The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife

Chapter 2 - Transmigration (2)

Ch.2 Transmigration (2)

Chen Xiuqi looked at her enticing yet clueless appearance. It was as if he was hit by an electric current when he gazed at her; he could only feel his heart suddenly pounding, his throat tightening, and his Adam’s apple bobbing up and down.

Chen Xiuqi wasn’t the type of person who would deny himself what he wanted. The corners of his mouth curved into a slight smile and he took large strides toward Su Yaya who was still immersed in her confusion.

Su Yaya was still in a state of shock.

No matter how much she thought about it, she couldn’t understand how she would end up here. She had only attended a class reunion, got drunk, and dizzily fell asleep. Yet how did she end up in an unfamiliar room with such a big bed when she opened her eyes?

At this moment, her brain had crashed and wasn’t able to properly process all this information. Meanwhile, a dangerous human cheetah was slowly approaching the foolish little rabbit.

“Oh…” The human cheetah, Chen Xiuqi walked towards her. He reached out and wrapped an arm around her neck, then he lowered his head and kissed her lips.

Su Yaya’s head suddenly felt dizzy, and many memories that didn’t belong to her began to flow into her mind like a tidal wave. The enormous amount of information that flooded her mind began to drown her like a violent storm. She wasn’t able to endure onslaught of memories, and her brain let out a buzzing noise and she fainted as soon as she closed her eyes.

By the time she regained consciousness, only Su Yaya was left in the room; the human cheetah Chen Xiuqi was no longer here.

A breeze blew in from the wide, transparent French window and the sea-blue curtains gently swayed. Su Yaya turned over on the bed as she hugged the quilt and began to sort out the extra memories in her brain that didn’t belong to her. Thus, she gradually began to understand what this was all about.

It turns out that after she had drunk heavily and passed out on the KTV room’s sofa, Su Yaya had somehow transmigrated to a melodrama novel called《The President’s Lovable Sweet Little Wife》.

This melodrama novel about a certain CEO was a story she had read the night before she had passed out from drinking.

At that time, she was lying on her bed as she casually swiped through Jinjiang Literature City app. Her finger slipped and accidentally clicked on a book. She turned to look at the title, which read《The President’s Lovable Sweet Little Wife》. At that time, she had chuckled and thought ‘why would the author use such a dumb name?’

When she scrolled down, she said that there was a supporting character with the same name as hers, Su Yaya! She turned out to be a malicious villain and a cannon fodder!

At that time, Su Yaya was driven by a strange curiosity when she opened the novel,《The President’s Lovable Sweet Little Wife》and began reading it.

In the book, Su Yaya was the ex-wife of the overbearing president male lead, Chen Xiuqi. She looked about 70% similar to the female lead, An Yutong. In order to pursue her musical dream, An Yutong went abroad to study. The overbearing president had painstakingly chased after his white moonlight female lead, An Yutong. He was heartbroken when she left, but he just happened to meet Su Yaya who was a popular female on the one hundred and eighty network.

In order to find a substitute to fill up the emptiness in his heart, he crazily pursued after Su Yaya. How could the little white rabbit that had just graduated from college resist the overbearing President Chen’s temptation? Su Yaya soon fell into the beautiful yet poisonous snare of love that Chen Xiuqi had weaved for her.

At this time, Chen Xiuqi’s grandfather was seriously ill and made a will, stating that Chen Xiuqi, who was 30 years old must marry before he can inherit his tens of billions of inheritance. In order to inherit the inheritance, Chen Xiuqi naturally asked Su Yaya to sign marriage contract and marry him.

Su Yaya was deeply immersed in his gentle doting at that time, so there was no way she would’ve rejected him. She only wanted to marry him, with or without a contract.

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