The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife

Chapter 26 - A Great Relationship (1)

Ch.26 A Great Relationship (1)

When Zhou Peiyun saw the name flickering on Su Yaya’s screen, she realized that her guess was wrong. Su Yaya and Chen Xiuqi were in a pretty good relationship as Su Yaya claimed!

Su Yaya smiled and said to Zhou Peiyun, “Sister Zhou, I’m going to answer him.”

As she said this, she went to the side to answer his call.

Chen Xiuqi’s pleasant voice rang from the phone, “Where are you?”

“I’m at the company.” Su Yaya responded, “I’m talking to Sister Zhou regarding work matters. She said there’s an advertisement that I can film.”

Chen Xiuqi remembered now. “Right, you told me about this yesterday.”

“Mhm.” Su Yaya felt it was strange that he was calling her now. She asked out of curiosity, “Are you not busy now? How do you have time to call me?”

Chen Xiuqi replied, “Some matters in the company came up all of a sudden. I need to go to S City and won’t be back until the day after. Do you want anything? I can bring something back for you.”

There was not a single woman who didn’t like to buy things. In the past when Chen Xiuqi went on business trips, he would bring some gifts back for Su Yaya. After that, it became a habit. Whenever he went on business trips, he would ask her what she wanted and he would bring it back.

Su Yaya thought about it. She had everything she needed and plus, Chen Xiuqi just gave her a platinum card. If she needed something, she could just buy it at the shopping mall. There was nothing else she needed at the moment, so she replied obediently, “I don’t have anything I want. I just want you to come back earlier.”

“Do you really not have anything you want me to buy for me?” Chen Xiuqi was really generous with Su Yaya. Ever since he met her and started to pursue her, he bought her everything she wanted. Firstly, he had enough money and didn’t care that much about it. Secondly, Su Yaya was to his taste. It’s fine if he pampered his own woman.

Every time, Su Yaya wasn’t polite about it either. Whatever she wanted, she told Chen Xiuqi, whether it be limited edition purses, makeup products, or jewelry, she asked for many precious and valuable items from him. Because of this, Chen Xiuqi had a certain understanding of her. He felt it was strange that she didn’t ask for anything from him this time; this wasn’t like her usual style.

Aware of how the original host got along with Chen Xiuqi, Su Yaya laughed and explained, “You already gifted me many things. I temporarily don’t have anything I want.” She thought about it and added, “If I really want something, then I hope you can come back safely. I will be waiting for you at home.”

Chen Xiuqi was slightly stunned. This was the first time she had said something like since he had known her. A strange and warm feeling rose in his heart. Her considerate words made him happy.

“Ok.” Came Chen Xiuqi’s laugh. He said, “I will try my best to finish my work and come home earlier. You have to be good at home, do you understand?”

‘Is he talking to her like she was a kid?’

“I know.” Su Yaya said obediently.

Chen Xiuqi talked with her for a bit before hanging up.

Once Su Yaya got off the call, she looked over to see Zhou Peiyun leaning against the table, smiling at her. She looked warmly at her, like she was family.

“Sister Zhou, don’t look at me like that, ok?” Su Yaya was really frightened by her gaze. She was scared that she had done something wrong.

“So it was President Chen’s call before. Seeing how you guys are stuck like glue, it seems like you two have a great relationship.” Zhou Peiyun was satisfied with Su Yaya’s behavior, the most she had ever been with her. No wonder people say one makes great progress after a few days of not seeing each other. She and Su Yaya have not seen each other for half a month, and within that span of time, Su Yaya had become smarter.

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