The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife

Chapter 3 - Transmigration (3)

Ch.3 Transmigration (3)

Su Yaya was very happy at the prospect of marrying him, so she nodded and agreed to all the conditions he had proposed. In accordance to his request, she signed the marriage contract, the prenuptial agreement, and other documents.

Because Grandpa Chen was still sick, the two people didn’t have a wedding reception. They issued their marriage certificate first, so Chen Xiuqi was able to successfully inherit his tens of billion dollars of inheritance.

Chen Xiuqi, who had inherited such wealth, wasn’t a harsh person. In the beginning, he treated his wife very well because she had helped him. As long as Su Yaya’s request wasn’t too much, he would always try his best to satisfy her. If she asked for money, he would give her money. If she asked for a car, he would give her a car. If she asked for a house, he would give her a house. If she asked for jewelries, he would willingly gift her jewelries. When he goes abroad for business, he would sometimes bring her along.

Su Yaya originally thought that this happy, sweet, and rich life would last forever, but the turning point of the plot came.

Two years later, Chen Xiuqi’s first love and white moonlight**, An Yutong returned. She had suffered hardship abroad, so the moment An Yutong saw Chen Xiuqi, she held him and cried bitterly. She told him how difficult it was for her to make a living outside and Chen Xiuqi naturally felt very distressed for her. He busily arranged many things for her, hoping that she will live a better life after returning.

(**T/N: white moonlight–Chinese idiom for ‘first love’)

Chen Xiuqi’s care for An Yutong at that time was merely that of friends, so he wasn’t overstepping the bounds of what was proper.

Su Yaya couldn’t sit still because she felt that her position was in imminent danger now that An Yutong returned. She didn’t want to lose her position as Mrs. Chen and her rich life, so she turned evil. Su Yaya constantly created trouble for the female and male lead, putting them at odds with each other.

Perhaps the female and male lead were truly attracted to each other, because no matter how serious or deep the misunderstanding and problem was, the two people would eventually resolve these issues and their feelings for each other would deepen.

Su Yaya became even more anxious when she saw that she couldn’t separate the female and male lead by creating trouble and misunderstandings between them. As a result, she had someone kidnap An Yutong.

This time, she had poked the hornet’s nest.

Chen Xiuqi safely rescued An Yutong from the kidnappers and sent someone to investigate who it was that had hired those kidnappers to kidnap An Yutong. After discovering that it was Su Yaya who had paid the kidnappers, he couldn’t tolerate her any longer. Chen Xiuqi was so angry that he immediately proposed a divorced with Su Yaya.

Chen Xiuqi took the divorce papers for her to sign it, but Su Yaya wasn’t willing. She made a terrible scene, crying and threatening him with suicide.

How could Chen Xiuqi be someone who was willing to be threatened by her? Not only did he force her to sign the divorce papers, he also used all the means necessary to cut off all her paths, leaving her not far from death.

In fact, if Su Yaya had not turned evil when the female lead returned, she could’ve taken the initiative to divorce Chen Xiuqi. According to the original marriage contract, she would have gotten ten million dollars of alimony.

Thinking of this, the current Su Yaya wanted to scold the former host of this body for being so foolish. ‘Why would you try to create misunderstanding between the male and female lead? Isn’t it great to get out of here after getting ten million dollars?’

If it was her, she would immediately sign the divorce papers and take off with her ten million dollars. She would go back to the countryside to buy a small courtyard and to farm; upon opening her farmhouse, she will be feeding chickens, ducks and fishes while planting some flowers and other plants on the side. Su Yaya will pass her days joyously with such a simple life.

‘Hee hee hee’, Su Yaya can’t help but sit up while holding the quilt at this thought.

When Chen Xiuqi opened the door to the room, he saw Su Yaya sitting on the bed with a foolishly happy expression on her face.

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