The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife

Chapter 15 - Delicious (1)

Ch.15 Delicious (1)

The two receptionists never expected that Assistant Chen would come down to personally escort Su Yaya. His appearance at this time was like a slap right on their faces.

Assistant Chen’s polite manners left a good impression on Su Yaya. She smiled at him and followed his lead.

“This way please.” Assistant Chen gestured towards the elevator door.

Su Yaya stood up and was just about to pick up the cake on the table when Assistant Chen said hurriedly, “Let me help you.”

“It’s fine, I can take it myself.” This was the afternoon tea that she bought for Chen Xiuqi, so it would seem more genuine by carrying it herself.

Assistant Chen didn’t say anything else after she insisted on carrying it herself. He proceeded to lead the way towards the president’s exclusive elevator while Su Yaya followed behind him. When she passed by the reception desk, she gave the two receptionists, He Rui and Li Lan, a friendly smile.

However, in He Rui and Li Lan’s view, Su Yaya’s friendly smile was interpreted as a prideful smirk. After gossiping so much about her, their faces were now burning hot, as if their cheeks were slapped red.

However, Su Yaya had no idea what He Rui and Li Lan were thinking. She simply followed Assistant Chen to the elevator, where the man swiped his card and caused the doors to slide open. Assistant Chen stepped back to allow her to enter first, and then followed in after her after she got in.

He Rui and Li Lan were stunned when they saw the scene.

Who said President Chen doesn’t remember the online celebrity, Su Yaya, from the one hundred and eighty network? Who else said that the gossip between Su Yaya and President Chen was made up by Su Yaya in order to increase her popularity? Don’t they see that President Chen’s most trustworthy assistant, Assistant Chen, came down to personally escort Su Yaya? Don’t they see that Assistant Chen allowed Su Yaya to ride the exclusive elevator and even allowed her to enter first? Every detail clearly showed how much President Chen cared about Su Yaya!

Oh my god, this was huge news!

After being slapped in the face by reality, He Rui and Li Lan quickly sent the news to the company group chat, “CEO Chen sent Assistant Chen to pick up Su Yaya to the President’s office.” Soon after, this news was spread across the company and became a popular gossip topic between women.

Su Yaya followed Assistant Chen up to the 26th floor. He then led her to the President’s office and knocked on the door. They waited a moment before they heard Chen Xiuqi’s approval to enter her office from the inside. Assistant Chen opened the door and allowed Su Yaya to enter first.

“President Chen, Miss Su is here.”

Even after hearing that, Chen Xiuqi continued to look at the documents in front of him. He continued to stare at the document until he finished reading it. Then, he picked up a pen and signed the paper. Only after he put down his pen, did he look up.

“Send the documents that I had just signed.” Chen Xiuqi handed over the papers he had just signed, upon which Assistant Chen quickly accepted the documents and left.

Assistant Chen closed the office door after he left.

The spacious office now only encompassed Su Yaya and Chen Xiuqi. Golden sunlight penetrated the bright glass window from the left.

A ray of sunlight shone upon Chen Xiuqi’s figure as he leaned against his chair behind a huge desk. The man stared at Su Yaya with his deep eyes, appearing tall and intimidating. “Come here, what are doing standing there for?” Chen Xiuqi said in a commanding tone.

Su Yaya quickly walked over while carrying the cake and placed it on his desk. She smiled and said in a fawning tone, “I bought this for your afternoon tea. It tastes pretty good, you should try it.”

Chen Xiuqi’s eyes fell on the cake box and couldn’t help but frown. When did he tell her that he wanted to eat cake?

“That’s what you bought for my afternoon tea?” Chen Xiuqi said coldly.

Failing to sense the disappointment in his voice, Su Yaya took out the chocolate flavored cake from the box and placed a fork next to the dessert. She held the cake up with both hands, placed it right front of Chen Xiuqi, and said with a sweet smile, “This cake tastes really delicious. I’ve always savored eating the cakes from this bakery, so I went there earlier to enjoy a couple of cakes. Since you told me to bring something for you while I was there, I thought that you must really like the cakes from that store. So, I bought you a vanilla and chocolate flavored cake. You should try it.”

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