The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife

Chapter 11 - To Buy or Not to Buy (2)

Ch.11 To Buy or Not to Buy (2)

But this body didn’t have these issues. Although the original host came from an ordinary family, people didn’t think badly of her. Maybe it was because she was really beautiful so it hid her bad characteristics. People could only see her beauty.

If someone was pretty, they looked good in anything. Su Yaya felt like the dress she wore this time looked better than when she tried it on before she transmigrated through the book. She was even more touched by this.

The sales staff was also convincing her, “Miss, you look beautiful in this dress and you’re the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. You should buy this.”

Su Yaya obviously wanted to buy it. Unlike before, she had money now. Chen Xiuqi had prepared a card for her so she could purchase it if she desired.

“How much does this dress cost?” Su Yaya asked.

The sales staff glanced at the tag and said, “It’s not that expensive. It’s 5880 dollars.”

Su Yaya was stunned at the price.

In the past, the dress she fancied was only 3880 dollars, half of her monthly salary, so she couldn’t bear to buy it. Now that she transmigrated it over, the same style and color dress became pricier by 2,000 dollars in the blink of her eyes. Although she was wealthy, she still looked upset.

Perhaps she had always been a frugal spender because she was born from an ordinary family and knew that her parents worked hard to earn money in order to support the family. She had never spent that much just to buy a piece of clothing.

After Su Yaya found out that the price was 5,880 dollars, her intense desire to buy the dress immediately diminished. To someone like her who was used to a frugal lifestyle, it was really too expensive. Despite having a platinum card, she still thought that the price was too much and couldn’t bear to buy it.

Seeing that the Su Yaya wasn’t responding, the sales staff failed to guess the customer’s frugal mindset since the dress this woman currently wore was in the ten thousands, along with her purse. This was much more costly compared to a dress of only 5,880 dollars. ‘Could it be because the dress’ price is too cheap, so she thinks that it doesn’t fit her status?’

As she thought of this, the sales staff observed Su Yaya’s expression again. Seeing how she slightly knitted her eyebrows, it could be because she disliked how cheap the dress was. But this dress was the most expensive one in the store. Had she known this earlier, she would’ve increased the price. Sometimes, wealthy people refused to buy cheap things. It’s better to raise the price so they would buy it. She felt like she had miscalculated.

In order to make up for this mistake, the sales staff tried her best to market this dress to Su Yaya. She said, “Miss, you look really beautiful in this dress. The style of this dress isn’t any worse than those from famous brands. Sometimes, dresses from famous brands are just expensive and the quality isn’t that good. You won’t lose anything from buying this dress. People will definitely compliment you if you wear this.”

Su Yaya liked this dress from the start, but only hesitated because of the price. After the sales staff’s persuasion, the desire to buy this dress rose once again. She really wanted to.

Yet, she had never bought such an expensive dress like this before. She couldn’t make up her mind. Even though it was Chen Xiuqi’s card and he wouldn’t care about this bit of money, she was still restless and anxious. Should she tell him?

Su Yaya needed someone to make a decision for her. She tapped on the phone screen and opened WeChat, found Chen Xiuqi’s WeChat and sent him a message.

Yaya: Hubby, I’m interested in a dress and I like it a lot. But it’s a bit expensive. *Dress Picture.jpg*

Yet the moment she sent the message, Su Yaya regretted it. Chen Xiuqi was probably the busiest at work right now. He disliked people disturbing him while he was doing work. Now that she sent him a message, would he be unhappy? This morning, she succeeded in pleasing him. ‘Would he dislike her now?’ She was really worried!

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