The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood

Chapter 14 - Heaven-Piercing Thrust

Chapter 14: Heaven-Piercing Thrust

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“Now, can anyone tell me where Xiao Feng is?” Ye Mo smiled.

Now that he had broken through the Mortal Gates in his mind and right hand, he could easily win against Spirit Cultivating First Realm martial artists with the help of the three Dragon Energies.

“Master Xiao Feng is in the Martial Pavilion. I’ll bring you there,” one of the disciples said as he recovered from the shock.

“Thank you,” Ye Mo replied and followed him to the Martial Pavillion.

In the far corner of the mansion stood the huge Martial Pavillion. Xiao Yue and Xiao Feng were standing on the balcony on the top floor and had witnessed everything that had happened a few moments ago.

“Miss, you really know how to choose your people. At first, I wondered if it was just pure luck that Ye Mo defeated Mo Feng. Looks like I was mistaken,” Xiao Feng said.

“He’s Ye Qing’s son. Of course he’s good,” Xiao Yue said and smiled.

“Wait, he’s Ye Qing’s son?” Xiao Feng asked, his face full of shock. Almost everyone who lived in the Limestone City has heard of Ye Qing’s story. He won the first place of the Limestone Champion List at the age of 14 and was scouted by one of the Three Major Alliance, the Qingyun Alliance.

During his training at the Qingyun Alliance, he’d shown extraordinary talents. In three years, he’d made himself known to the whole Tianwu Kingdom.

“I’ve sent someone to investigate his background beforehand,” Xiao Yue said. “Just before Ye Qing went to participate in the Battle of Yidao, he had a child. And that child is Ye Mo. I’m just not sure why he remained silent for the past 15 years.”

“Ye Mo’s already 15 now and he’d just broken through his right hand’s Mortal Gate. Are you sure that we should put our hopes on him?” Xiao Feng questioned.

Ye Mo had already missed the golden age for him to break through all of his Mortal Gates. Martial artists that have not reached the Spirit Cultivating First Realm before the age of 15 usually failed as martial artists in the future.

“I hope so. If he can help me get into the top five, then I don’t have to marry Man Tai anymore,” Xiao Yue said as she went back into the pavilion.

Xiao Feng watched Ye Mo from above and sighed. “I hope she’s right about him.”

Ye Mo followed the Xiao Clan’s disciple to the Martial Pavilion as Xiao Feng came out from it.

“Ye Mo, follow me,” Xiao Feng said. Ye Mo nodded and followed him inside.

“I’ve already taken care of your problems with Mo Feng, you don’t have to worry about him coming for revenge anymore. Train as much as you want at our clan’s mansion.”

“Thank you.”

“It will be hard for you to break through another Mortal Gate in two months. We’ll have to work on your martial techniques,” Xiao Feng said as he took out two skill books, one with the word Heaven-Piercing Thrust on it. Xiao Feng pointed to the book and said, “This book was bought for you by Miss Xiao Yue. It contains the secret to a High-grade Spiritual Level martial technique, the Heaven-Piercing Thrust.”

Ye Mo eyes shone as soon as he heard that it was a High-grade Spiritual Level martial technique. That was the most powerful martial technique he’d ever learned.

“What’s the other book in your hand?” Ye Mo asked curiously.

“M’lady also bought this from the Hundred Treasure Pavilion. She pitied the guy that was selling it and bought it. But it’s an incomplete skill book. However, the guy boasted that it contained a Mid-grade Mortal Level martial technique.”

The Qin Clan didn’t have any Mid-grade Mortal Level martial techniques.

“Incomplete? Can I study it?” Ye Mo asked.

“It’s incomplete. It might help with your training, but I don’t think you should waste your time on this martial technique.”

“I just want to study it. It won’t use up a whole lot of my time.”

Xiao Feng could not do anything but nod to Ye Mo’s persistent. He handed the second book to Ye Mo too.

