The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife

Chapter 27 - A Great Relationship (2)

Ch.27 A Great Relationship (2)

In the past, Zhou Peiyun was still worried at the thought of this girl’s lazy personality. If President Chen didn’t want her, this girl probably wouldn’t even have time to cry, but she was fine now. Su Yaya seemed to have reached a certain kind of understanding, so now there was the possibility of continuing to cultivate her.

Su Yaya didn’t know what Zhou Peiyun had been thinking. When she heard her manager comment that she and Chen Xiuqi had a great relationship, she couldn’t help but laugh. Su Yaya smiled her crescent-like eyes and sweetly said, “We do have a great relationship. He even gave me a platinum card and told me to buy whatever I like. He even asked if I wanted gifts just now, but I was quite embarrassed to ask him for more things since he had already given me so much, especially the second female lead role this morning. Hehe…”

Seeing how foolishly happy she was, Zhou Peiyun really wanted to take back her previous thoughts. She thought that this girl became smarter, but as it turned out, she only had that much ambition. Zhou Peiyun was really wondering if she made an error in choosing her.

After her laugh, Su Yaya finally thought of the real reason why she was here. She looked at Zhou Peiyun and said, “Sister Zhou, is it fine if I sign the contract for the second female lead? You know that I don’t really understand this. Can you look at it for me?”

Although Su Yaya had a dream of becoming a celebrity, she was never part of the entertainment circle in her past life, so she didn’t understand contracts and such. Even though the original host had entered the entertainment circle, she only filmed an online drama and never worked seriously after. Every day, she was focused on going on dates with Chen Xiuqi. Her heart wasn’t on her work so she naturally didn’t understand this either.

But Su Yaya felt that since Zhou Peiyun was her manager and an expert in this field, there will definitely be no problem in letting her handle this matter.

In reality, the truth was as Su Yaya expected. After Zhou Peiyun saw the contract and parts of the script, based on the basic knowledge of the drama, she said positively, “President Chen had given you this role so there will naturally be no problem with the contract. Plus, this script is reliable. If you can film with Director Zhou Tongguang and receive his guidance, it is a very good opportunity for you. You don’t need to consider. Just sign it.”

“Ok. Since Sister Zhou had said this, I’ll sign the contract.” Su Yaya was obedient. She did what Zhou Peiyun said.

Zhou Peiyun looked at her and slightly shook her head. She said in concern, “You probably don’t know the things people do to get a role in this drama, even if it’s just a side role. Yet, you easily obtained the second female lead. Once people find out, they will all be envious of you, so it’s better to keep this low-profile. You must not let others know, otherwise you might receive their hate.”

“I know, I know.” Su Yaya hurriedly nodded her head. Sometimes, when someone obtained something good, others will be envious and hate them. This was like working in a company. Although she obtained a bonus because of her hard work, people around her would become jealous and congratulate her, asking her to treat them out. Behind her, however, they would talk badly about her. She had experienced this before so she understood this reasoning. Su Yaya definitely won’t brag about this.

After she reminded Su Yaya, Zhou Peiyun reminded her on other matters. She specifically emphasized, “Director Zhou Tongguang has high standards for actors, especially their acting. If you’re bad at this, he will reprimand you. Your acting won’t be good enough in front of Director Zhou Tongguang, so you better observe and study the script on your free time. When you have time, come to the company for acting classes. Otherwise, you might be reprimanded by Director Zhou Tongguang and cry.”

“Director Zhou Tongguang isn’t that bad?” Su Yaya spit her tongue out. She was a bit afraid!

“Yes, so you need to work hard.” Zhou Peiyun said.

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