Yu and taunted, "Indeed, Pan Gu world is our prey. We have been watching this world for years. But my friend, you are as valuable as Pan Gu world! Your great Dao of devouring is marvelous, and we are all quite interested in it!"

While laughing, the three pulled out a blade, a sword, and a long spear. Each of the three weapons was giving out a suffocating pressure. They teleported themselves to Pan Yu and swung their weapons at him. With shrill howls, Pan Yu was cut into tens of pieces. His black, glass-like body pieces trembled intensely in the air while his screams echoed across the entire Pan Yu world.

"Since it is so, I started this, and I will finish this. Let's fight!"

Black raging fires rose from Pan Yu's body parts. Streaks of dark flame wove together and created a burning black hole. Pan Yu was seriously infuriated, and also hopeless.

Everything had gone so well. He successfully unsealed himself, devoured the entire Pan Yu world, then arrived in Pan Gu world. In Pan Gu world, he devoured so many descendants of his who betrayed him. He was about to restore his power and reach a new high, but when he complacently prepared to dominate the whole Pan Gu world, these three suddenly showed up and destroyed his dream.

Other than devouring, destruction was the other half of Pan Yu's original great Dao.

He was born with a crazy desire, that while destroying the others, he also wanted to destroy himself. When the three injured him badly, the furious Pan Yu immediately wanted to die together with everyone else.

"I am derived from destruction, and I can rise again from destruction!:" Pan Yu snarled hysterically, "In the future, when I come back from destruction, I will certainly make you pay for what you have done to me today, a hundred times more...But, only if you survive!"

The black hole expanded rapidly as Chaos thunderbolts fell all over the sky. After devouring these Chaos thunderbolts, the black hole swelled like a balloon. Within a blink, it had grown a hundred times larger than Pan Gu Motherland!

As a disastrous devouring power was released from the black hole, everything in the world flew towards it uncontrollably.

The three exclaimed. Facing the desperate Pan Yu, they panicked. At their level, if one put up a desperate fight at all costs, he or she would be able to perish together with tens of enemies!

"Just take out our best treasures!" Growled one of the three, "After this battle, this world will be ours. The supreme great Dao, a hope of eternity, will all be right in front of us!"

The three roared in one voice. Beautiful light shone out of their bodies as quite a few oddly shaped, greatly powerful treasures flew out of their bodies and into Pan Yu's blackhole along with a deafening buzzing noise on their own initiatives.

"The ones who attacked Pan Gu and luckily survived? Where did you..." In the core of Pan Gu Motherland, Priest Jun looked at Priest Yun, whose arms were wrapped tightly around him, and asked.

He then shook his head and smiled, "It's meaningless to ask these questions now. You have planned for years. I knew that you have many plans, but I didn't think that you would take this step. You actually joined hands with them. Aren't you afraid that they might kill you as well?"

Priest Yun smiled at Priest Jun, then responded in a mild tone, "I'm not. Back then, they were wounded so badly by Pan Gu. They fled back to their own worlds and fell in never-ending sleep. They were dying, and without my help, they would never have woken up."

Taking a deep breath, Priest Yun continued blandly, "The three 'Pengs' never showed up in the mortal world all these years. What do you think they were doing? They traveled across the billions of worlds around Pan Gu world and finally found the only existing three lucky ones. I woke them up myself. Their souls are connected with mine; they depend on me for living. How can they kill me?"

"I will kill your three disciples first, then take their souls, recombine them into Pan Gu's soul, and send it into the jade disc, turning it into the spirit of the disc. After that, the whole Pan Gu world will be under my control. Once I have uncovered all of the jade disc's secrets, I will definitely accomplish what Pan Gu failed to do!" Priest Yun grinned and continued blandly.

"Do you think you can do it?" Priest Jun laughed at him.

Priest Yun seriously nodded and said, "Of course, because I am cruller than Pan Gu...In fact, if he weren't Pan Gu, if it were Original Devil who dominated Pan Gu's body, he would have succeeded already, wouldn't he?"

Looking at Priest Jun, Priest Yun said in that mild tone, "We are keeping each other at bay. You can't do anything but watch your three disciples be slaughtered by my people, and watch me succeed. Don't worry, I will certainly kill you for good with the jade disc. Since then, I will be the only true spirit of Pan Gu world!"

Priest Jun pondered shortly, then smiled and said, "If everything goes as you planned, sure, you would have already succeeded this time. But, since an unexpected factor has been involved in, you don't get to make the final call. I don't know where Spirit Wa found this unexpected factor, but he is really an unexpected factor..."

A dazzling light erupted from Priest Jun's body and pierced into Priest Yun's body like countless blades and swords.

"Come on, the great Dao is breached. Let's fix it together...If my disciples win, I will surely be breaking out of the Dao...If those three win, you will eventually control the world...Let's see which one of us has the luck!"

Priest Yun cursed in rage, but before he could make a move, both he and Priest Jun transformed into a streak of clear light and disappeared into the world.

In the air, Ji Hao felt his whole body get warm. The tremendous power from the three could no longer hinder him, and he could again freely control his body.

What was even greater, the jade disc flew to him, transformed into three-thousands strands of mist, and flew into his forehead.

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