“Here are 10 Spirit Fortifying Pills. Take them and start training,” Xiao Feng said as he took out 10 pills and gave them to Ye Mo.

“You can train here. Oh right, by the way, we also have two other foreign aids training on the second floor,” Xiao Feng said as he headed towards the second floor.

Ye Mo clenched his teeth and crushed the pills in his hand as he heard what Xiao Feng had said.

And here I thought Xiao Yue wanted my strength, but in the end, I’m just some back-up.

There were a total of three foreign aids, and only the one person who could defeat the other two had the right to participate in the tournament in the name of the Xiao Clan. Since the other two were training on the second floor, it meant their power must’ve surpassed Ye Mo’s.

“Looks like I have to defeat those two on the second floor before I can join the Limestone Champion List Tournament. No worries, they are just going to be mere stepping stones for me.”

Ye Mo put away the incomplete skill book and opened the Heaven-Piercing Thrust skill book. The Heaven-Piercing Thrust is a finger martial technique suitable for anyone in the Spirit Cultivating Realm. It allowed the user to shape the energy around their fingers into swords. Martial artists in the Energy Shaping Realm could even conjure Blade Auras from their Spiritual Energy to kill people without any solid weapons.

Even though the introduction to the Heaven-Piercing Thrust might have been exaggerated, Ye Mo studied the whole book and learned the secrets of the martial technique in his hand.

Ye Mo extended his index and middle fingers and posed according to the book. He imagined his fingers were a sharp sword, and he thrust them towards the open air. A burst of cracking sound could be heard from where he’d struck and a thin layer of Spiritual Energy could be seen covering his fingers.

“The book said that if I were to reach the Energy Shaping Realm, this Heaven-Piercing Thrust could shoot out energy bolts,” Ye Mo said as he kept thrusting towards the tree in front of him.

“This technique sure is something. Even if the Spirit Serpent’s Palm was useful, it lacked in damage. This Heaven-Piercing Thrust could be my main attacking technique from now on.”

“You’ve mastered the basics of the Heaven-Piercing Thrust in under an hour. Impressive,” Xiao Feng said as he came down from the second floor. “Let’s see how much you’ve improved, shall we?”

As soon as Xiao Feng finished his sentence, Ye Mo’s fingers formed into a sword and thrust towards Xiao Feng. Xiao Feng manifested his Spiritual Energy on both of his palms and smiled. Just as Ye Mo’s attack was about to reach his eyes, Xiao Feng caught it between his two fingers.

“I’ll suppress my power to Spirit Cultivating First Realm,” Xiao Feng said as he pushed Ye Mo away.

“First Realm, huh?” Ye Mo focused two channels of Dragon Energy to his mind’s Mortal Gate and one to his right hand’s Mortal Gate. He shifted his stance while his hand acted like a viper, striking towards Xiao Feng.

“The Spirit Serpent’s Palm from the Ye Clan fights raw power with swift movements.” Xiao Feng identified Ye Mo’s technique with just a glance, yet he remained where he stood. Just as Ye Mo’s Spirit Serpent’s Palm was about to hit Xiao Feng, Xiao Feng disappeared from in front of him.

Behind me! Ye Mo shouted in his mind, but Xiao Feng’s fist was already closing in on him. Ye Mo quickly bent over to evade the attack and turned, his Spirit Serpent’s Palm gliding towards Xiao Feng once again. Even though Ye Mo had a good reaction speed, his movement was still slow compared to Xiao Feng.

Xiao Feng withdrew his fist, focused his Spiritual Energy to his leg and side-kicked Ye Mo’s waist. But it was at that moment Ye Mo’s Spirit Serpent’s Palm changed its direction. He focused two channels of the Dark Dragon Energy to his index and middle finger and shot the Heaven-Piercing Thrust towards the incoming kick.


Both of them were sent back flying three steps.

But Xiao Feng’s face was full of surprise. Even though he had suppressed his power, his battle senses were still of a Spirit Cultivating Seventh Realm. This kid’s reaction speed is way too fast!

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