The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife

Chapter 12 - To Buy or Not to Buy (3)

Ch.12 To Buy or Not to Buy (3)

Su Yaya hurriedly deleted the message but her hands skipped over ‘cancel’ and clicked on ‘send’ instead. There was nothing she could do to fix it.

‘I’m done for this time.’ Chen Xiuqi will definitely think she’s an annoying person after he receives her message. He will have a bad impression on her too, right?

What should she do? Should she call him to explain that she didn’t mean to disturb him? But if she was really busy and she called him, wouldn’t that make him angrier?

Su Yaya was so anxious.

While she tweaked her ears and scratched her cheeks, her phone dinged.

She stared at it to see a notification that Chen Xiuqi had sent a message.

There was only one simple word: buy.

Su Yaya looked at Chen Xiuqi’s profile picture several times. After confirming it was truly him, she sighed.

Thankfully he responded, otherwise she wouldn’t know what to do.

His message: ‘buy,’ was really simple, straightforward, and blunt.

Su Yaya was thinking that since he had the time to reply, he wasn’t angry that she had disturbed him. But he only replied with ‘buy’ which meant that he was really busy and didn’t have time to chat with her. So it’s better if she didn’t disturb him. She sensibly placed her phone away and stopped sending him messages.

When the sales staff saw that Su Yaya was done sending messages, she smiled and asked if she was going to buy the dress. After receiving Chen Xiuqi’s message, Su Yaya felt like she finally had a backbone. Since he told her to buy it, she surely will.

“I’ll take the dress.” Su Yaya said generously. This was the first time she had bought such an expensive dress!

“Then how does Miss want to buy? You can pay using WeChat, Alipay, card, or cash.” The sales staff looked happily at her. She was extremely ecstatic. This staff member will be rewarded with an outstanding performance once this dress is sold. Afterwards, she could sell other products and take a higher percentage of commission.

“By card.” Su Yaya said.

“Ok, please follow me.” The sales staff led Su Yaya to the checkout counter.

When they arrived there, Su Yaya took out the platinum card that Chen Xiuqi gave her. The sales staff was about to reach over and grab it but Su Yaya held onto the card tightly. After all, if she let go, the sales staff would swipe 5,880 dollars from it. To Su Yaya who was used to being poor, it was a large amount of money. It was about her monthly salary. She really couldn’t bear to. Her heart was dripping blood.

“Miss, please give me the card so I can swipe it.” The sales staff held the other side of the card. She tried pulling on it but the hand wouldn’t budge. Su Yaya held on tightly so the sales staff reminded her.

Su Yaya pursed her lips. She really couldn’t bear to spend that much. She had never done so, even with Chen Xiuqi’s money. Of course, she uneasy and apprehensive.


Su Yaya held on and didn’t let go. The sales staff called her again.

Right now, the situation was a bit awkward. Other people gave them strange glances at their odd behavior. Feeling panicked, Su Yaya loosened her grip on the card and the sales staff took it.

As though she was afraid that Su Yaya might regret it, the sales staff quickly swiped the card and printed out the receipt. She grabbed a pen for Su Yaya to sign her name.

Su Yanyi met the sales staff’s smiling face and thought that she might as well accept this. She took the pen and signed.

Chen Xiuqi had been waiting for Yaya to reply, but received no response for a long time. After he picked up his phone for the nth time, the phone screen finally brightened.

He hurriedly unlocked his phone to see a notification from his bank: Dear mudan platinum card user, your card ending with xxxx had spent 5,880 in a shopping mall…

Chen Xiuqi was confused.

He stared at the final amount spent for a while and was puzzled. He had never bought such a cheap dress for Su Yaya. What did Su Yaya’s message say? That the dress was a bit too expensive? 5,880 dollars is too expensive? Did they forget to take an extra 0?

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