The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife

Chapter 14 - Visiting the Chen Group (2)

Ch.14 Visiting the Chen Group (2)

The drive from the shopping mall to Chen Xiuqi’s company wasn’t far, since it only took about 20 or so despite the traffic jam along the way.

The male lead’s company was a corporation. This entire building of 32 floors belonged to the Chen Group. People must swipe their cards in order to enter the elevator and each employee had specific responsibilities. They could only go to their designated floors.

Su Yaya wasn’t an employee in Chen’s Group and she hadn’t visited here before, so she naturally didn’t have a card to take the elevator. She couldn’t go up so she had to call Chen Xiuqi.

Su Yaya patiently waited for Chen Xiuqi to pick up his phone. When her phone rang a second time, her call was finally answered. Chen Xiuqi’s deep voice resounded, “Are you here?”

Su Yaya hummed in agreement and said, “I just arrived at the parking lot.”

“Then come to the 26th floor.” Chen Xiuqi said after.

Su Yaya pursed her lips and gently reminded, “Hubby, have you forgotten that I need to swipe a card in order to take your company’s elevators? I’m not an employee here and I don’t have a card.”

Chen Xiuqi clearly paused before he continued, “Then sit at the lounge for a while. I will have Assistant Chen come and pick you up.”

It was just right that Assistant Chen was coming to pick her up. Su Yaya sensibly nodded and said, “Ok, I will wait for him at the lounge.”

After the two agreed upon this, Su Yaya hung up and left the car with the cakes in her hands, then walked towards the building’s entrance.

Along with her beauty and pale skin, Su Yaya had a great figure that attracted people’s attention wherever she walked. Not only men, but women couldn’t take their eyes off of her as well.

Once she walked through Chen Group’s door, it was the same situation. The guard standing in front of the door gawked at her and only shifted his gaze after she walked in the lounge.

The two employees by the reception desk were originally having a conversation when He Rui suddenly noticed a beautiful woman walking in the door. The surprised He Rui stared at the newcomer before excitedly nudging her colleague, Li Lan. She lowered her voice and said, “Quickly look, quickly look. Isn’t that woman a celebrity who was in a scandal with President Chen? What was her name? Let me think about it. Didn’t the entertainment news say her name was Su Yaya?”

Li Lan raised her head and looked towards Su Yaya. She pursed her lips and said in disdain, “Saying that she is an ordinary celebrity is already praising her. She is just a side female lead in an online drama. Plus, she probably promoted herself through her and President Chen’s scandal. Maybe President Chen doesn’t even recognize her.”

Who was President Chen? He’s a handsome, wealthy, and domineering President. He was frequently on the finance magazines. There were at least a million of women who were in love with him. Of those women, they included beauties from influential families. Also, rumor has it that President Chen is in love with a certain woman. How could he possibly be interested in a mere online celebrity like Su Yaya? President Su had seen many women. Who does she think she is?

He Rui thought Li Lan’s words were reasonable. She and Li Lan looked down on Su Yaya, this online celebrity. They watched as she carried the cakes and sat down on a sofa in front, as though she was going to wait here a long time. She couldn’t help but laugh and say, “Why do you think she’s at our company right now?”

Li Lan snorted and said, full of experience, “Why else? She’s definitely waiting for President Chen.”

She had already chased President Chen here. Now, she wanted to be shameless and wait for him to come out. She’s really losing face!

(T/N: Basically, ‘losing face’ is losing “dignity” or “prestige”, but no translation can aptly cover all its fine nuances…)

He Rui laughed with her and said, “It will be the end of the world if President Chen comes for her.”

Any women who had come to the company to stop President Chen all landed with tragic consequences. She was willing to enjoy the show.

At this time, the elevator exclusive for the President dinged. He Rui and Li Lan glanced at each other, thinking that Chen Xiuqi had came down. They hurriedly revealed a smile they thought to be perfect and stared at the elevator door, preparing to leave a good impression on their CEO.

The elevator slowly opened, but only Assistant Chen came out of the elevator in haste. He Rui and Li Lan looked at the scene behind him, but no one else was there. President Chen did not come down.

“Assistant Chen.” Li Lan greeted him with a smile.

Assistant Chen nodded at him and headed for Su Yaya who was sitting on the sofa ahead.

“Miss Su, sorry for making you wait. President Chen is waiting for you upstairs.” Assistant Chen walked over and politely said.

Li Lan and He Rui, who heard Assistant Chen’s words, froze at that moment. Their faces clearly revealed shock.

What did they say before? Wasn’t President Chen supposed to drive her out? How could he let Assistant Chen bring her up? Plus, why is he being so polite? What exactly is going on?

But this was the truth. Their embarrassment cut just as deep as their initial disdain towards towards Su Yaya!

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