The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood

Chapter 13 - Stealing His Master’s Technique

Chapter 13: Stealing His Master’s Technique

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Ye Mo stared at the purple shoes that Ye Ming was holding and remembered that Xiao Cao had mentioned that she wanted to make him a new pair. Ye Mo was furious. Making a pair of new shoes required a lot of time. She must’ve stayed up all night working on them.

Ye Ming was digging his own grave.

“Stop right there, Ye Mo,” Ye Ming said as he noticed Ye Mo’s anger. “I didn’t do anything to that servant. It seems that she’s treating you quite well.” Ye Ming waved his arms around, acting all innocent.

“What do you want? Are you trying to use a girl as a hostage? Why not just come at me?” Ye Mo roared.

“I was waiting for you to say that,” Ye Ming said and threw Ye Mo the shoes. “Tonight, right here, we’ll settle everything once and for all.”

“Fine! No matter who wins tonight, you’re not to harm Xiao Cao again. If you do, I’m going to kill you,” Ye Mo said and licked his lips.

“You better show up tonight,” Ye Ming said as he ignored Ye Mo’s threat and left.

Ye Mo felt that Ye Ming seemed different, but chose to ignore his intuition. Now that he had awakened three channels of Dragon Energy and his mind’s Mortal Gate, a Spirit Cultivating Second Realm martial artist posed no threat to him.

Since Ye Mei had warned Ye Ming to not touch Xiao Cao, he must not have kidnapped her, but instead took the shoes she was making for Ye Mo.

When Ye Mo had returned to his room, he found Xiao Cao crying on the table.

“Why are you crying again?” Ye Mo held the shoes in front of her and smiled.

As soon as she heard Ye Mo’s voice, she quickly got up. Her eyes were filled with tears. Yet, when she noticed the shoes in Ye Mo’s hand, she quickly smiled. “Young master, you got the shoes back.”

“Yup. Now hurry up and go get some rest. You stayed up all night making these, didn’t you?”

After Ye Mo consoled Xiao Cao, she went back to her room. Ye Mo ate his lunch and went to the Pill Refining Chamber. A few moments after he arrived, Elder Yin came in with a few packs of herbs.

“Ye Mo, start the fire. I still have to go to the Alchemist Guild later.”

“Okay,” Ye Mo replied and started the fire, using the fan in his hand to keep the fire alive.

Elder Yin threw all the ingredients into the cauldron and put the lid on. After that, he began to transfer his Spiritual Energy into the cauldron.

Ye Mo thought as he was fanning the flame, The hardest part of pill refining is forming the shape. It depends on the how well the alchemist controls his Spiritual Energy. Each type of pill requires a different strength. Wait, what if I focus my Dragon Energy to my mind’s Mortal Gate? Would I be able to see how Elder Yin controls his Spiritual Energy?

That said, Ye Mo diverted a channel of the Dragon Energy to his mind’s Mortal Gate, increasing his reaction speed and eyesight. This allowed him to barely see Elder Yin’s Spiritual Energy.

Ye Mo focused a second channel of Dragon Energy into his mind’s Mortal Gate. This time, his reaction speed and eyesight tripled, and he could clearly see how Elder Yin controlled his red Spiritual Energy.

In his mind, Ye Mo cheered. By using his photographic memory, he memorized the method used to form the Spirit Fortifying Pill.

When Elder Yin had finished refining the cauldron of pills, he took them and left the chamber. Ye Mo was not rushed to try and refine the pills as he had to meet up with Xiao Yue at the Xiao’s mansion later that evening. He could try it next time when he had the chance.

Ye Mo cleaned the Pill Refining Chamber and left the Ye’s Mansion through its backdoor. He brought a tiger face mask along on his way to the Xiao’s mansion and had put it on. If a member of the Ye Clan was seen going in and out of the Xiao Clan, it would bring him certain trouble.

The Xiao’s mansion was located in the southern part of the city, which Ye Mo was walking towards. After a few minutes, a huge mansion came into his view, a mansion that was more luxurious than the Ye’s mansion.

Ye Mo approached two of the servants guarding the door and said, “My name is Ye Mo. Miss Xiao Yue is expecting me.”

“Yes, Master Xiao Feng has already informed us. You may enter,” one of the servants said.

“Thank you,” Ye Mo said to the servant and entered Xiao’s mansion. The layout of the mansion was almost identical to the Ye’s mansion. Past the front gate was the training ground where a few members of the Xiao Clan were training their martial art techniques.

“Hey, look. A weird guy in a tiger mask just came in,” one of the members said.

“I think he’s the outside help that sister Yueyue has requested. But don’t you think he’s too weak?”

“From the movement of his Spiritual Energy, it seems to me that he has only broken through his right hand’s Mortal Gate.”

“Are you sure? Why would sister Yueyue invite this kind of weakling?”

“Hmph! Let me test him. If he can’t even beat me, then he doesn’t have what it takes to help us out,” a man with dark skin said as he marched towards Ye Mo.

“My name is Ye Mo. I was invited by Miss Xiao Yue to act as a foreign aid.” Ye Mo cupped his palm and said to the dark-skinned man. “Could you please help me inform Xiao Feng that I’ve arrived?”

“You’ll have to go through me first before you can meet Master Xiao Feng.” The dark-skinned man let out all of his Spiritual Energy as he crouched down like a tiger and pounced towards Ye Mo.

Spirit Cultivating First Realm! Ye Mo was still cautious when facing a Spirit Cultivating First Realm martial artist. He instantly summoned a channel of the Dragon Energy to his mind’s Mortal Gate.

Even though the Landing Tiger was a simple technique, it required high muscle density on the legs and arms. If one had mastered its form and technique, they could very well be a fierce tiger from the wild.

With the help of the Dragon Energy, Ye Mo’s reaction speed had increased. Ye Mo saw the accurate and powerful Landing Tiger technique, but he didn’t have the power to counter the attack, as he hadn’t yet opened the Mortal Gates in both of his legs. He could only twist his body and evade the incoming attack.

The man relaunched his attack on Ye Mo and was once again evaded by him.

The member of the Xiao Clan was slightly shocked by the sight of Xiao Pojun, who was a Spirit Cultivating First Realm, missing all of his attacks.

“Are you only capable of running?!” Xiao Pojun screamed. He stabilized his position and his palm shot like a cannon towards Ye Mo’s head.

High-grade Spiritual Level martial art technique, Air Splitting Palm!

As soon as the martial art technique was evoked, the air exploded and torrents of wind roared towards Ye Mo.

“Looks like the tiger-faced kid has forced Xiao Pojun to use the Air Splitting Palm. He’s good as dead.”

Ye Mo’s expression tensed. The attack range was too wide for him to evade. He focused two channels of Dragon Energy into his right hand’s Mortal Gate. His right arm charged forward like a snake, piercing through the multi-layered winds.

As soon as Xiao Pojun saw his attack dispelled, his expression changed and he prepared to evoke another attack.

But Ye Mo was not going to give him the chance to attack again. The Spirit Serpent’s Palm could break through strong forces with its agile attack. What’s more was that Ye Mo’s right hand currently had the power of four stones. Ye Mo’s palm quickly wrapped around Xiao Pojun’s right arm, and with a push, Xiao Pojun was thrown back by sheer force.

The fight ended in an instant. The members of the Xiao Clan stared at Xiao Pojun, who was now lying on the ground, unable to believe what they’d just witnessed.

Xiao Pojun was considered second only to Xiao Yue. Even with the help of the Air Splitting Palm, he lost to a foreign aid in a matter of seconds.

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