The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife

Chapter 29 - Wang Wenhao (1)

Ch.29 Wang Wenhao (1)

Su Yaya was dumbstruck for a moment. She didn’t recognize the man in front of her. The original host must’ve known him, but she didn’t have a deep impression of him.

The man guessed that she didn’t recognize him from her look. He softly smiled and said, “I am Wang Wenhao. Do you remember now?”

Su Yaya gasped in surprise and said, “You look so different. I almost can’t even recognize you.”

She casually said this. Saying that they had changed a lot so she couldn’t recognize him was only to conceal her awkwardness since she couldn’t remember.

Wang Wenhao’s lip twitched at this. “I have always been like this. You just didn’t place me in your heart.”


This was awkward now.

Seeing this, Zhou Peiyun came to relieve the situation. She said happily, “Hello President Wang, I am Yaya’s manger. So it seems like you already knew her. If I had known, I would’ve taken her here earlier. Are you guys high school classmates?”

Wang Wenhao responded calmly, “Elementary classmates.”


Su Yaya glanced at him and complained: Elementary classmates? He hadn’t seen the original host for at least a decade. Now that she transmigrated over, it would be peculiar if she was able to recognize him in one try!

Zhou Peiyun felt slightly awkward but then she started to use her skills as a manger. “Since President Wang and Yaya are good friends, President Wang please take care of her.”

Good friends, not elementary classmates. She deepened their friendship. Very good, very good.

Wang Wenhao glanced at her and then at Su Yaya. He knew that she entered the entertainment circle and that his company conveniently had an advertisement to film. It could easily be seen why they came here today, yet he pretended to be clueless and asked, “Why are you guys here today?”

Zhou Peiyun laughed and said, “We came over to sign a contract with your company for an advertisement.”

Wang Wenhao said ok and then looked towards his assistant. His assistant understood and said, “Vice President Huang is in charge of this.”

Wang Wenhao nodded his head, indicating that he knew.

As they spoke, Su Yaya and Zhou Peiyung arrived at their designated floor and the elevator door soon opened. Both manager and walked out. Meanwhile, Wang Wenhao who was originally supposed to go up another three floors, actually followed them out unexpectedly.

Su Yaya looked up at him and met his gaze. A tint of light flashed through his red phoenix eyes. He smiled and said, “You guys can go sign the contract. I’ll take a look too since this will affect our company’s achievements.”

It was his company so they had to accompany him to take a look. They didn’t have the right to refuse.

Su Yaya was just worried. She didn’t recognize him from before. Will this man take revenge?

However, she only thought this in her heart without revealing it on the surface. It was Zhou Peiyun who reacted first and pulled on her, giving her a look.

Su Yaya wasn’t stupid. She understood Zhou Peiyun and smiled at Wang Wenhao. “Classmate, I’ll trouble you to take care of me.”

She first greeted him and then brought out the fact that they were classmates. Although she didn’t recognize him before, he probably won’t try to obstruct her just when they were about to sign the contract. This wouldn’t be worth it. After all, he was a man.

“No worries.” Wang Wenhao answered bluntly.

They quickly walked to Vice President Huang’s office. When the secretary saw that Wang Wenhao was here too, he hurriedly greeted him.

Wang Wenhao said, “I heard that you guys will be signing a contract for the advertisement so I decided to come and take a look.”

The secretary nodded his head and said, “Yes, yes.”

He already recognized Zhou Peiyun by the side. A few days ago, in order to get this advertisement contract, a manager named Zhou Peiyun had accompanied Vice President Huang and the others and drank a lot of alcohol. She really would do anything for it.

Who knew that she came with President Wang today. It seemed like they actually knew each other and were familiar even. If they knew this earlier, Vice President Huang probably wouldn’t torture her like that.

Plus, when Vice President Huang had the manager bring her actress over, he actually had other plans as well. But from this situation, it seemed like Vice President Huang’s plans will fail.

“Is Vice President Huang in the office?” Wang Wenhao asked the secretary.

Although the secretary knew some things, he didn’t dare to act in front of Wang Wenhao. He hurriedly replied, “He’s in there.”

“Then I’ll go in.” After Wang Wenhao said this, he turned around and said to Su Yaya and Zhou Peiyun, “You guys can come in with me.”

Afterwards, Wang Wenhao knocked on Vice President Huang’s door. President Huang, who was on the phone at the moment, heard the knock but did not immediately let the newcomers in. Instead, he soothed his mistress and spoke sweet words to her, up until he agreed to buy her what she wanted and she was finally happy. He happily hung up and then looked at the door. The man knitted his eyebrows and called them in.

Wang Wenhao walked in and gave a sharp look at Vice President Huang. With a smile that was not truly a smile, he said, “Vice President Huang, you seem to be very busy? We had to wait outside for a few minutes.”

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