The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife

Chapter 30 - Wang Wenhao (2)

Chapter 30: Wang Wenhao (2)

The moment Vice President Huang saw Wang Wenhao walking in, he trembled. ‘Why was Wang Wenhao outside his office? Did he speak too loudly before? The soundproof quality of the office was pretty good so they probably didn’t hear anything.’

Feeling guilty, he didn’t dare to look at Wang Wenhao’s questioning gaze. He smiled on the surface and said, “I was a bit busy. Before, I was discussing with a company we were partnering with about business so I didn’t know that you were outside. If I did, I would’ve invited you in much earlier.”

Wang Wenhao chuckled. How could he not know how Vice President Huang was as a person? He pretended to be kind and caring but did he really think he didn’t know?

“I heard that someone is signing a contract with us for an advertisement so I decided to come and take a look.” Wang Wenhao didn’t bother with nonsense and immediately went straight into the topic. He pointed at Su Yaya and said, “She is my old classmate. I heard that you’re going to sign with their company so I came to see.”

Vice President Huang was slightly stunned before he smiled and said, “Oh, what a coincidence. As it turns out, she is your old classmate. Then we definitely should sign the contract.”

Yet, he was complaining inside his heart. Damn. He was interested in her first, but she got taken by him. Wang Wenhao really liked to go against him.

Wang Wenhao pretended to be clueless and said in a proper manner, “I am quite pleased with my classmate so just sign the contract.”

When he finished, he looked at Su Yaya and revealed a gentle expression. His eyes seemed to be smiling and he said, “Yaya, am I right?”

Oh my god. His smile was too enchanting. Su Yaya’s heart thumped and didn’t know what he was referring to when he said that he was pleased. But at this time, it’s not like she could just refuse to answer, right?! She followed along and nodded her head. “Right.”

There must be something going on between the two. Vice President Huang was unhappy. Originally, he had personal motives and wanted to take advantage of her. But because Wang Wenhao was present and he was bent on protecting her, he couldn’t do anything about him so he could only swallow this anger. He had his assistant bring the prepared advertisement contract and on the surface, he politely signed the contract with Su Yaya.

Su Yaya was supposed to film an advertisement on the white rabbit candy. She just needed to follow the contract’s requirements and film as if the white rabbit candy was very sweet and delicious. To a foodie like Su Yany, she had no problem with this. Plus, she enjoyed eating white rabbit candy.

But because Su Yaya wasn’t that popular, the advertisement fee was only 350,000. It was a normal price and her company had to withdraw some from the fee. In addition to that, she also had to pay Zhou Peiyun. In the end, Su Yaya won’t have over 100,000. However, Su Yaya was still satisfied. After all, she hadn’t earned that much money in one go. Of course, she wasn’t counting the money Chen Xiuqi had given her.

After they signed the contract, Zhou Peiyun and Vice President Huang praised each other again. The two smiled and shook hands, hoping for a delightful cooperation.

Wang Wenhao watched them the whole time. When they were about done praising each other, Wang Wenhao looked at the time on his watch, turned around, and said to Su Yaya, “Yaya, we haven’t seen each other for so long. Let’s go out for dinner.”

Su Yaya was speechless.

President Wang, I don’t think I’m that familiar with you…

Zhou Peiyun looked at her expression and knew what she was thinking. She was afraid that she might offend him so she interrupted and said, “President Wang is right. You guys are classmates so you guys should go out for dinner. Let’s go.”

Since Zhou Peiyun had said this, Su Yaya couldn’t really refuse his offer. She agreed to dinner.

Wang Wenhao turned around and asked Vice President Huang if he wanted to come along as well.

Vice President Huang wanted to shred Wang Wenhao to pieces. If he didn’t appear, he would be the one having dinner and having a more intimate interaction with her. Now, he could only watch on with a smile without even reveal his displeasure.

Vice President Huang said, “My wife said that she just cooked soup and is waiting for me to go home to eat now.”

“Then Vice President Huang can’t come with us. What a pity.” Wang Wenhao said faintly.


The two casually chatted and Wang Wenhao didn’t have much to say to him. He turned around and looked at Su Yaya. With a gentle voice, “Let’s go, Yaya.”

Wang Wenhao was basically going against the rules; not only was his voice pleasant to the ears, he seemed to be seducing her. Especially when he called her ‘Yaya,’ it was as if he tasted her name on his tongue first before saying it. With that handsome face, the young man looked at Su Yaya playfully with his red phoenix eyes, as if to seduce her. Onlookers can’t help but think more about their relationship. Su Yaya’s heart thumped quickly, since such a look from this man could easily cause misunderstandings.

She screamed inside her heart: ‘Heaven knows that she was really not familiar with him!’

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